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  1. Auraxin, Reporting for Duty!

    Glad you decided to come to the forums and apply for full membership!   Feel free to check out the different forums and get involved with the community.    See you around!
  2. Intro Thread - Degenatron

    Hey D-gen this was posted in the wrong section. It goes in the "Introduce yourself" section found here: http://www.adkgamers.com/forum/7-introduce-yourself/   I've moved it for you so no worries.    Anyways welcome to ADK we're glad to have you. Be sure to hop in Teampseak and get your 20 minimum posts in ASAP so you can be accepted. I know it can sound a bit daunting, but it's really not that hard. Just go jump around the forums and join in the different conversations, or start your own. You will have them in no time!    Good luck hope to see you around in the future!
  3. The name's Rev0k.

    Welcome to ADK!   Yeah every so often @[member='Fink'] and I will just go cruising around in a harasser and look for pretty places to take screenshots of.   I also Majored in Photo. I had wanted to teach Photography for a long time but I hated all the bullshit that went a long with it. Everything from the school districts trying to pull art out of schools. Or forcing Art teachers to double as a Math or English teacher.    That and I hate most college level photo professors. Most of them are basically failed professional photographers, and they resent everyone for it. And often treat everyone and their work like it is below them.
  4. Introduction

    Welcome to ADK! 
  5. hi ADK

    Well Blake glad to have you. Like I told you on teamspeak just get the requirements met and you should be approved in no time!   Also I would check to make sure your application posted because I was looking for it and didn't see it.   Nevertheless welcome to ADK, good luck, and see you around! 
  6. Hello I'm Rikenaid

    HAHAHA WTF @[member='ialoneloveyou']?    @[member='KnightsX'] Haha thanks for the welcome. But I've kind of been around for a while. This thread was literally bumped from almost 8 months ago lol.
  7. Techniz introduction

    Get your 10 posts in and be active in teamspeak and in game and I see no reason why we wouldn't :)
  8. Jake's introduction

    Yes and no. The core concept is still the same however the game has changed a shit ton since then. That and you really have to play that game with a squad/platoon because it's boring as hell by yourself.
  9. Jake's introduction

      Well you could always come check out PlanetSide 2. It's a fun game. Frustrating at times due to balance issues, and bugs. But still a pretty fun game nevertheless. 
  10. Jake's introduction

    Welcome to ADK Jake!   It seems like you have quite the good spread of games you play. We are glad to have you.
  11. Techniz introduction

    Welcome to ADK!   Glad to see you hope to find a home here. ADK is large and stable. And all around just a great place to be. 
  12. ABOUT MEEEEE :) (PandAbearGMN)

    Welcome to ADK!   Tell us a bit about yourself. What do you do in your spare time when you are not playing games?
  13. Herding Cats

    I agree with you. I think a lot of it is people are just getting sick of being so underpowered/ ganged up on that we can hardly fight back most of the time. We will make it through this. It is just demoralizing. Which then makes people give up and just start fucking around. I'll try and get on with you this weekend and we can do some tight serious squad work. As it stands I work till 2-3 am every night so I'm not on early enough to catch anything from prime time.
  14. Application Thing

    Welcome!   It seems like you and I play a lot of the same games. And I really hope to see you in PS2. AC Is arguably my favorite series. It's just so much damn fun.   Also on a side note, I'm from Ogden. And I'm glad to see another Utahn in ADK especially one that plays Planetside XD.
  15. Hi ADK

    Well I'm glad to see you decided to play with us. I think you will fit in just fine around here.    So tell us a bit about yourself. What do you like to do when you aren't killing spandex covered armies and oppressive governments? 

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