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    billings, Mt
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    basketball, golf and messing with people I do get a little crazy when playing games

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  1. why doesn't PS2 excite me anymore

  2. when you realize just how much you've missed and how many are gone

  3. feeling like a total newb

  4. note to self: sleep good, games bad

  5. So, I havn't played a game with ADK in over a year, I know crazy right, totally naricle, but anyways whats been happening guy, what have I missed, I just played planetside 2 for the first time and let me tell you that I SUCK!!!,even worse than before for those that remember me if anyone does,shoot last time i Played they were just thinking of adding hossin in, I know like eons ago, but back to the point, I would like to introduce myself as the lord hunkinator the toastal savior of the world, have a good day, thats all
  6. official bunny brigade member!

  7. why is nobody in teamspeak?

    1. Element


      if you remove your spray-painted glasses, you would see people on teamspeak :D

    2. hunkychunky02


      Ya i forgot i blinded myself on teamspeak whoopsee

  8. im the mascot for my school i got my game today and its gonna rock

    1. Element


      o-o ... you run and do crazy dances?

  9. ohh I love the mountain veiws

  10. yay get to order a gaming mouce instead of a regular mouse

  11. can finally play play ps2 YAY

  12. can finally play play ps2 YAY


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