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  1. Aberration Story Time

    Happy Holidays!
  2. Hello I'm Fishee

    Hello @DaFishee Welcome to ADK. I don't have BF3 however I do have BF Bad Co 2, BF4 & BF1. If you have any of them, maybe we can play together. My primary game that I play is Ark Survival Evolved. If your wanting to try it out I highly recommend it.
  3. Show us your builds!!!

    This was a base @TurboTechie & I made on Scorched Earth map when we had Ark Comes Alive Mod PVE server Inside Outside
  4. What the fARK picture thread!

    Chillin like a villian
  5. ARK Updates

    PC Version Current: v265.5 - v265.51 v265.51 - Made Preserving Bins able to take all receive all items again (necessary for Jerky making and various mods). v265.5 - Placing rafts now requires standing on solid ground (no dynamic structures either) - Fixed: as client While using tek leggings, attempting to super sprint and running out of element (or having none) causes camera to be stuck facing forward. - Fixed an issue where on client PC dragging directly onto the empty area within a folder would actually not put the item into that folder on the server (leading to a de-sync, when you'd re-enter the inventory you'd see the items at the root) - Dragging DIRECTLY onto Inventory Folders , local and remote, now puts the items into those folders (the exception is the 'up level' icon, doesn't do anything) - Transfer All To and From Inventories, in the root folder level, will now ignore items in subfolders of the inventory you're transfering out of. - Fixed: Pressing R1 to cycle snap points while mounted, caused camera to cycle through 1st and 3rd person view. - Fixed behavior of Text Input pop-up when using gamepad - Fixed: When creating a folder, it didn't show it unless you reopen the inventory, or press folder-toggle button. - Altered tamed Griffin fly speed when near targets to better attack them - Fixed a sideways platform building bug - Respawn / Fast Travel UI now has a bed search textbox - Fixed ScorchedEarth rocks having incorrect destruction mesh material - Fixed some third person camera interpolation jitters
  6. ARK Updates

    PC Version: v265.284 - v265.3 - Ragnarok map fixes: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/233157-ragnarok-patch-notes/ - Please note that this update is not backwards compatible, so it is very important that Unofficial Servers update to the latest version: 265.3 - Fixed "Setting the UI General scale to the lowest makes it so you cannot drag items down into some hotkey bars." - Fixed "cant use escape or enter to close naming box after taming" - Added a ramp snap point on the inside of giant hatchframes - Dye UI: Double Clicking (also double pressing (A) button) on a color region now dyes it - Lowered dino HUD popup when looking at a titanoboa - Fixed area of TheCenter 'Lava Island' with improperly functioning dino spawns on servers v265.284 - Ragnarok map fixes: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/233157-ragnarok-patch-notes/ - Fixed dinos appearing to fall through ceilings on the client. It may take a minute or so for the server to correct the creatures. - Fixed buffer overflow error occurring when logging into very dense bases. - Fixed certain values being edited that allowed unintended visual changes to be made to the ini files. - Review and changes made to graphical presets. - Fixed an issue where players would fall through ceilings when logged out on top of them. - Fixed issue where binding "E" to middle mouse button wouldn't function properly. - Fixed eggs falling through structures (for real this time). - Fixed rex saddle positioning in dye UI screen. - Fixed Industrial Cooker and Beer Barrel from accepting fertilizer due to crop plot change. - Fixed a visual issue where the Megalosaurus would appear to be sleeping instead of unconscious. - Added swing delay to the Electric Prod. - Fixed issue where canvases were not able to be placed on the Refrigerator. - Fixed a visual issue where the player in inventory would appear as a silhouette. - Improved collision on large hatchframe. - Allowed the dye UI to stay open after jumping to paint.
  7. Id like to take a moment to introduce myself

    Hello & Welcome Danny, You like Survival games?, come check out our Ark Survival Evolved section and join any of our 4 Hived servers or our Build server (kind of like Minecraft). Hope to see you soon
  8. Hello!

    Hello & Welcome
  9. ARK Updates

    For info on updates today June 22, 259.0-259.21 please check out this link as there is too much to list. http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/594820656447032287/
  10. Possible Scrim BF1 or BF4??

    I'll be there and hopefully this lands on a weekend I have off!
  11. I'm on the Ark!

    Hello and welcome to our ARK servers @FeistyTV. Myself, @TurboTechie and @majiita (tribe ARK SURVIVORS) reside on The Island server around North 1 or Beaver oasis. I look forward playing with you. If you have any questions don't hesitate in asking us.
  12. Ark Updated

    ARK Modded Server Updated to v256.3 Current Version: v256.3Dino Related:* Flier Mk 2: Click here to see the changes to fliers! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hVE4Ub5ufePdkun4IYQf1oADPcvcfLx9IRpEbZVPLdc/edit#gid=160180008* Ridable fliers (not the Moth) now have ground attacks.* Leeds spawns adjusted so no longer spawning near shorelines* Ichthyornis no longer gets stuck in corners of underwater bases.* Leeds will no longer scale in damage/level etc.* Therizinosaurus spawn weight and aggro ranged decreased* Quetz' idle stamina consumption reduced by 50%* Remove Ichthyornis's ability to steal kibble from dino inventories.* Certain creatures now have special weight reductions for specific resources similar to the Beaver.- Mammoth reduces weight of wood by 75%- Ankylo reduces weight of raw metal by 75%- Doed reduces weight of stone by 75%- Beaver and SpineyLizard now adjusted to 50% reduction for resource-weight (they do a few) due to being a jack of all trades, as opposed to specialising.UI Related:* When there is an item in the crafting queue, upon completion the right-click options would close, this no longer happens.* Updated the UI to include a way to differentiate regular eggs from fertilized eggs, as well as show a health bar and spoiling bar.* Taming and Fert eggs now display the progress as a %* Adjusted Blueprint and Engrams colours to help with readability.* Craft All now correctly displays Craft 100* Required Engrams no longer clipping and correctly displayed (We've got an Engram page on the way!)* Placing your cursor over a broken and pressing 'E' now repairs it.* When adding multiple stacks into an inventory, the stacks force into stacks of the max size (stacks on deck..)* Placing your cursor over an engram or blueprint in a remote inventory and pressing 'E' should craft it.* Tribe Log should now appear correctly upon opening the Tribe Manager for the first time* Adjusted size of UI box on Raft so it's no longer in the way when placing structures* Fixed an issue where breeding dinos would show 100% regardless of progress* Fixed an issue where text was overlapping during the breeding process.* Added an option to turn on the grinder inside of its remote inventoryOther:* There is now a 0.2s cooldown on meat consumption* Use ?OxygenSwimSpeedStatMultiplier=1.0 or other value to increase how. Note: does not currently work on Non-Dedicated Servers (will in the next Major Update due to a network data structure replication limitation).* When using the server-config bPvEDisableFriendlyFire=True, you are now able to harvest a slaughtered Ovis.
  13. Should Dowin do this?

    YES! It's a must...without the shirt as well!
  14. Ark refreshing gameplay.

    @majiitaVery well put.
  15. hey i see you are pretty active on here, was wondering if you know about who to contact if a server is down in ark?  sorry to bother you!


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