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  1. Hockey

    Fleury has been horrible in net.
  2. Favorite Baseball Team?

    METS :(
  3. BF3 Gameplay - Dynasty on TDM

    Impressive. Nice job!

    Jameson straight u, only one my favorite beer is Sam Aadams Summer Ale.
  5. Battlefield 4 Pre-Order

    I'll probably wait right before it's released.
  6. [Documentaries] Do you watch any?

    Documentaries I currently DVR are Lockup and the First 48 (My favorite).   Did anyone catch the show on the National Geo channel about the Air Force PJs in Afghanistan? I really enjoyed that one.
  7. Hockey

    Big Hockey fan here, my favorite sport. I root for the Rangers and despise the Flyers. Hope they make the playoffs this year, fighting off the Jets and Caps.
  8. Hello

    I broke and dis-located my finger so I'm in a cast. I'll be back when I'm all healed up.
  9. Hello

    Crossphase here just stopping by to say I enjoy playing on your Metro server. I always have GGs.

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