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  1. First the lag then an all out crash... yay friday night ops...

  2. idk yet but i might be getting an arma 3 fever

  3. Want Help? Just ask.

    There hardly seems to be anyone on that is willing to go through normal matches 5v5. I'm also wanting to explore other game modes but I'd rather have others to play with for that. It sucks for me mainly since I play support mainly (bout handing champions to adc's on a platter) but sometimes I get stuck with someone who has no idea what they are doing.
  4. WHERE IS IT? Someone stole an hour from Batman last night!!!

  5. Feeling that killing fever again. You'll find me on the front lines laying waste.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WingusB


      I didn't say which account

    3. WingusB


      If you are on when I get home it'll be obvious.

    4. Fink


      I am confused. Talk to me later.

  6. Planetside is not loving me today :(

  7. Time to get my planetside on! It'll my first taste of the ESF update.

  8. no sound on my computer... great... something about no audio output device detected

  9. I'm baaaaaaaaaack :)

    1. Fink



    2. Phire



  10. Too scared to post

    Posting suggestions: find some forums that are questions like what's your favorite weapon or class? You are entitled to your opinion and we would love to hear it.
  11. Leaving for a trip, some of you know where to. Talk to you guys when I get back!

  12. New PS2 Player Checking in!

    Newcomer notes: Start with engy or medic if you aren't comfortable with combat just yet. Cert into flak armor first, you won't regret it. The base guns of every class are good on their own to start, ask any of our many ps2 veterans what to get later on. I personally recommend getting a shotgun asap. when you have 30 certs, get a regenerative kit, it'll help you stay alive. A lot of PS1 strategies no longer work in this game. Glad to have you with us! Don't hesitate to ask questions!
  13. LOOOVE this new HTR sniper, been at the range most of my free time this week.


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