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  1. Daily Team Speak Points - 6/21/2011

    I was on
  2. =ADK= Open on Wednesday, everyone should join or watch.

  3. What's good.

    University of Central Florida ^^
  4. What's good.

    So I'm not too big into these kinda threads for myself but i figured I'd give it a chance! I heard about you guys through AOB, and played on the servers briefly here and there, I'm rather sporadic. And I'm liking the community thus far ^^ As for about me, my name's Gunnar, I'm living in Orlando, Florida And I'm a college student, planning to major in computer engineering, I used to live in arizona which was how i was introduced to this community, I play ONLY on a Mac, cause that's where is at, /flame. I'm a huge Starcraft II player, and have been trying to get stronger into that semi-professionally, I also play what seems to be the norm here, Tf2, L4D2, Minecraft, and i play a lot of League too! I'm always looking for more people to play with so hit me up! I'm way friendly! Looking forward to meeting some more of you guys/gals!
  5. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    I'll throw my hat into the bin here. LetsHXCDance 30 in like a week and half.
  6. When champions reach level 6. .

    You're suppose to, but random queues are the worst.

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