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      =ADK= Discord Link   04/24/2017

      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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  1. AK or AR15?

    I find the AR suits me. I have tried the AK and for some reason can never get any kills with the dam thing...funny though always hand it to my teammate and he can get kills without any issues however when he uses the AR he has trouble...strange but hey we all have our preferences.
  2. Getting it 100% and likely stream it as I push to destro....*cough* I mean unite the galaxy together. According to the developers there is a lot of things to do when you start out. The End of the universe is meant to be something done down the road and will likely take you a bit of time to get there as it is deemed the most dangerous part in the game. When you start your going to be placed randomly, meaning the resources you get, the contacts you meet will be different for everyone...which also means might be easier or harder depending on the random location your put on. Your ship is very basic...to the point that as the devs put it...lucky to even reach the next planet if you decide to just go flying instead of resource hunting. You also have to watch out for over gathering as planets with already colonies or corporations on them will be moderating your actions meaning if you over mining a certain resource that you need for upgrades...they will take offense to that action and call in a fleet to deal with you as well as ground forces to either kill you or take back what they think is theirs. There is also a relationship system regarding fleets and corporations. Meaning different actions you do will change their behavior such as protecting a fleet as it's under attack will likely put you in a good position with that group while those attacking it will likely see your interference as a sign of treason or hate. I would recommend watching the IGN first peek videos with the developer as they show a bit of the interesting side of things. Again it's hard to say until it comes out, however if they add steam workshop support for modders then you can bet the game will go up from there; as players will make star wars mods or coop or hell the ability to build your own tribe...but that's just my imagination and over hoping for mod support
  3. ========== Ships ========== Carrack Sabre Retaliator Constellation Taurus Redeemer Avenger Titan   ========= Roles ========= Security/Escort Troop Transport Cargo Transport Bomber Explorer    ========= Possible Future ========= Capital Class or Escort Cruiser for large Organization Fleet (Captain/Crew)
  4. 2.2 is LIVE - PU Party System IN

    Just tried it this morning, so far looking a lot better. Seems like they did a bit of optimization as well...but most of all LOVING MY SABRE!!!! Just waiting for them to add carrack now :P
  5. Hello =ADK= community, Cotton Jon here!

    Welcome....*evil eye* you worked for microsoft ...EVIL ... EVIL I SAY. Jking but welcome aboard, you will find a lot of great gamers here and overall an awesome community to be apart of. Don't forget to travel around and check out the place, there is alot of things to get involved with and a lot of games to play with ADK members.     Again welcome and hope to fight along side you in the future.
  6. Hello from Rasters

  7. Snakesoul saying Hello!

    Thanks guys for all the welcomes and postive comments. It was an honor to take platoon lead last night and most of all you guys did an awesome job following orders and taking the fight to vanu, I will continue to lead whenever I can and most of all hope to bring some more interesting fights.   Also @[member='Dimwit'] .....Oh god one day they will add vehicle drops and I promise I will drop tanks ontop of Vanu forces muahhaha. I know Zargen would love doing that...guy has a thousand tricks up his sleeve.....or he will find something magical to show me....I'm scared :P
  8. All Points Bulletin Reloaded

    LOVE APB , might join you for a few games in the future just hope you like playing as a enforcer :)
  9. War Z preview from PC Gamer ...

    It's a decent game not the greatest. The downfall is they seem to put more into the marketing trying to sell something that wasn't truely finished or ready yet and now put themselves in a bad spotlight.   If you love working together and killing other players all the time then it will be your cup of tea but honestly DayZ standalone might be more of what your looking for in the long run if it arrives. 
  10. Snakesoul saying Hello!

    Hey everyone,   Just wanted to drop by and introduce myself . Been playing with ADK members on Planet side 2 Helios server  for awhile and have been enjoying every minute fighting next to them against the Vanu and Terran Republic. But most of all I have to say it brought back a lot of good memories of being with a well organized group with awesome communications and positive attitude which is sometimes hard to find in clans/guilds now adays. So I thought it's high time to take the next step and try and sign up with ADK and get to know more about you guys and join on some other games.     But of course you need to know me so here's the sum of all things about me.   Real Name: Brandon Age: 25 Location : Canada  , Vancouver Occupation : Forklift Operator / Student studying in Law   Background   Just an average guy in the real world nothing too special  but in games well that's another story, I love gaming to a passion was introduced to it when I was a child playing the old Atrai system and after that you pretty much know how that went, I found my true calling in any online game as a pilot if they have flyable vehicles, always dropping troops off and making sure the enemy stays down and have beenn quite good at it over the years funny thing about that in real life I'm afraid of heights but in games I prefer to be up there...funny how that works.   I've also been a hardcore volunteer in my life in both gaming and in the real world, I spend as much time as I can helping events for organizations to rasie money for research and give something I was lucky to have that others weren't. In gaming I try and help spend some time training players that are having a hard time such as players that always wanted to fly but seem to crash everytime they do and of course since a lot of servers are harsh about players like that I try and help them out.  In a general sense I just love helping people out and ensuring their having a great time.     Gaming   I'm a hardcore gamer and enjoy online games that require teamwork and tactics. I'm also a die hard fan of strategy games like Command and Conquer , Starcraft , Natural Selection where every move you make could be the right or wrong move and how you must think on the go to ensure victory.   Here is a quick list of games I do play and enjoy,   Planet Side Series Command and Conquer Series Battlefield Series Swat 4 Rainbow 6 Series Arma / Flashpoint Series     Why do you with to join ADK?   Like I mentioned before ADK brought back some good memories of clans I used to be apart of and left due to either the clan ended , leadership changed or reformed to a way that wasn't to my liking for example clan got more aggressive against opponents either attacking on opponet's forums or something stupid sad how some do that.   ADK has shown some awesome teamwork and communications, no one is fighting over anyhting, they work together and take turns on roles to help each other out which is awesome to see , mistakes are made sometimes but there is no blame game like you see in other teamspeak or clan chat which gets pretty intense sometimes. But on top of all that , just the members I met so far have been awesome with positive attitude and great knowledge , leadership skills and just great people to play with and I'm hoping to see more of that.     I think that is enough about me, the rest you will get to know over time. So I hope to bump into more of you guys and hope one day to be your pilot .....muahahhaha.        

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