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  1. Funny BF GIF

    Lol I've seen this gif, so funny though.   Btw hockey when did you get ADK membership? gg that was fast  :ph34r:
  2. World Cup 2014

    That bite was not cool at all. I was unfortunately working during the live match, and the only TVs around were airing the Costa Rica vs England game so EH. I didn't see it live. How the fk does Uruguay get away with something like that? BLARGH. Disciplinary action needs to happen sooner than later, even if the ref missed the chance to red card it.   Lol on the England fans switching to cheer USA. You gotta do something if you're attending the world cup.. :D
  3. World Cup 2014

    Do I look like a person who jumps on bandwagons? LOL I'm fully aware of Messi, but not going to cheer for him. Pirlo<3   I have no insight on which team looks like they're going to win the entire thing, just personal opinions  :lol:
  4. World Cup 2014

    Spain is out. Italy is out. Waiting on Thursday to see Portugal die in flames hopefully but idk. ALL MY PLAYERS LET ME DOWN.    Guess it's time to cheer for Germany  :ph34r:
  5. World Cup 2014

    Dat Germany vs. Portugal match omg. Hilarious, so many good highlights. I enjoyed laughing at Ronaldo throughout the match.  :ph34r:
  6. =ADK= Official Recruitment Video

    Very cleannn~ GJ  :ph34r:
  7. Anime and/or Manga

    Oh I'm not upset about the volume of ecchi that exists, just that there are alot of ecchi recommendations in this thread. There are so many different kinds of anime, and I see the majority of recommendations being ecchi is all.    I'm guilty of only liking a few genres too so meh.  :mellow:
  8. Anime and/or Manga

    The amount of ecchi in this thread is high -aborts-  :ph34r:   not surprised.
  9. Razer gaming worth the money?

    Razor is just a pretty name to me, much like Beats. Sure, the job is performed, might even be above average. But beware there are some Razer horror stories out there.   I'm very much into keyboards, and i hate the audible click effect of blue switches lol. I'm more into the red/black style and I own a steelseries tank of a keyboard with blacks. love it, never turning back. My headsets break too often to invest, always get my cords stuck in my chair wheels :(
  10. @[member='DragonCz']  I have a tablet and just tried it.. WAY easier to move on the screen. now i just have a clicking issue cuz i can't tap the pen super fast, gotta learn to use 2 hands xD
  11. Pros:    Lots of song support, multiple modes I can play all my anime songs without making my own charts. The osu!mania mode is great cuz of my O2Jam experience. and LOL at taiko mode. That arcade cabinet is awesome.   Cons:   I HATE CLICKING. I don't have mouse dexterity. Would be great for tablet play. Touch n stuff, there's an arcade game called technik i think that has touch and drag much like osu.
  12. Hey Guys - Hammer

    Hiyo~   Saw you in minecraft this morning. Hf  ^_^
  13. 12/16 patch

    There's playing hours.. and there's enjoying hours.. we want to play and do so, but maybe not enjoy it 100% of the time because of these persistent bugs.   -runs away-  :ph34r:
  14. I Populated BF4 Today!

    @[member='AOBLXIX']   He may not have seen it yet

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