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      Come join us in =ADK= Discord To download the Discord app go here: https://discordapp.com/   Discord is going to have a small learning curve over teamspeak so be prepared, but the fellow members as well as the Admins will gladly help you if you have any issues with installing or using the app. Once you have Discord installed all that's left to do is click the button below.   Welcome to the future of the =ADK= Community.   Click Here To Join! 


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  1. Caption This

    It is a $1.00 mask from Dollar General. NOT Photoshop, an original image! My Brother-in-law with my AR-15. No ammo was present during this photo op! No animals were hurt either. But there are additional images of girls, guns and mustangs.
  2. Addition to the Family

    @[member='Moonkai2k']   Went around and around with choosing caliber. Looked at and shot everything from .22 to .45, on Wilson Combat, Glock, Carolina Arms, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Sig Sauer, Taurus, SCCY, Ruger, Beretta and Kimber platforms. Loved the .410 Judge, just hate Taurus!!    Reasons for the 9 mm IMO: 1. Recoil!!!!!!!!! (9 mm 115 gr. or 124 gr FMJ, better than any 10 mm round!!!, faster site reacquire time!) 2. Availability, can get ammo at Walmart, but order by the 1000 of Blazzer Brass from https://www.targetsportsusa.com/ , when available! 3. Types and grains 4. Per Round Cost (biggest one) 5. Available types of firearms that shoot that caliber 6. Weight. 10 mm is so heavy!! Just carry a .40!   Reason for Glock Perfection   Don't get me wrong! Wilson Combat and Carolina Arms weapons are absolutely amazing! Just do not have $3000+ for the pistols!! Taurus, SCCY, Ruger, Beretta and Kimber have strange triggers. No clean breaks. S&W and Sig are the better triggers, but Sig is pricey and S&W has feed problems throughout the M&P series.    Wilson Combat X-TAC, if you have a spare $3,800!! This was the most expensive firearm used in the testing. The manufacturer is having the range I go to use it for a year. Have any and everyone shoot it. Abuse it, but DO NOT CLEAN it!! I have put about 500 rounds through her. Just a dream to fire!! 
  3. Addition to the Family

    Added a Baby Glock to the collection! The new CCW, Glock 26 Gen 4!!! Join me at the range Saturday morning to try her out!!
  4. Banning bipods!

    I will still continue to play support. Never use a bipod so I will not miss them.
  5. PC or Console?

    From a hardware perspective;   Consoles are static. The hardware stays the same, only the firmware may change. Plus they are proprietary!    PC, are almost limitless on the changes, upgrades, additions or hardware updates. You cannot change the video card in a Wii, XBox or Playstation. But a great new GPU comes out from nVidia, the PC can instantly take advantage of the technology. You can add faster memory, CPU or bigger drives on the PC, install a printer or use various input devices, none of which you can do on consoles (without voiding warranties). If playing on a laptop, you are not tied to a room at a house with a TV. All you need is the Internet and the laptop works (with battery life).    Software is software. Bug ridden, half-finished company laments. Enough about that!   Controls Comparison: Racing => Either - console a little better but a tie using steering wheel/pedals FPS => PC RPG => PC Flight => Tie (both have good sets of custom controls) Strategy => PC!! (Controller PAINFUL) Puzzle => Console (maybe, Smartphone better) Sports => Who cares! (not that I hate sports, just the abortions the video game developers make of them)  
  6. P0mpey, I Can't Shoot Anything!!

    @[member='P0mpey'] Too bad I cannot shoot as well in the game!! @[member='AirborneRanger94'] I will take that as a compliment! Thanks  :D
  7. An Homage to DonB

    Could not resist....   [attachment=7000:lowbrow-dirty-humor-internet-2a.jpg]
  8. P0mpey, I Can't Shoot Anything!!

    TargetBoy1 YouTube Channel; Can't shoot shit.......@[member='P0mpey'] 30 rounds of 5.56 mm ammo....missed every time!!! Damn! I need to practice more!!! Thanks for helping out P0mpey!!!   https://youtu.be/jouDrf8wwhM   And to you NoLove4Obama or Dragonman88...I could give an absolute crap about stats in a video game, they mean nothing. Been playing video games since before you all were born!! Compete in a real life scenario with real weapons and then you have a leg to stand on. Otherwise you are a blowhard useless game player with no real use on this planet. Come out and meet me in an IDPA Match, it is very simple. Best shooter wins.   User names Mikex_2112, NoLove4Obama & Dragonman88 going downrange next.....  
  9. An Homage to DonB

    The Napalm Baby   OMG, this was therapy!    https://youtu.be/TLo_0mBDkJo   Did add my emblem on the targets. Think Stewie would approve   :darthvader:   Did a bit of a change up here. 20 rounds 9 mm, 2 mags, target at 7 yards, 10 rounds per mag. This is an attempt to get practice for IDPA matches. Attached the GoPro to the Glock.   Note: All the targets labeled and shot in these videos are available to be shipped. Seeing that there is only one per video, highest bidder will win!! All proceeds will go to the expenses for these servers. 
  10. An Homage to DonB

    ChaunBoT Ventilation    https://youtu.be/ZNRPkuMCG5A   28 rounds of 5.56 mm at 20 yards. Some how this makes up for some of the complete babble this user can spam chat with!!! Takes shooting your mouth off to an interesting level.    Fixed the GoPro camera mount. Brought a bigger screwdriver!
  11. An Homage to DonB

    @ophios, already keep one in the range bag!
  12. An Homage to DonB

    BisexualSock.....   https://youtu.be/zsIYt3k4O6s   This one comes as a personal request. This player arrived on the server as a big braggadocio. Not sure how to take such a user name or the user behind. Short story long, pointed the user to the clan site and the user then asked to be sent down range and shot. What to do?!   5 rounds 5.56 mm - Right in the center!! 5 rounds 9 mm - not bad, considering** 5 rounds 5.56 mm - A bit off, but not too bad! All on target   ** Remember, I am standing, no rifle rest, no magnification on the scope. The 12" x 18" target is out to 20 yards (60 feet for DonB).   Working with the GoPro camera mount, learned some lessons. Make sure the mount is completely tightened!! Otherwise, each shot of the weapon, the camera moves :wacko:   Be sure to use the app with the GoPro, much simpler config and capture. Going to go back to the range and try again with the GoPro. Maybe make this better.   
  13. An Homage to DonB

    TargetBoy1 Channel   https://youtu.be/9kQgqVkUnlI   While playing Battlefield 4, there has been this player. He/she/it constantly types the same things in chat over and over and over again. All he/she/it does is annoy other players and spam chat constantly. On average, this player says the same three things an amazing 550% more than any other player that chats, combined!!! This is just over a 7 day period!!! When he/she/it leaves the server, chat becomes quiet and people are glad he/she/it is gone. Will get off my soap box now.   Did need to test the new Magpul B.A.D Lever addition on the M4 and practice for my next match, so off to the range. At the same time, was testing out a new label printer in the office.    So why not combine both efforts and relieve some stress at the same time? Printed a test label of the player I have an issue with and sent it down range on a target. Simple!!   At 20 yards (60 feet for you DonB); 5 rounds 5.56 mm (not bad) 5 rounds 9 mm (need better front sights) 5 rounds 5.56 mm (right on, just low, one click on the site fixed)   The B.A.D. Lever is worth every penny! Makes bolt release and locking a breeze without having to change hands or shooting position. Now I can go back to the office, print labels in peace and rejoin the Battlefield server with a new sense of purpose and Zen.    Cheers!! TargetBoy1     PS; Label printer rocks!!
  14. Addition to the Family

    Just look at those innocent bowling pins. How dare they mock you!    Rules: Pins at 15 yards .380 to 45 ACP Handgun Ammo allowed 2 magazines, 8 rounds each; if you run out, hand load and retry if time allows 60 seconds max.   Me: Glock 19 Gen 4 - 9 MM Made it through the qualifying round and the first 2 competition rounds. Then failed miserably! My best time, 18.36 seconds for 9 rounds on the 6 bowling pins.    if you get the chance, do it! The most fun without a rifle you can have.    Next: Oct 30th Zombie Shootout at the local range!!! Low light, movement, mag changes, pistol and rifle (up to 5.56 MM) allowed! 100 rounds....I am there!!!
  15. This is what comes to mind when players complain about the team they are on.....   Not saying they are right or wrong, but the complaining....

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