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  1. Hardware or Driver Issue?

    Keep Us Posted on your progress & Good Luck! :)
  2. Hardware or Driver Issue?

    For starters, What is your BUDGET? When selecting GPU's / Video Cards, It's important to realize first what you motherboard, Processor Monitor is & most importantly what WILL & what will NOT cause bottlenecks therefore allowing you to have a OPITIMAL gaming experience as well as a STABLE SYSTEM! A stable system is rather difficult to achieve WITHOUT some prior knowledge. Post up your system spec's & let's get a look at the choices based SOLELY off of what your ( 1 ) Budget allows for ( 2 ) CPU capabilities ( 3 ) Motherboard Capabilities ( 4 ) Case Expansion ( 5 ) OS- Operating system Capabilities ( 6 ) Power Supply Capabilities ( 7 ) Memory Speed ect. ect.. The forementioned items ( according to some ) don't matter, NOT TRUE! They are ALL things that MUST be considered when up-grading or investingating for further expansions! Until I know EXACTLY what your specs are I will make NO RECCOMENDATIONS towards you desire to up-grade! I deem it necessary for a EDUCATED selection. I've built systems & had pro's & con's with every one of them HOWEVER all are 100% STABLE! One thing I will share with those whom take the time to read this post is this! Once you get your system 100% loaded with ALL the things you deem neccessary to have i.e. The OS, Games, Fraps,Procon, Speed Fan, Memtest, Intel Burn Test, EVGA Precision, CPUZ, Winzip ect.ect. ( all the bells & whistles you want ) TEST IT FULLY then get ACRONIS & make a FULL IMAGE of your ENTIRE os! THIS SAVES YOU TIME in the long run! As you progress the STABILITY consistantly make further images & ALWAYS keep two or three ( if you have enough space ) for further EXPANSION! This will be a learning curve for some but others whom know what they are doing will tell you this becomes an benefit in overall system management as well as performance & improve your knowledge base at the same time! Make a FULL copy to a link using CPUZ & post it & we will move further into your selection process! GIVE FULL DETAILS!   Acronis True Image: http://www.acronis.com/ CPUID: http://www.cpuid.com/ CPU-Z: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html I will provide serveral links to assist once we start viewing the many options! Getter Done! ;) 
  3. When Dynasty gets bored

  4. Battlefield 4 Pre-Order

    Pre-ordering the DLC is a option as stated by many! I went ahead & did it so I'd be able to get in on the beta however! I'd like to see some some input from the gaming community vs. Dice's people however less hacks would aslo be nice! :D
  5. Hardware or Driver Issue?

    One needs to educate themselves PRIOR to ever updating INVIDA drivers. (1) ALWAYS READ the release notes (2) Do a COMPLETE uninstall (3) Clean traces with CC Cleaner or better (4) If you have Windows 7, removing temp files is always another good idea type %temp% & clean all windows traces & history (5) ALWAYS do a clean install! I recommend following the steps in this thread PRIOR to making ANY changes! LINK: http://www.evga.com/forums/tm.aspx?high=&m=1776353&mpage=1#1776353 & to read the release notes- LINK: http://www.geforce.com/drivers   NEVER DOWNLOAD OR USE THIRD PARTY GPU DRIVERS!   Good Luck & I hope this helps you! :)  If you have questions or need  further assistance, I can help you! I have the 560ti DS in SLI in my Z58 build!
  6. Cheers All!

    Congrats! :D 
  7. Massive Hack

    I use Kasperski & it works great! So far I have been fortunate enough! Essentials is also a good one IMHO :)
  8. Battlefield 4 Pre-Order

    If I see it on sale or any type of bargain, I will post it in this thread for those interested! ;)
  9. Dissapointed

  10. Chopper Whoring

    Okay, here is a basic test for those of you whom wish to test your admin skills! What is wroung with this guys score & if he has no damage mod then how is is SPM different from others? I'd bet you gotta break out the calculator to complete the task! http://cheatometer.hedix.de/ 1-WHO-1 . Looks like nothing shows up RIGHT! W R O N G ---> DMG mods don't always show up WHY? Here's the definging factor--> http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/1-WHO-1/ See the hours in the choppers? http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/1-WHO-1/stats/308084802/ Now look at his ENGINEER total service stars! http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/1-WHO-1/vehicles/308084802/pc/ Now look at his TOTAL TIME accured in BOTH helos! If you think I'm wrong then if you look at the total game play VS. nis accuracy you'll figure it out on your own! DMG is NOT always picked up by cheat-O-meter NOR is PB Bans picking up some of the current mods that are being used! Now go look a the helicopter service medals HMMMM AMAZING but he only has ---> http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/1-WHO-1/awards/308084802/pc/ 4 hrs & 39 minuets in the attack helicopters IN REFERENCE to the medals BUT LOOK AT THE RIBBONS & compare them! There is the defining truth! I you go to my scores You'll see this is NOT POSSIBLE even if you spent EVERY game playing in the attack helicopters! Most don't pick up on this due to all the admins are missing the points of interest when in game as far as the comparison when in the air vehicles. The same applies to those whom are jet pilots, BUT HE HAS LITTLE TO NO jet time RIGHT? Well how the hell can this be if he has 8,143 TOTAL KILLS in the Ahachi compared to mine at 3,714 YET I'm a Col. 100 / 143 & he is rank 89 / 134 . All you need to do is to calculate the time vs. the total score in respect to the service stars per vehicle! It will tell you after reviewing the score that this play IS USING a DMG or MOD to game, it's really that simple! If you think I'm wrong that's fine but service stars are given ???? read the announcement AFTER the last patch came out & then you'll gain a better understanding of the attempts of those to just make the game suck ass for the honest gamers! THIS GUY IS A DEFINATE HACK! Another attribute to seeing this is MOST ALL whom use mods DO NOT USE the Better Battle Log app. WHY? Because it's a DEAD GIVE AWAY! The service stars he has aquired ALL KITS COMBINED only total 13!     NOT POSSIBLE  Also I didn't mention it but his total time played is 572 hours 3 minuets when I stumbled onto his hat trick! Well, there it is Yet another defined fine honest gamer! What do you think about my findings? REASEARCH it before you answer that question!
  11. Chopper Whoring

    Making others mad is one thing I can say that this game EXCEEDS in! When people start destroying team assets & just acting dumb like those whom use tanks, jeeps & the other assets to ruin the game for their teams THOSE are the people whom I'd kick or even ban. Yes I said it, kick or ban! Why: Simply because I myself wouldn't stand for this kind of behavior nor do I consider it as exceptable. I also don't appreciate a individual being killed only to return to greif the admin or other gamers. I guess what I'm daying is if your acting the part of a fool, find another server, NOBODY wants to game with someone who is acting like a child only to get a responce from the admin that PROMOTES disrespect! YES, there are people of whom I have witnessed doing just that but that is the number one reason admins are admins! Some make think this my sound a bit over-kill but I assure you I have a list of servers blacklisted just because of this type of behavior! It's just a game but lets keep it a GOOD GAME not like a series of Dora the Explorer! Just my opinon :)
  12. Chopper Whoring

    QUESTION,  What good is a medic in the attack helicopter, am I missing out on something here? If you can't repair it then why get in it!
  13. Battlefield 4 Pre-Order

    I'm going to try to get in on the beta but I'm kinda leary as to where they are taking it! It might be good then again it might suck, time will tell! :) P thought about waiting as well but figured what the hell, I got two gaming PC's & if I don't like it then the son or daughter might!
  14. Battlefield 4 Pre-Order

    So, It's release is stated to be October so just how many are going to do the pre-order & if so how many plan to participate in the beta? I've seen you have to have MOH & BF3 to participate in the beta but I'm not really sure if that is correct. I didn't get MOH as I'm sure some have & it seems kinda cheap they ( meaning Dice E/A ) select that specific game over us vetrans whom have played the entire Battlefield series such as I have! I started out on the Battlefield 1942 as a member of MoonGamers & Lin is a very nice Sr. Admin & I will always have respect for her as she got me started on this career gaming venture! From there I went to <<HHK>>HeLoKillers & was a active member there as well then I went & joined up the KILLDClan as a member then Admin Then Sr. Admin during the BFBCo. days now here I am! I hope that my dedication to the Battlefield series says something to the game developers if not then I'm going to be disapointed if I don't get to play the beta as well as I'm sure some of you feel the same way! I just purchased my pre-order this morning in hopes it offers somewhat more however after reading some of the articles, I'm beginning to wonder where they will take it! Also I have seen articles & post that lead some to believe it may have a 2142 twist! HMMM Makes me wonder! Personally I'd like to see some older aircraft brought back & the Shermans, Tigers ect. ect. But I know I'm just a bit older than the majority. Another thought would be a jungle type battle with like a thick canopy kind like Vietnam yet more eye appealing. Just a few CrAzY idea's I had floating around in my head! So waht do you think about it & where do you think they are going with it?
  15. More no explosives maps?

    Yjere are Bazarr servers but as stated they SUCK with NO ADMIN & the rules are constantly out the window HOWEVER it would be different! The Canals with knife or pistol only is fun IF EVERYBODY stays with the game plan! :)

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