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  1. Greetings

    Welcome :)
  2. My Intro

    Welcome :)
  3. An introduction of sorts...

    MMM Hello, You seem fun I cant wait to play with you and look at you skills in gaming which I love to do also. See you there :D
  4. A New Choclatey Snack

    :blink: Excited I be to play with you guys you all seem really cool.
  5. Salutations!

    yes welcome     mmwahahhahahaha
  6. GUNNY1966

    Hello, Very nice to see a new person. Very amusing and different how you like fishing and hunting turkeys in the spring. But anyways welcome to adk.
  7. PlanetSide2

    Hey for everybody out there I have a question.........               DADADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA   Who plays PLanetSide2?
  8. A New Choclatey Snack

    Hellos to all that said hello and welcome LOL i appreciate it.
  9. ADK, I'm sorry.

    Hello, I understand that that was a half intro and half apoligy? And if it was and intro and your new then welcome. and for the apoligy part I think I can except it.  
  10. Mr LT's Intro

    Hello, Its wonderful to see a new person these days and i cant wait to meet you in game
  11. A New Choclatey Snack

    Hello, I am amzing as you will soon find out, i love to game although people are hard work with sometimes. I shall be delighted to improve, protect, and care for many in this family of talented players. I want to be invovled and to meet everyone of you guys and girls. I am willingy to try new things and i am a decent flyer in PS2. I wish the happiest for all and a happy PS2 games.                                                                                                                             Sincerely,                  TootsieRoll

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