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  1. New Wipe!

    I am currently online in our EFT channel. I have done some raids in the new wipe for the first time as of last night with Ajax (my eldest son). Bots are a bit changed so that requires some adjustments and of course in addition to new skill and behaviours some of them also have changed routines. otherwise the changes to SKS and the overall radical increase in recoil are pretty huge. Feel free to contact me in our discord server or here by PM.
  2. The Patch is live. You may have some scattered issues with trying to get into Labs, and there are a few scattered off and on problems with hangs on other maps. This is already being looked at. The 11.5 patch notes final is here: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/95384-patch-01152753/ Huge improvement in quality of life for things like Trader filter system, loads of AI changes, loot spawn locations, and freeze/performance work.
  3. Here is the Flea market original FAQ as provided by BSG: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/87140-flea-market-faq/ Reactive and self-directing price and any related spawn activity have been suspended after their initial release alongside the flea market due to clear and obvious signs the programs allowed for heavy manipulation of price and availability under the functional design originally released. Some prices (specifically AMMO) were reverted to pre-reactive pricing model price. Others remain where the reactive model left them when it was suspended (you will see some prices are clearly quite a bit higher than they usually are). See the forums and Twitter for more updates.
  4. @bstategames ·1h We are opened up all of LL of traders, all item counts are infinite now, prices lowered to dirt cheap. Till the nearest update! Note that of course the resale value of all items in your stash are now virtually worthless as well however EXCEPT BITCOINS, for which they have yet to correct prices, but that may be an oversight, so if you have one, you should probably sell it right away... unless it is desperately needed for a trade you cannot simply pay money for. By comparison, a Roller is now worth less than 700 rouble, and a chain has resale value of only 129 r). An SA 58 at PK is now available at 10 dollars... Dollars now cost 1 rouble, euros just over that at 1.0499. Nota Bene: it no longer pencils to insure OR repair ANYTHING unless you cannot buy it outright, since insurance and repair prices have NOT been affected, and now cost far (100's of times) more than replacement prices of most items we checked... Because as Ajax pointed out, we saw price variations at unreliable times after the initial down-turn in each of the last two or three major wipes, it may be wise to do all your purchasing now if you have any cash. It may also be wise to play the exchange swings as bitcoins may fall, and the dollar and euro prices may return to close to normal or actually extreme levels. (as a hedge, I have bought 100k each of dollars and euros since I do not know how long until wipe and what fluctuations may occur, and I am playing around with the idea of perhaps taking 5 million of the remaining 6.5 roubles I have and turning that into 5 million dollars - where a return of the regular exchange rate could then net something like a near 500 M roubles going the other way... ). Any other ideas on speculation? (We have already purchased massive quantities of IR scopes, SA58's, containers and armor/helmet/tactec combos...)
  5. The recent Russian Language Q&A session kindly translated by o4zloiroman Some eye openening ideas and changes in there. While not all are definitive yet, some are going to be incoming in 10.5 which has been announced as imminent! https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/85398-qa-with-nikita-buyanov-from-russian-forum-section/
  6. Wipe Imminent

    Wipe is announced as incoming soon. Because the abbreviated 'what's big in this patch' comes with this comment from TheWay, it appears it may be close to the estimated release date around the end of this Month (Halloween-ish). The wipe is suggested to be a complete wipe except for weapon mastery skills. Link below: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/85477-little-update-for-you/
  7. @Bobby, These are ageing parts, but, among other parts that would be available sometime between now and January are: a top tier i5 3rd Ivy Bridge (3rd Gen), associated board, ram and probably something like a GTX660 SOC. While the chipset and CPU are still quite competitive vis a vis capacity to play current and soon to be released heavy 3d gaming titles (including Tarkov) the GTX660 is only adequate and should ideally be replaced with something more modern. I do not know what you have off the top of my headd so I do not know if even that aged gaming card is an improvement or not. Pro'ly we have a PSU and case, etc, however just on general principles, the PSU should be replaced as heavy use and age can cause PSUs to create problems (even though we haven't had any with the current one to date). Monitors are not good to ship if we don't need to, and I do not currently have any keyboard or mouse components I would be willing to ship. So the good news is that the 3rd gen i cores retain a high degree of competitiveness with current Intel architectures, and this is particularly important in gaming where Intel has the jump because of the superior single-core performance they generate for generally poorly multi-threaded game applications. (There are exceptions to this limited multi-threadedness in gaming, but, like the latest Battlefield, they are rare, and Tarkov, is definitely not among those). The other good news is that the chipset is still pretty competitive as well so the mother board is also good. Now for the Bad news: As I suggested, that 660 is not really competitive, the PSU is old-ish for a PSU and and should be replaced for safety, and I don't know off the top of my head how much 'matching' ram we have so that might be a want... Still, with everything half assembled already and just pick plug in and play replacement, you could be playing pretty improved conditions in an hour or so. ... Hey so what are the specs of your current machine? What peripherals can you still use... ~Dim

    Hey man, I will try to remember to turn on Shadow play when I think of it. If you happen to be playing with me, remind me will ya?
  9. Raid Night Poll

    Good idea... My vote is in, but I can run most nights. Got ta make some room for new stuff, so this is great since no sense collecting stuff unless I use some stuff up in the process!
  10. It's Alive! Tarkov Channel is back on the Discord Map at ADK! Thanks to Bobby, Mongoose and Gary, we can go hang out in our channel whenever you feel like listening-in or participating-in a Raid. If you are used to looking for the ADK EFT voice and text channels in 'Other Games', yeah, we're not there any more because we have are own new bright and shiny channel again! Look for us on the ADK Discord server about 4 channels above 'Other Games' (between Fortnite and Planetside 2). We are currently experimenting with only one channel, but as demand warrants we may add additional Voice channels if players request them. At least one of us is usually on in the evenings most weekdays, and more hours of coverage on Saturday if you are just wanting to learn the game, run with someone, or organize some raids. Feel free to PM EFT staff members if you see us online but not in a channel for questions. (Find us on the right hand side bar, second Game staff section from the top!). See you soon! ~Dim
  11. Tarkov wiki

    Hey this is a great resource and there are others. Hopefully we can get someone to pin these up here once we get anyone assigned as an officer with such magic powers and ...stuff I particularly like the Quest and items to keep list off of this which you had conveniently posted in Chat: https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Quests ... There are other very useful player made resources that would be helpful to collect here. One of my favorites is this one from the UWS clan: https://forums.uwsgaming.com/topic/3871-map-keys-and-you/ This is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive and currently curated list of keys by map, what they open, what is in there/why you want it (or don't), and where to find them. With PICTURES, which, you might say, is "key" in finding them ... (DOH!!).
  12. Hey Dusty, sorry wasn't keeping tabs on this thread... Hey to answer your question, I sure know how frustrating that is... Just how I know is... also frustrating. I have and do often help two mainstream Dev groups with (very closed, and even secret) beta testing, user technical support, as well as some official forum responsibilities and brainstorm/feedback groups for game concepts, mechanics, and design. These are for released, announced, and unannounced triple A titles, in well known IP series. Let me just say that to answer your question, it really is several answers to several questions. You did not ask some of them because you may not be aware of those aspects of the process. I have been, occasionally very much 'in the cockpit' (which, that was literally the name used for the online command HQ chat at live release for one that went... VERY BADLY). 1)Most studios made up of more than two or three people (and sometimes even then) have a separation of duties and knowledge/skill, because, like-construction, you don't want your cement guys doing carpentry. Sure, the carpentry guys may be behind, but that doesn't mean, if you are working on an entire housing development that the cement guys shouldn't go out and lay the next 14 foundations and driveways. You want to do that, because who knows when the cement guys will be able to come back if you let them go, AND every time you do that, they have to come back out and set back up and there is time wasting training a new crew, catching up on changes and lessons learned... and so forth... assuming you GET them back when you want to lay the second foundation/driveway without then holding up the CARPENTRY guys... Or get them back AT ALL... Some horror stories there if you really want to know about spot specialty shortages. So you use who you have, while you are paying them until you KNOW you won't need them any more... Hopefully. But... ALSO: 2)Every time you introduce new concepts and new objects/behaviors/subroutines into an engine or code, you have the potential for un-looked-for problems. While there are now very convoluted means for going through QA control windows to prevent these from getting concatenated (where then you have more than one foul up at the same time vastly multiplying the work of solving the new problems), there are still time consuming, and sometimes even STILL unlooked-for problems despite everyone's best efforts... NO matter what, complicated codes, and especially new codes and new things under the sun, make this much more likely and much more likely to take a long time every time you need to introduce new concepts, and subroutines. 3)Tarkov, in its present state in industry parlance, is really not a 'Beta' where all major key concepts and most subroutines are in, but an 'Alpha' where major concepts and many subroutines remain to be introduced (and some FFS are still undergoing changes additions, subtractions). Every new object, every new subroutine, and especially every new -entire concept- adds to the QA process and the potential for problems and recurrence of problems. Every time a new major concept is added, like say the homebase, or the actual 'escape part' or any of the new things that will require meshing with all the pre-existing code blocks, it will massively increase the potential and probability of causing bugs, conflicts, and conundrums... Some of them will reopen previously fixed problems again (either the same way as before, or a different way than before). Until we get most of at least the MAJOR concepts in and MOST of the subroutines that even Joe Public like me know about (like some very different weapons systems and communications suites, player specialization designations and... so on ad infinitum), fixing code issues (other than game breakers) has to be second fiddle, or even NO fiddle, because picking up the dropcloth and cleaning up paint I got on the floor from painting the wall makes no sense if I still have to paint the ceiling, molding and doors... Once the game is really in Beta, tweaking, balancing, and major code fixes make more sense, and are more likely to actually be 'finally fixed'. While some netcode can be worked on, even now, that is still limited or prone to reversion or being problematic because the game is SO FAR from being anywhere in the neighborhood of Beta. I am not saying the developers are flawless either: entirely without mistakes - yeah, I don't know too many groups of any kind like that, and least of all developers... but even those with ENDLESS resources, hundreds of Devs, and HUGE wads of money all upfront like the groups I work with (they are both owned partially or wholly by their publisher, so they can't point fingers at each other, because it is a circular firing squad) have the same problems. I can think of two or three stupid, just stupidly annoying recurring errors that happen either in gameplay or in the technical way that updates take place, or the way that files change data storage location to recurringly trigger the stone-age 'data protection error', or the way pathing or memory management works... Endless. It is endless, and I have had to and still do trouble shoot these all the F'ing damned time for one series in particular where I can trace back some errors that still occur NOW, to 2006. 12 years dude. HUNDREDS of Devs. Money out the WAZOO. Finished product and hit after hit , and - wha--- THAT problem AGAIN?? So... You asked the question about a limited group of relatively new devs with no publisher that I am aware of, and money they find on the potato farm. They have been fortunate to find what they have, and maybe Uncle Putin gives them some on the side to farm our PCs for zombie work, but I won't complain until I see that the main concepts are at least all in place. These other things they are adding need to be added so the gamebreaking stuff can be handled to keep some revenue and trials running... and the cement guys can't pound nails, the cement has to be poured anyway, and it makes sense to get as much in as you can now while you are waiting on the other stuff so you can at least remove the gamebreaking stuff from IT... PS, if I sound bitter, and this looks like a novel about bitching... Sorry! You hit the funny bone! LMAO ~Dim
  13. Nikkita discusses Game features and direction of concept today on Klean's Stream with Deadly Slob, Kotton and Klean. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244724908
  14. PVP Event Started, Scav System Edits!

    Aaaaand... it's over... LOL (although you will still see 7 minute timers on your Scav characters at least so far)
  15. Hi guys, as another in the list of short term program changes to keep people on their toes leading up to Wipe and Open Beta, the previously teased PVP event started, and includes the following Significant changes to Raid play: 1)There are no Bots. 2)Scav slots are filled only by humans. 3)Scav slots for humans are increased 4)Scav timer is reduced (now down to 7 minutes elapsed). 5)Edits include increased chance of Meds, increased chance of Armor, increased variety and quality of weaponry...and 6)Inventory includes chance of Bitcoin. https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/65816-pvp-event-has-started/ https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/65816-pvp-event-has-started/?do=findComment&comment=1022066 Have had some fun playing both with Scav buddies and as PMC cleanup crews. If you want to play, send me a PM. ~Dim

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