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  1. Sorry if text, grammar or anything like that is wrong but I do not want to reread this as it was hard enough to type it all. If you can not understand that then just go back to something else. I am posting this in the general section because most of the people I would want seeing this are not ADK members anymore to see it in the members only section and I guess if you will consider this my post not only stepping down from the graphics department but my leaving as well. I have been thinking this over for about a week now and going through all the pro's and con's of doing so and with the light of recent events, recent comments and attitudes from ADK leadership along with inactivity I came to this decision. Yesterdat I went to my profile here and checks my topics I have made since I joined ADK beginning with the introduction post and continued through my designing days, BF3 days, Minecraft days and BF4 days and could only wonder where it all went. All the activity, the fun times, missing friends, memories and just a lot actually. Below I am going to list some reasons why I am doing what I am doing and you can take it for what it is. My friends have left, inactive or simply don't hang out anymore. These are people I used to game with on a daily basis. They are either not in ADK anymore, went MIA or simply doing other things. A community is not about a name or a logo. It is about your friends you game with, the memories you make and the time you spend with those people. They simply are not here and have moved on. Considering that I would say I have quite a few friends that I game with that speaks volumes to me. BF1 beta was horrid in ADK. I was actually excited to do this beta and rekindle that old spark from the BF4 beta launch years ago. We had events, full channels of people playing together and great times. This time was completely different. I could not find any kind of event for it mentioned in ADK. Only like 6-10 people in Discord playing it and no admins playing along side you. Coupled with the fact I spent more time muting people then playing made me leave the ADK Discord to even play it. That old energy was not there, the missing hype, all of it really. I need to be somewhere where Battlefield is being hyped and going into full production. ADK is not doing this like it once was before. The forums and activity are pretty much dead. I am speaking from a general population activity level of things. As I have said elsewhere now Discord is handling most of the convos taking place between people so website/forum activity is dropping fast. I was then told that times are changing and we need to evolve with them and if this is that evolution then being someone who works on the website and their drive for doing so it because the forums are active this is not the case anymore. I simply can not find the reason to sink time and effort into working on a site that just is not getting used like it once was. Designers work and code cause they want to make a better experience for the user, make them feel like they have something awesome to come to but now that thing is Discord so I can not see the reason for spending hours on hours making a site that admins are being forced to use by upper mgmt and only being filled by bot topics and forum games. Its simply defeating. No graphic requests in over a month. There was a time when the graphic requests were like every other day with things needing to be made for all the different gaming sections, events, raffles, meetings, endorsements, comp teams and sponsors. This does not happen anymore and has not really since I came back from AFK in April-May. The closest thing would be that jersey Syl made for the CS:GO thing for hoodies and even that didn't happen and the design she worked on for 3 days staying up late to rush and finish never even got used for ADK even if the sponsors backed out. Seems like all I have been doing is making random t-shirts and wallpapers on my own accord with Syl. There used to be a undying need for these things all the time for graphic requests and it simply is not that way anymore. Current staffing issues. While I do still have a many good friends on ADK staff there are some staff members I simply do not agree with nor do I have faith in their judgement, leadership and decision making. If they asked me to design something or code something up I would not have the drive to do it simply cause fuck them. Sad to say it that way but it is the truth. You have all these non-active admins on the site not doing anything except throwing around their position title and trying to step on people. They come in topics boasting their voice like I am supposed to cower to them or something along those lines and I wont. I go by respect, not your title and simple fact is that there are way to many admins in place I simply do not trust, respect or give a shit about. I have been waiting for almost a week for a reply back from AOB in a PM. Nothing. I have most of upper management in that PM and no one has chimed in or said anything but Dowin and even that was not about what I said in the PM. This would be another reason is that for anyone to speak or feel like speaking it has to filter through AOB. No one is speaking up on their thoughts or views on the situation I have in that PM. AOB has been active in Discord tho but on Wednesday it will be a week waiting for a reply. I am tired of waiting. With the skills set I have, passion I have and raw leadership abilities I could pretty much go to any community and do what I am doing here. The thing that held me to ADK was the activity, friendships, gaming together and the constant flow of new ideas, concepts and pushing forward. As a graphic designer this is not happening anymore. As a web designer this is not happening anymore either. Nothing new is being suggested from admins or department admin requests for quite awhile now. There is no point in trying to keep thinking up things on your own to keep the gears turning when no one is giving you a hand in the process especially from the gaming sections, you know, the areas that make up what ADK is. Nova left so my chances of moving up working beside him are nuked now. I have been a VA/Director 5 times in ADK across 3 different departments. I have been coding and pushing out designs and such to the point my hidden graphics section has more topics and projects completed in it then most gaming sections here in ADK. I figured that without ever leaving ADK being swayed to go elsewhere, doing requests and projects without question and getting them done asap along with leading two gaming departments that are still active today that would warrant working beside Nova. No. It wasnt. And now Nova is gone. So for me first I was shot in the chest when I was asked to go back into a VA/Director role then shot again in the head when Nova left. First my spirit was killed when I seen that I was just viewed as the same thing I have done before then my mind was blown when I seen the reason for even wanting a title to begin with was not even here anymore. Those are a few of them. I will not go into anymore because those are simply enough to warrant my exit honestly. Below I will be giving a few shouts to some people along with some thoughts and comments. Take from them what you will and if you wish to reply back to them I will reply to them when I have time. These people are in no order. @AOBLXIX When I came to ADK the inner circle was me, you, Nova and Vinas. Nova is now married, graduated college and beginning his life with his new wife. Vinas is now with a child and married moving on into better stages in life and new outlooks on things he does. I myself have moved from Maryland to Kansas, living with Syl for almost a year now with a new job and began house hunting so we can start our lives together. I am not trying to shit on you but simply saying that you really need to move on from ADK and do what needs to be done for you, not AOB. Any girl you find online is going to gold dig the shit out of you with past events proving so. The ADK domain is worth $10K now and that would be a nice piece of change to actually do something for youself before it drops even further then where it was a year ago. Just being honest. @Nova When I went AFK from ADK back in Aug of last year you were the only ADK person to keep contact with me on my cell asking what was going on, general concerns and so forth. Even tho people had access to get my number through you or other people still you were the only one to reach and to me that makes you blood like Nox is to me. I consider you a brother more then a friend and those texts mean more to me then the context of them. Sicilian pride. @NoxNoctus You will always be my first brother online in anything. We have been through too much drama and too much fun to ever go back. At times I find your personality even better then my own and I love that. You are the only one I have never minded being my squad leader cause I know if its in defeat or victory there will be fun and laughs during the process. I will always be happy to call my friend but even more proud to call you a brother. @Viper I have always called you my little bro. I have tried to be there for you and at times I have let you fall just to see how you pick yourself up. You have grown so much since we first met and I think you are on the right track to become a great leader one day when you decide to say fuck it and speak from your heart with passion knowing your friends are there to catch you even if you fall. @Snipe Just like Viper I could offer the same words to you. Even tho I have never called you a little bro you have been to me even tho I dont say those words directly to you. I first met you as a lonely BF3 adviser doing grunt work and rough around the edges but now you have grown into a person people trust and listen to now and that should speak volumes to how people view you among your friends and such. @ColColonCleaner Thank you for buying me expansions for Hearthstone. Your money was nice. I would say more but the fact of the conditions of your getting your job, the side talks we had on personal things make me simply want to nod to you so you nod back and we just know whats up. *tips hat* @Homeboy Going from a young little kid to leading a group of over 6000+ members and now running your own little business is just awesome. I loved our little hits at each other during the PS2 vs BF4 days and sadly those days wont happen anymore. Fun times, fun memories and the only time you have ever let me down is not getting to second base at homecoming when I told you what to do to seal the deal. Meh, you decided to wrestle men instead. Nova is your brother figure so I shouldn't be so upset. @Element We began as enemy's, turned into a alliance and now are friends. Kinda like a X-Men movie plot. Good guy, great working along side you. Wish we could have continued more since just within this year we began to talk to one another more and so forth. @Phire My little recruit into ADK. So shy, bashful and hiding around the tree so people would not see you looking at them. Nice to see your grown now and finally turned into a bitch. Good stuff. Way to break out and take life by the balls. Just don't squeeze those balls too hard, I like seeing Colon around from time to time. @Dynasty The faggot who grew into a man. Nothing else to say about it. You used to worry so much about trying to make people laugh, be the troll, stir up shit and now its finally good to see that you can do all those things with tact and style while working your job, taking care of real life and leading y example vs trying to follow along. You have grown leaps and bounds bro and for that you will always have my respect even if you can not build for shit in Minecraft. @Silent166 Our times in BF3/4 were amazing and killing camping noobs was always a blast. Early morning mayhem was always the best and great convos on TS as well. Can't wait to play along side you in BF1 sometime. You have me on Origin so hit me up time to time. @War_Adm1ral Same thing I said to Silent. Another great friend I loved playing along side. Always there to make me laugh and being respected and informative at the same time. Much love bro. Always. @Prophet You are a faggot. Simple as that. I hate working along side you. Our method are totally different. In gaming, in squads, off the clock, you are one the people I do actually enjoy playing with all the way back to BF3 Norshar days. The smoking in metro and you team swapping me was always hilarious. Good times bro, good times.... as long as we were not coding together. @WhickerBasket Strange you and me. We have this "I hate you, I love you, no I fucking hate you, naw your alright" relationship. Fun stuff man, the good and the bad. @ProtossMaster Fun seeing each other time to time in the TS and across the forums. Even those we never aligned in the same games really playing together working for you on graphics and talks in admin channels were always fun. Hope the best for you man in whatever you do. @Rabbit Fun times bro in BF4. Wish we got to game more but you still have me on messengers. Dont be a stranger in the future if you decide to get BF1. Cheers! @EFr_000 Part of the Darkness Squad OG member. Always fun making you stay up until 4am when you have work in the morning. @daisy0706 and @Zed1229 You both are so much fun, so many memories that I simply can not put it all here. Have to catch up with you two sometime and just hangout again and game. Going to miss you both. Get a hold of Nox, he knows how to find me. @Dowin We spoke the other night on the phone. Sorry it came to this but the writing was on the wall. Don't get hurt trying to hold up the falling if it comes to that like we spoke of. @CaGregorio Even tho we never spoke to much I still wish you the best. You seem like you are a great father IRL and for that alone I can respect. @Bromance Another one like Nova who would reach out IRL and talk. Want to game with you one day again in BF1. Hope we can make that happen Bro. Hope life is treating you good in all you are doing. @Spyderbyte88 Even tho we have never gamed together you are still one of the people I actually truly respect here in honesty and friendship just like @Marcinkoman except I have gamed with Marc. I hope you guys have fun in gaming and can avoid the drama and bs and just do what you need to do to enjoy your online time with friends. Thats what I will bbe doing now. @Dwight K Shrute You are one of the admins I am leaving over. You gave me this long ass reply about IED's and your brothers and such and for you to pull that as a crutch on a online gaming forum speaks volumes of not only you but how you choose to respect those that have fallen besides you. You act as if you are the only one that has served, lost brothers and been in the shit. Semper Fi muthafucker and eat a bowl of dicks. @Mikey Another admin of why I am leaving. When god made childish faggots he broke the mold with you. The fact you still have CS:GO admin on your profile as I type this makes me even more sure I am doing the right thing typing this out tonight. @VinasSol I will always hate you for what you did with your opportunity as Comm Manager working along side Nova. I have moved past it being vocal but yeah, it's still there. Just keeping it real. @BookD20 Another reason I am leaving. Hope you can replace what I was doing cause you are essentially the reason I even began this whole line of thinking. Later Gator. Fuck it. Tired of typing now. If I missed anyone I am sorry. I mainly wanted to hit up the people I have spoken with since I came back to ADK from my break until the present time. Sorry I did not flame people and nuke the place to shit but in all honesty I am just bored now. No activity, no gaming, no friends hardly, just stale to me anymore. Im going to find a new community to game with or maybe just game with friends and such on the side. Who knows. But my time has come to a end. Side Note: I will need my access removed from the following... ADK Admin Panel My GFX FTP My ADK.GRAPHICS FTP Dowin change your Minecraft FTP password Any ADK side project sites like H1Z1 clans and so forth Server Spy Admin Panel access changed I will remove the ADKGraphics Twitter and DeviantART page since they belong to me. Its been a crazy time here in ADK and sadly it simply is not the way it was before. I wish you all the best but my time here is now done. I will be replying to this topic if need be but nothing more then that. I will be cleaning out my inbox so this is your warning on that one if you dont get a reply back to something. So as the the song says... How do I say goodbye to what we had? The good times that made us laugh Outweigh the bad. I thought we'd get to see forever But forever's gone away It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3eazHcbeQ0 Farewell. P.S. Zsadist is a muppet <3
  2. Feedback

    That is a name I have not seen in a long time. Sent from my Pixel XL using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  3. I covered most of what is going to be looked for in submissions for front page articles but I will give you the run down here of what you need to do and what will and wont be accepted.   Things To Do: Make a normal topic in the section that your article is about. This would be like making any other topic you normally would. When making your article the main focus is informative content about things that are relevant to the ADK community. This would include breaking news in the games we play and are associated with or news dealing with technology's and such in the PC community and gaming. Lay your article out in a nice and concise appearance.  Try to include images that are relevant to the topic even if they are not specifically about what you are discussing. If you are making a article about for example about a new update that's coming out for DayZ then try to include some images of DayZ the game even if no images of the update are out directly. If you can find images of the update or whatever then that's even better.  Article Example and Expectations: Here is a quoted demo of how the basis of a article should appear. The filler text below is Lorem Ipsum dummy text to give the appearance of how the layout should be.   So that is a general idea of what is expected from the appearance of things. Nice clean paragraphs, images included and if you have points to make use things like bullet points.   Things Not To Do:   Some of the things that will instantly get your Article rejected from the front page would be things like: Text abbreviations like "ppl" "atm" or slang such as "wuz" "pwns" and so forth. Try to be a little professional about it but still maintain your personality as well. Remember this is going to the front page of the site and will be a focal for all to see. Punctuation helps and browsers have a spell check built in now. Use it. Do not plagiarize someone's blog for your content. While you may use the info they stated try to use your own wording for it. If you are using someone else's content for a basis of your article add a source link to the bottom of your article. Do not expect all your submissions to become articles if your posting about things that may be considered not worthy of front page news. Again, pick topics that are relevant to the ADK community and the things we are involved in.  Useful Ideas For Articles: Breaking news for a game we play. (big releases, mod packs, big updates, in depth review of betas) Product reviews for new hardware. (must actually own the product and include pictures of your own) Community event going on. (raffles, lan meetings, contests) Guides and Analysis. (strategies on playing a particular map, class, ..ect) How To Get A Admin To Notice Your Article:   As of this moment I am kind of stepping up myself to oversee this project and making sure that this gets done correctly and so forth. While yes, it is a given that any VA or above can promote articles to the front page please for now simply add this to the bottom of your article post below unless a VA or higher edits this post to add their name into this as well. @AOB @Phire @QQtiePie Topic consideration for front page Just make sure that text in the code box above is at the end of your article. No it does not need to be in the code box. The main thing is having that there so I receive a notification on the site about it and can come to see what you have written and give you feedback, ideas to expand your article or simply reject it if I feel AOB would not approve of it being on the front page. If you are rejected please do not take it personal. Like I said, not everything will make the front page but I did give you a good basis on ensuring a good attempt of it happening if you follow the things I mentioned above.   Closing and Finalization:   Once your article is approved it will be moved to the front page and linked to your original post you made as well. Your name will be listed as the author and all credits will go to you. A image will be made for the article news feed splash page on the home page and the @ mention will be removed to keep your article to its context it needs to be.   Good luck guys and hope to see some awesome news worthy stuff and so forth. If you have any questions feel free to reply to this topic with questions and concerns. If you need another example of how things should be laid out for articles then simply look how this topic you are reading now was written. It is a good base to begin with and whats to be expected.  
  4. Google Pixel

    It's a Nexus rebranded. Nothing more, nothing less. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  5. Phoenix of ADK

    Then use the sig?
  6. Phoenix of ADK

    I made a sig you can use to support this topic if you would like @SLIMJIM Hardlink: http://gfx.adkgamers.com/uploader/images/adktheckc.jpg Made sure it fit ADK's colors, theme and so forth so it all blends right. Enjoy.
  7. Heard you are the new CS:GO Director, should be interesting to watch how this pans out. Good luck with your mission. Me and Nox decided to reply to it since no one has in almost a week. The world was on fire and no one could save me but you It's strange what desire will make foolish people do I'd never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you And I'd never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you
  8. Its with a heavy heart...

    Well we all have irl stuff going on with some married now, some people moving irl, some people putting irl over the net and so forth. Take it easy as I said and if something comes up about the pm you sent I will give you a shout. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  9. What I'm the world is going on??

    Well here is mine:
  10. Its with a heavy heart...

    Best of luck Hardly in whatever you go or do. Add me on Origin for some BF1 fun if you wish: YummyPepsi
  11. When the time has come

    I told you what I thought in my bye bye thread. See you in BF1 bro Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  12. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Of course I remember you. I used to come up there in the PS2 section when Zargen, Fink and Homeboy were in there and just dick about and joke. Granted we did not talk a lot I still do remember us talking a few times laughing and so forth. If you ever get BF1 you will know where to find me through someone here or add me on Origin: YummyPepsi You always seemed like a chilled relaxed dude and sorry we didn't get to talk more. Many thanks for the thanks and see you out and about somewhere I am sure. Much love. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  13. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Yeah I remember that night. I was actually in a BF game and rumor got to me about glitchers in PS2 so I went to investigate not because it was my department but because it was my home and no one tarnishes my home like that. We talked got to meet you and a bond formed. Yes, it is true we had some ups and downs through the years but it never swayed me not doing what I needed to do if you ever needed help. Like you said, there was always respect,, and for me that means more then anything else to which i have never lost with you. You are a great guy Ruin. I hope you can still retain footing here even tho I can not due to the things I said in the OP. Even if the glory days are gone of PS2 vs BF4 with over 40 people in each TS section talking to show who was more active people will never see or understand it wasn't about BF vs PS, it was about getting people active and playing. If you get BF1 then don't be a stranger. I can honestly say I will never return to ADK cause what made me believe in it has been stripped from me. Good luck to you Ruin and hope the best for you. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  14. BF4 VIP Perk for ADK Members

    This is actually a good idea. Hope it works out. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  15. Phoenix of ADK

    I respect the reply back in public and for that you have my respect even more then you did. Consider the Phoenix like a band and my post like a episode of VH1's behind the music. Yes, everyone has their own meaning behind the thing but that is its actual story. You want to make it something that relates to you then so be it. I honestly don't care. People still think that Relient K songs are mostly about romance, girlfriends and love songs when in fact they are actually a Christian rock band and they are mostly singing to God or Jesus, not to a girl. People then get offended by that or turned away from the band but it should not sway why you began to love Relient K in the first place. This is no different.
  16. Phoenix of ADK

    Let me shine a little light into this topic real quick over the ADK logo. This is a direct screenshot from the PM I began with AOB when Syl and I first came up with the concept of the Phoenix and so forth. At the time I had a account named "Buttons" and lurked under that. It eventually got merged into my main account. I had seen from a far all the shit that happened during the CS:GO drama and QQ and such. I was going to come back sooner but once I seen that I was demoted to a regular member I decided to just stay away even more. During this whole time like I said elsewhere the only person to reach out to me during my AFK period from ADK was Nova. Even tho other staff had my cell or knew people who had my cell it was only Nova who would text me about 3-4 times a week to say sup, ask how I was doing and just being a friend more then anything. Of course he clued me in on what was going on behind the scenes in some areas but nothing major. When I finally could hear how frustrated Nova was over some stuff I put my pride aside and came back for him mainly and those I still had here as friends to help pull them out the shitter that was QQ's wake. I knew I had to come up with a new logo, a new vibe for ADK but it had to be something I believed in, something that would drive me to work again after being demoted without anyone saying a word to me via text, email, PM or anything. You would have figured after 3 years of working along side people on a daily basis something like that would have happened. It did not. So again I thought about it and talked ideas and concepts with Syl. We talked about ADK, how I felt about ADK and all that had happened from me joining to me being demoted. Going back and forth about the idea of ADK being revived and reborn got me thinking about the Final Fantasy series of games. My fav of that series had a summon in it named "Phoenix" and what it did in the game was... So I took how I felt about ADK and came up with a concept and Syyl began the actual mock ups in Illustrator. This quote... was not about ADK. It was about me. It was about how I felt at the time. I was demoted, forgotten (expect Nova) and replaced without a mention at all for all the years of non-stop work I had put into this place. It's not about the ADK community, it is about the ADK website, its look, its presentation and how it functions. All the things I was controlling and staying on top of for the years before this stuff happened. I have called the ADK site a "home" so many times through the years its just silly. I even mentioned a slew of times that AOB was dad and Nova was mom. I have always said that your home has to look great, stand out, be inviting and new or people will not want to walk in. This is the website. It is the first thing people see and leaves the first impression on people when they come to ADK. I can not could how much praise the site has gotten as a recruitment tool cause of how advanced it is over other communitys in form and function and I prided myself in that knowing I was doing my all to make sure all the ADK member had a home they could be proud of. I would even go to other rival communitys to make sure we were out doing them. I did this daily. Constantly tweeking and reworking things. Before we had burns and his group who left right around when I joined and they tried to take from the ADK home. Then we had Chaos Gaming who tried to do the same. Then we had DDoS attacks trying to break the home, we had people trying to steal the home.. https://webflake.sx/topic/11659-skin-ripped-or-were-to-find-it/ and even to the point I was getting PM's asking me to leave ADK to come to other communitys where I would be paid. I turned them all down. There was one time when someone wanted a copy of ADK's home to which me and AOB worked out a deal with them to make them a custom site, custom code with ADK elements but would not look like ADK. I worked on this site for 4 days non-stop and still ended up doing like a week of tech support for them after. ADK got paid $700+ for the job. What did I ask from it? $60 to buy a game. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. The money went into ADK and I never made a post over it nor did I brag about it. I told a few about it that were close to me so they knew why I couldnt game but yeah... for my home. So back to the quote and the logo... This is not about QQ. Its not about the people. It's about the damn website. The home. The place I spent almost 4 years into making it what it is from a stock theme named Warrior to now its using almost 90% custom code and images. Want to know what the ADK site is built off of? Check this: http://ipsfocus.net/4x/ That is what ADK is now built off of. It does not even look the same except the menu hover and thats about it. So with all the shit people have tried to do in the past to the ADK site, stealing from the site and QQ messing with shit trying to do her thing with graphics fucking up the complete flow of things to fit her agenda of making ADK in her vision I had to come back from the ashes after being burned and make this place reborn to correct it once again. Make the house right. Do what I could for Nova and friends to give them what they needed to repair the wound that was QQ and the people before her. The ADK logo is about the website and its ordeals through the years. The ADK logo is about me and the ordeals I went through before I decided to come back. So while you are rallying behind the Phoenix make sure you know what you are really rallying around. Its not the community, its the site, its history and the shit I went through during my AFK period until I sent AOB the PM with the logo concept. ADK did have a logo to call its own. The letter A one in the past was from Radar. The shield was a play on Star Citizen I made. QQ made the one that looked like Star Trek / Avenegers and now you have the the Phoenix that Syl and I made. So who is going to make the new one? Who is going to rebrand ADK into the new phase cause in all honesty, when you are saying "I believe in the Phoenix you are saying "I believe Pepsi will come back from the ashes to make us look good again". On a more personal note: In my goodbye thread: Not one single Director, Comm Manager or even Founder has said anything to me. Not "Hey thanks for all the hard work through the years!" to even a "Fuck you and leave already!". Nothing. There is one higher up who did send me a PM over it and for that I thank them. This is now your community. Your "Phoenix" you hold so high. You work your ass off for years, go AFK to take a break and during that time you are replaced with no mention of it to you or to even see if you are alive except Nova. You then swallow your pride to come back for the greater good to help a close friend in Nova, to help other friends you have here still and even convince ex members to rejoin to help you. When your motivation for coming back leaves you feel defeated. When you get blasted for being someone's friend you feel as if you are being forced out. When people dont answer your PM's and just ignore you, you don't feel at home anymore When high staff don't reply to your good-bye it shows how much family was here to begin with. So please, do what the new trend is to do. Make sure posts trying to rally people around, preach on all the things that need to be done to make ADK great again. Talk about all the great ideas and how you can evolve from all this cause "fuck-em" and fuck all those that helped build what you are enjoying now and having so much pride in. And with all the talk, all the posts and all the hype not a single thing will be done cause 90% of the people who were motivated, working constantly, pushing things forward and being innovative have left or will be when BF1 comes out. I have said my piece on this topic. You have so much faith in the community, its members and your rally cry then dont hide this or lock it. Remember, ADK is about transparency now.
  17. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Zed out of all the friends I have online I will simply say you would be the most relaxing to chill with. I have never heard you in anger, upset, rage or outright be pissed. You may be one of the calmest souls I know and sure you have your moments when you die to bs or in MC something giving you a hard time you never let it get the best of you. Your calm and restraint is something I have always admired since I am usually like a rabid dog running loose. Proud to call you a friend and it would always make me smile when I would teach you something new, you seeing what I did and running with the idea so happy you learned something new and seeing a game in a new aspect. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  18. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    It because you suck Daisy. And even tho you suck you are always a blast to be with. You could always make me laugh when you + dying + wine = hilarity <3 Keep in touch and one day I will let you in A squad when only 3 friends are online and we have the lead by 50% tickets <33333
  19. Well....bye.

    You now have the honor or being the first person removed from ADK membership without having tags while writing their post. I could comment more about leadership not saying bye to you or thanks for the work and so forth but I know the feel. Maybe you will get a PM like I did from someone up there but I wouldnt count on it since I heard that higher ups replying to our leaving threads was discouraged and jut let us go so no more drama starts ect ect ect. I dunno. But in the end your my bro, your my blood, I hate you like a girl hates her period. Your a pain in the ass to deal with, make me sick and I curse you constantly but as long as you are around I know my life is not fucked cause I am pregnant. Much love <3333
  20. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Yeah fun times indeed. I always considered when you took over the knifing thing it was like me passing the torch to you or knife or whatever. You took it over and ran with it like a wild man. Dancing around indeed. You got my tags a few times which is always a feat on its own. I will leave you with a little vid I had to reupload to YouTube since it was removed from the ADK YouTube. Enjoy the days of knifing fools for days and making them so mad. I am sure you will remember when I made this... It will be HD later. I just uploaded it so give it time to render fully. Cheers! <33 Good times <33
  21. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    I have posted this numerous times in the past and it seems fitting to post it here as well. This scene from this movie is the basis on how I carried myself during my time in ADK. Consider me the old guy talking to the young guy who would be a new member to ADK. I think this scene is the right response to what you wrote as you being of the vey few who can understand and see the meaning behind the scene and the culture we both were raised in being of the same background. Feared or loved? Through the years I did manage to have both and with a very select few it was just love and respect with no fear at all. To those few that I could be myself, unwind and just open up tethered from the chain made me do what I loved doing in ADK even more cause I did not want to let them down or disappoint them. You are one of those people. We began as enemys but evolved to friends and cemented as brothers. You always have my respect.. and my sword.. and my axe.. <3
  22. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Yeah most our time was in Minecraft with laughs and teaching you some basics of redstone. Miss you as well bro.
  23. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Funny as that is Nox I will say with 100% honesty that this song I am about to post is what I was listening to the whole time on repeat when I was typing up my goodbye here. Its only when I got to the end mentioning people that I decided to go with the Boys II Men topic name and song due to friendships over resentment. This resentment isnt to all but it is to those who just stood by watching and being ok with things. So yeah, I know you know the song below I am sure but read the lyrics and think about it then put yourself in my shoes as I had it on repeat. Not going to lie, I was part choked up and part mad anger.
  24. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Now for a real reply. I remember my first interaction with you on a grand scale was over me becoming the BF4 VA when you decided to step down from admin over it. I literally could have gave two shits if you did or did not. Not even me and Nova were that tight at the time so I only knew you as Nova's friend and so forth. After leaving that and beginning to bond with Nova more I began to have more interaction with you. I was on the fence over you still but because you and Nova were tight I was like whatever. Then one random day we played BF4 together and in TS together. I dont even think we were in the ADK TS cause DDoS at the time. But being away from ADK, the TS, the admin stuff and just playing with you in a sterile atmosphere was showing me you in a different light. After we got done playing that night I still remember thinking how much I missed out gaming with you with all the things Me and Nox and all the others did together you would have loved to be apart of and I tried to fix that by playing with you more, talking more and moving past all the bullshit in the past and judging you for you, not some title, forum post or rumors and hearsay. One of the things that make me have so much respect for you today is you commitment, value and honor you have for those you call friends and the lengths you go for them in their time of need. I can relate to that fully. This kind of goes along with what I was saying to Laith above.. I learned all this about you outside of ADK that day and dont know if I ever would have if the situation was different but those times playing BF4 were to short and far between. You have a way of making me laugh that is very genuine and its hard for me to find people that can influence me in that way. Your a great dude Whicker and your bonds I see you have with people remind me of the ones I have with people as well. You say I impress you but in fact you impress me as well. I just dont say it cause you know, fuck Pepsi, hes a faggot ego asshole <3
  25. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    That quote tho. No thank you Snipe. For the friendship and the honesty through the years. You have always kept it real and never tried to blow smoke up my ass. Respect.

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