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  1. Feedback

    That is a name I have not seen in a long time. Sent from my Pixel XL using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  2. Google Pixel

    It's a Nexus rebranded. Nothing more, nothing less. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  3. Phoenix of ADK

    Then use the sig?
  4. Phoenix of ADK

    I made a sig you can use to support this topic if you would like @SLIMJIM Hardlink: http://gfx.adkgamers.com/uploader/images/adktheckc.jpg Made sure it fit ADK's colors, theme and so forth so it all blends right. Enjoy.
  5. Heard you are the new CS:GO Director, should be interesting to watch how this pans out. Good luck with your mission. Me and Nox decided to reply to it since no one has in almost a week. The world was on fire and no one could save me but you It's strange what desire will make foolish people do I'd never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you And I'd never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like you
  6. Its with a heavy heart...

    Well we all have irl stuff going on with some married now, some people moving irl, some people putting irl over the net and so forth. Take it easy as I said and if something comes up about the pm you sent I will give you a shout. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  7. What I'm the world is going on??

    Well here is mine:
  8. Its with a heavy heart...

    Best of luck Hardly in whatever you go or do. Add me on Origin for some BF1 fun if you wish: YummyPepsi
  9. When the time has come

    I told you what I thought in my bye bye thread. See you in BF1 bro Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  10. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Of course I remember you. I used to come up there in the PS2 section when Zargen, Fink and Homeboy were in there and just dick about and joke. Granted we did not talk a lot I still do remember us talking a few times laughing and so forth. If you ever get BF1 you will know where to find me through someone here or add me on Origin: YummyPepsi You always seemed like a chilled relaxed dude and sorry we didn't get to talk more. Many thanks for the thanks and see you out and about somewhere I am sure. Much love. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  11. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Yeah I remember that night. I was actually in a BF game and rumor got to me about glitchers in PS2 so I went to investigate not because it was my department but because it was my home and no one tarnishes my home like that. We talked got to meet you and a bond formed. Yes, it is true we had some ups and downs through the years but it never swayed me not doing what I needed to do if you ever needed help. Like you said, there was always respect,, and for me that means more then anything else to which i have never lost with you. You are a great guy Ruin. I hope you can still retain footing here even tho I can not due to the things I said in the OP. Even if the glory days are gone of PS2 vs BF4 with over 40 people in each TS section talking to show who was more active people will never see or understand it wasn't about BF vs PS, it was about getting people active and playing. If you get BF1 then don't be a stranger. I can honestly say I will never return to ADK cause what made me believe in it has been stripped from me. Good luck to you Ruin and hope the best for you. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  12. BF4 VIP Perk for ADK Members

    This is actually a good idea. Hope it works out. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app
  13. Phoenix of ADK

    I respect the reply back in public and for that you have my respect even more then you did. Consider the Phoenix like a band and my post like a episode of VH1's behind the music. Yes, everyone has their own meaning behind the thing but that is its actual story. You want to make it something that relates to you then so be it. I honestly don't care. People still think that Relient K songs are mostly about romance, girlfriends and love songs when in fact they are actually a Christian rock band and they are mostly singing to God or Jesus, not to a girl. People then get offended by that or turned away from the band but it should not sway why you began to love Relient K in the first place. This is no different.
  14. Phoenix of ADK

    Let me shine a little light into this topic real quick over the ADK logo. This is a direct screenshot from the PM I began with AOB when Syl and I first came up with the concept of the Phoenix and so forth. At the time I had a account named "Buttons" and lurked under that. It eventually got merged into my main account. I had seen from a far all the shit that happened during the CS:GO drama and QQ and such. I was going to come back sooner but once I seen that I was demoted to a regular member I decided to just stay away even more. During this whole time like I said elsewhere the only person to reach out to me during my AFK period from ADK was Nova. Even tho other staff had my cell or knew people who had my cell it was only Nova who would text me about 3-4 times a week to say sup, ask how I was doing and just being a friend more then anything. Of course he clued me in on what was going on behind the scenes in some areas but nothing major. When I finally could hear how frustrated Nova was over some stuff I put my pride aside and came back for him mainly and those I still had here as friends to help pull them out the shitter that was QQ's wake. I knew I had to come up with a new logo, a new vibe for ADK but it had to be something I believed in, something that would drive me to work again after being demoted without anyone saying a word to me via text, email, PM or anything. You would have figured after 3 years of working along side people on a daily basis something like that would have happened. It did not. So again I thought about it and talked ideas and concepts with Syl. We talked about ADK, how I felt about ADK and all that had happened from me joining to me being demoted. Going back and forth about the idea of ADK being revived and reborn got me thinking about the Final Fantasy series of games. My fav of that series had a summon in it named "Phoenix" and what it did in the game was... So I took how I felt about ADK and came up with a concept and Syyl began the actual mock ups in Illustrator. This quote... was not about ADK. It was about me. It was about how I felt at the time. I was demoted, forgotten (expect Nova) and replaced without a mention at all for all the years of non-stop work I had put into this place. It's not about the ADK community, it is about the ADK website, its look, its presentation and how it functions. All the things I was controlling and staying on top of for the years before this stuff happened. I have called the ADK site a "home" so many times through the years its just silly. I even mentioned a slew of times that AOB was dad and Nova was mom. I have always said that your home has to look great, stand out, be inviting and new or people will not want to walk in. This is the website. It is the first thing people see and leaves the first impression on people when they come to ADK. I can not could how much praise the site has gotten as a recruitment tool cause of how advanced it is over other communitys in form and function and I prided myself in that knowing I was doing my all to make sure all the ADK member had a home they could be proud of. I would even go to other rival communitys to make sure we were out doing them. I did this daily. Constantly tweeking and reworking things. Before we had burns and his group who left right around when I joined and they tried to take from the ADK home. Then we had Chaos Gaming who tried to do the same. Then we had DDoS attacks trying to break the home, we had people trying to steal the home.. https://webflake.sx/topic/11659-skin-ripped-or-were-to-find-it/ and even to the point I was getting PM's asking me to leave ADK to come to other communitys where I would be paid. I turned them all down. There was one time when someone wanted a copy of ADK's home to which me and AOB worked out a deal with them to make them a custom site, custom code with ADK elements but would not look like ADK. I worked on this site for 4 days non-stop and still ended up doing like a week of tech support for them after. ADK got paid $700+ for the job. What did I ask from it? $60 to buy a game. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. The money went into ADK and I never made a post over it nor did I brag about it. I told a few about it that were close to me so they knew why I couldnt game but yeah... for my home. So back to the quote and the logo... This is not about QQ. Its not about the people. It's about the damn website. The home. The place I spent almost 4 years into making it what it is from a stock theme named Warrior to now its using almost 90% custom code and images. Want to know what the ADK site is built off of? Check this: http://ipsfocus.net/4x/ That is what ADK is now built off of. It does not even look the same except the menu hover and thats about it. So with all the shit people have tried to do in the past to the ADK site, stealing from the site and QQ messing with shit trying to do her thing with graphics fucking up the complete flow of things to fit her agenda of making ADK in her vision I had to come back from the ashes after being burned and make this place reborn to correct it once again. Make the house right. Do what I could for Nova and friends to give them what they needed to repair the wound that was QQ and the people before her. The ADK logo is about the website and its ordeals through the years. The ADK logo is about me and the ordeals I went through before I decided to come back. So while you are rallying behind the Phoenix make sure you know what you are really rallying around. Its not the community, its the site, its history and the shit I went through during my AFK period until I sent AOB the PM with the logo concept. ADK did have a logo to call its own. The letter A one in the past was from Radar. The shield was a play on Star Citizen I made. QQ made the one that looked like Star Trek / Avenegers and now you have the the Phoenix that Syl and I made. So who is going to make the new one? Who is going to rebrand ADK into the new phase cause in all honesty, when you are saying "I believe in the Phoenix you are saying "I believe Pepsi will come back from the ashes to make us look good again". On a more personal note: In my goodbye thread: Not one single Director, Comm Manager or even Founder has said anything to me. Not "Hey thanks for all the hard work through the years!" to even a "Fuck you and leave already!". Nothing. There is one higher up who did send me a PM over it and for that I thank them. This is now your community. Your "Phoenix" you hold so high. You work your ass off for years, go AFK to take a break and during that time you are replaced with no mention of it to you or to even see if you are alive except Nova. You then swallow your pride to come back for the greater good to help a close friend in Nova, to help other friends you have here still and even convince ex members to rejoin to help you. When your motivation for coming back leaves you feel defeated. When you get blasted for being someone's friend you feel as if you are being forced out. When people dont answer your PM's and just ignore you, you don't feel at home anymore When high staff don't reply to your good-bye it shows how much family was here to begin with. So please, do what the new trend is to do. Make sure posts trying to rally people around, preach on all the things that need to be done to make ADK great again. Talk about all the great ideas and how you can evolve from all this cause "fuck-em" and fuck all those that helped build what you are enjoying now and having so much pride in. And with all the talk, all the posts and all the hype not a single thing will be done cause 90% of the people who were motivated, working constantly, pushing things forward and being innovative have left or will be when BF1 comes out. I have said my piece on this topic. You have so much faith in the community, its members and your rally cry then dont hide this or lock it. Remember, ADK is about transparency now.
  15. Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

    Zed out of all the friends I have online I will simply say you would be the most relaxing to chill with. I have never heard you in anger, upset, rage or outright be pissed. You may be one of the calmest souls I know and sure you have your moments when you die to bs or in MC something giving you a hard time you never let it get the best of you. Your calm and restraint is something I have always admired since I am usually like a rabid dog running loose. Proud to call you a friend and it would always make me smile when I would teach you something new, you seeing what I did and running with the idea so happy you learned something new and seeing a game in a new aspect. Sent from my Venue8 3840 using =ADK= Gaming Community mobile app

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