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  1. Been on a Vladimir kick

    One of my favorite champs! He's a lot of fun.
  2. Trump or Clinton

    Bernie Sanders. As far as Socialism goes, his intentions are to make both collegiate level education and the healthcare system socialized. Which is an excellent idea, regardless of your political ideologies. The medical industry is so rife with corruption it's become a fucking satire in and of itself, with the pharmaceutical industry bankrolling, bribing and blackmailing their way to the top 1% of the pyramid. People like the scumbag, cretin, piece of shit, ass-wipe Martin Shrekli who bought up the AIDS medication "Daraprim," a medication sold at 13.50 and raised the price to 750 dollars. Douchebags like Martin are the people at the very tippy top charging you hundreds of thousands of dollars for simple medications and services and it's why a bag of saline can run you up to 800 fucking dollars for a hospital visit (salt and water, people). The medical industry NEEDS socialism. I had an argument with a member here telling me socialism has never once worked, which is fucking laughable, because almost every iteration and instance of it (outside of a form of fiscal value) is and/or has worked. People like to tote the United States as the best country in the world. It's not. Not even close. I'd rather be in Canada for medical care, our public school system is shit and the only thing we're good at is war.    Furthermore, college education doesn't even NEED to be fucking free. I'd wager the vast majority of this community is within the 20-40y/o bracket and that many of you went to college. In the 70s, it was possible to pay for most of college with a simple summer job. If I want to go to school from a halfway "reputable" college for anything relative to math, engineering or any of the sciences, I'm paying anywhere from (AT LEAST) 25-70K+) A YEAR! That's absolutely ludicrous!  I'm not even a democrat and I don't even believe in Socialism as a form of monetary value/government because history DOES show us that, in terms of economy, socialism does not work. That said, there's plenty of other places where it is in dire need and people need to stop being so damn afraid of it.   I'm not as well read as I'd like to be for this election yet, but for any of you considering voting for Trump, please do a little damn research and realize this guy has no business running anything. The scumbag has bankrupted MOST of the business ventures he's started with and he still collects a 4 million dollar stipend when his OWN business fails. And you want this guy running our economy? Give me a fucking break. And that's not even including his bigoted, bullshit half-hate speech about keeping immigrants out of our country. Face facts, most of the countries south of ours are fucking garbage pits and immigrants can AND will get to our country regardless of whether or not we "build a wall" to keep them all out. Besides, many of the people (not all, some are criminal scum) wanting to enter our country genuinely do want to better themselves so they have a halfway decent standard of living and will work hard to get there (for those economists out there, yes, this makes us money). Yes, some of them are gaming the system, costing us money in taxes, but it's the broken ass system that's the problem, not the immigrants taking advantage of it.    The two party system is garbage and politicians are corrupt, greedy assholes that don't care about you. I personally believe Bernie Sanders is somebody who can and will get things done to better our country and I'm up for logically debating anybody who can argue against him that may change my point of view. If you want to make fun of me for being a "liberal" or "democrat," which I'm not, then go ahead. We need to direct our frustration upward, to the ultra wealthy and elite cocksuckers taking advantage of our every hour worked, every dollar spent and every piece of media listened to. They're controlling our thought, what we watch, how we act and what trends we follow.    Edit: things Bernie Sanders is for:  -Legalization of Marijuana (it's about fucking time) -very lackadaisical policies in regards to gun control (he doesn't want to take away your guns, like most democrats) -supports abortion (basic female human right, this isn't the 1950s anymore) -supports gay marrige (because a guy sucking another guy's dick is the worst of our issues, right?)   Among many other positive things.   http://www.ontheissues.org/Senate/Bernie_Sanders.htm                 http://www.ontheissues.org/Senate/Bernie_Sanders.htm
  3. Hello im the Great African Space Jesus.

    "GASP." I like it. Welcome.
  4. Fall 2015 Hopefuls

    I just started watching anime, so I'm kinda new to all of it. So far, I've watched Claymore, Attack on Titan and I'm almost done with Deathnote. My buddy recommends good anime to me and I watch it and he's usually spot on. 
  5. Let's bring it again

    No. We're gonna be fucking men and use the AEK and dominate. Don't be children.
  6. Let's bring it again

    I would participate for whatever you decided to host. Hopefully a TDM style or Conq. style event?
  7. hi everyone @adk

    Battlefield 2 veteran? I'm sure you'll fit right in. Welcome to ADK, man!
  8. BF4 Summer Patch Notes

    Still nothing for ECM's not working properly, the Z-11's glitched damage model, attack choppers blowing up sometimes when shooting TV's, mobile AA nerf, Defibbing tank drivers and the shotgun nerfs still aren't out yet. The "headglitch" fix that initially came out just compounded the problem, you can still shoot over the box but it works only 10% of the time and yet players can hit you THROUGH the box. It's taken them how many months for this patch and they barely scratch the surface for most issues. But hey, they added a dogtag to track knife kills.
  9. Meet Our Member #3 - Zepplen & QQtiepie

    You guys are awesome! 
  10. ADK vs Soc

    I think we should replace Lockers Conq. with something with vehicles, like Silk Road. We just played Lockers last night. I'll bring it up tonight, though, to see what others think. I went into the SoC Teamspeak and some guys expressed interest in changing the map. 
  11. ADK vs Soc

  12. *breathes heavily* Hello, I'm Mellie.

  13. ADK vs Soc

    I'll be there Saturday.
  14. Zalezoom's introduction thread

    I play bass, too. It's an awesome instrument. I'd like to see you perform a "Robin Hood" on a player that you killed and was then revived! Hope to see you in game soon!
  15. *breathes heavily* Hello, I'm Mellie.

    Uhhhm, Mellie? YEAH?!?!

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