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  1. Hey so I am looking for a good F2P MMORPG to play with some of the dudes here in ADK and I am wondering if anyone has tried out Forsaken World?  If you have and have an opinion on it you should let me know!
  2. So @[member='Homeboy55'] posed the question "What if someone in ADK died, how would we find out? Like.....what if @[member='AOBLXIX'] died, would we even know? "  My response naturally was as follows:  "Oh, we would know, it would be in the news when they announce Taco Bell going out of business"     :)   @[member='Pepsi'] @[member='Novaura'] @[member='VinasSol'] @[member='Dynasty'] @[member='Fink'] @[member='Phire']  sorry if I forgot people.
  3. Continued...

    oh and @[member='Nessa']
  4. Continued...

    @[member='cptnips'] @[member='Erick']    You guys
  5. @[member='MrSnipe1'] @[member='Pepsi'] @[member='ColColonCleaner'] @[member='Dynasty']
  6. This is for MrSnipe

  7. Recruiters Needed

    Hey everyone, So with BF4 coming out soon I am going to need a couple Battlefield Recruiters. These people will be in charge of recruitment for Battlefield as a whole (BF3/BF4).  So if you are interested in this please contact me via PM and we can talk.  There are a couple of you that i am already looking at asking to step into this position but we are going to NEED recruiters for BF4 coming out.  
  8. So I have this buddy who is Platinum 1, soon to be in the Diamond range and I am looking for anyone here in the community that is at that level of play that would want to make a ranked team with him.  So anyone that is like Platinum 2 and up let me know!
  9. Hey everyone,   So I know that most of us that play league here play casually and enjoy using ADK's teamspeak for it. Hell, the vast majority of our league community isn't even a part of ADK.  But I really would like to see that change. League could be a HUGE inlet for new members simply because its that casual game that no one really gets burned out on.  If we could really start pushing to get more LoL players into ADK and actively playing, we might be able to get a comp team going. Who knows where that could head.  We could end up getting a pro team out there that could get big names to sponsor ADK.  So I am just posting this asking that we step up our activity and recruitment within the LoL section of the community. If there is any way I can help you guys in doing this, let me know and I will jump on it.
  10. Member Picture Thread

    Oh and while im here, right side is me:    
  11. Member Picture Thread

    I have worked with a kessler crane! I love those things man.    A short film for a 48-hour festival that we got to play with the kessler for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI8hCfmO5yI
  12. Guess Whos Birthday Is Today?!?!

        My Birthday Card to you AOB!    Happy Birthday :)
  13. ARAM - Catch The Teemo!

    You would say that Zzadist lol. And AOB you and I need to play sometime. I don't get to play enough League and I miss it.
  14. Hi All

    Jasko! Dude you are a pleasure to have in teamspeak and I am glad you joined us.  If you ever need anything, just shoot me a PM.  See you in game or TS my friend ;)

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