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  1. ESO: Beta Invites Sent

    Yes boys and girls check those E-mails, Elder Scrolls Online Beta Invites have been sent starting yesterday.   No info on the website quite yet but will edit with the article when updated.
  2. ESO: Beta Invites Sent

    BETA UPDATE 01.10.2014 Find out more about our upcoming test and what makes it so important. We’re getting closer to 4.4.14, when The Elder Scrolls Online officially launches for PC and Mac, and we’re working hard to ensure that the first steps of your adventure in Tamriel are as smooth as possible. This weekend’s test is a key part of those preparations—we’ve invited a massive number of players worldwide to this session to help us get ready and test all of our systems at high volume. If you were invited, you’ll be actively helping us make launch better with your participation. We need you to get in there, be persistent even when you encounter issues, and push all of our systems hard. We’ll be doing a number of our own tests during the session, like bringing the server down and back up, to gauge how our systems respond to these situations. With your help, we can uncover problems and solve them before launch. If you didn’t get invited to this test, don’t worry! We have more sessions planned, so make sure you’ve signed up for your chance to test. Thank you all for your enthusiasm for ESO—we can’t wait to see you in Tamriel!   Discuss this on the official ESO Facebook page.
  3. ESO: Beta Invites Sent

    Man.. I would have but I wasn't in access of internet fast enough to download it before the weekend needed... bummer
  4. Try Your Hand @ Comedy

    Wrong section...
  5. ESO Release DATE

    There would have to be a vote. Only fair way to do it.
  6. Marine corp silent drill team on military.com

    Oh that imposter? Yeah.... I hate when one of the most decorated ADK members poses as himself...
  7. Marine corp silent drill team on military.com

    RAAAZZLE DAAAAAZZLE!   classic. but WAIT.... who are you?..... 0_o
  8. ESO Release DATE

    Was just about to post this.... haha Glad someone got it on here :)
  9. Razer Game Booster

    Used to use this on my laptop to play WOW. Got it on my desktop for the first week but it didn't really make a difference and was just taking up space. Good for those who need it though
  10. Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend

    Also.. they definitely did.morrowind justice
  11. Interviewing Aaron Lewis - Have any questions?

    This is outside my musical knowledge to be quite honest. Something that does peak my curiosity though Seems the switch between genres would be triggered by a personal life event. Usually when artists decide to go solo acoustic, especially country, it seems as though most say it is because they have become older and less "wild". Much like.pearl jams recent release. What influenced him to do so? Anyways AOB that's pretty rad. I'd like to hear how it went later on :)
  12. New Gaming mouse I made for .99 cents for BF4

    Well I broke.my wrist twice in 6 months soooo.. its kinda messed up
  13. New Gaming mouse I made for .99 cents for BF4

    Can we get one with wrist support? MEMORY FOAM NIGGAAAAAAA!
  14. Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend

    So. I guess the next step in this thread would be.. What race/class did everyone.play? Did you enjoy it?
  15. Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend

    ya i'm reaaally hoping for next round of beta. looking to make this my main game. played elder scrolls since daggerfall.   I have alot of footage of me and @[member='bwsjuggalo'] playing it, however due to the non disclosure agreement that will have to wait till release to be brought out of the archives.   anybody run into things such as chests and sacks that can be looted showing up as a red box with text saying "missing"?   found like 5 of those
  16. Elder Scrolls online beta this weekend

    Been playing the hell out of it. Great looking game. Obvious mechanic issues in combat and some non combat oddities but overall very well done and exactly what I'd look for in an elder scrolls game. Impressed.
  17. New PS2 Player!

    Welcome welcome! We have a lot of if experienced players so if you have any questions about the game just ask :) I'm sure one of us will help!
  18. Saturday morning.. you couldn't have come any sooner? My weekend officially starts... NOW!!

  19. The Elderscrolls Online

    Not sure if its determined on the free or pay.. I'll have to look into it.. but I'm stoked. I've played all the elder scrolls at least twice and this is just too good to be true. I hope so at least
  20. Superman VS the Hulk who would win?

    You ever seen superman in the future when the sun turns red and he's powerless? The man does amazing things. And for that I respect and would root for him. Also, with his powers, I'm sure he could handle the hulk. This is a discussion that frequently comes up with my buds haha
  21. We Are Not Just A Battlefield Community

    lookin goooood!!
  22. Hello ADK members

    hey! welcome! idk if i've seen you in game but i'll keep an eye out for ya and we can go blow some stuff up :)
  23. Played Playstation yesterday... first thoughts... "the fuck is a controller?"

    1. Dimwit


      Originally thinking of replying 'My wife', have carefully and thoughtfully rejected the powerful urge to post it depsite all of the connotations such a teiple-entendre (at least) would promote. o-0 (tee hee)

    2. Dimwit


      Ah, that should be 'triple' not 'teiple'...

      ~"fat fingered" Dim

    3. Arkcasts


      I prefer the ps3 controller over the Xbox - Nintendo ones.

  24. Blood and guns (snakeeyes)

    Hey man! glad to see you made your way over to the site! Like we don't see enough of you in-game! haha kidding. anyways, come join the conversations in the forums and teamspeak! see ya around! :)

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