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  1. -Outdated- Karthus

    Update here, bros. For Dominion, you want to grab yourself Goddess Tear IMMEDIATELY, and a pair of Boots to go with it. Start spamming Lay Waste, to build a mana pool. Next up, make those into Sorc Shoes. You want to be solo on bot, and if they try to rush or gank, pull back and call for help. Next item is Will of the Ancients, after upgrading to Archangels. Another important item to pick up is Rylai's, and Rabadon's. I wait until I have those five before picking my last, if I'm not already wiping the floor. Requiem is good for interruptions and last hits, and your LWs and Defile are excellent tools. Don't be afraid to eat those minions!
  2. Weekending

    Y'see, I work for a place, and they have me work Mon-Fri five days a week. I have Two days off. Normally, I like to play games then. Lots of the time, stuff comes up, and it turns out to be a little lame, or I waste a few hours doing diddly and being bored. So, I play games mainly during the night, and so on. I'm up for anything when I'm actively playing a game, normally. Just message me and I'll pop in to say hi, or help you roll some Free to play kiddies. Jooble News, off to play some TF2, unless my girlfriend shows up.
  3. One for the history books!

    Pretty nice, but where's your Karthus?
  4. TF2 - Free-to-play FAQ

    Woot, now I can play TF2 on Facebook! Or on my iPad! Well, a reasonable fascimile. (Choose Red Team, Sniper, destroy their team, get backstabbed three times in row, ragequit)
  5. TF2 - MEET THE MEDIC (Video)

    So long as they keep making new stuff, they have my attention. But seriously, licences for medical practice are mostly important, unless you're playing god, in which case it's a sidenote.
  6. Had some fun playing LoL; I need to practice more.

  7. Why hello there.

    Thanks everyone. Today is laundry day, and also washer/dryer sale day, but in between all of those, I'm going to be online.
  8. Blam!!!

    Nice. I haven't tried that guy yet, I didn't know if he'd fit my play style. Looks like you've fine tuned him though. Do you have a guide for him up?

    Aw, second on my own profile... :P

  10. Figured I'd be the first to comment on your profile! :P

  11. =ADK= League of Legends - Friends List

    I go by the moniker of "Joobles" on LoL, and I'm level 28.
  12. First off, Karthus is difficult to pull off, difficult to manage, and causes lots of players to go for Banshee's Veil. Second, this is because he can literally ruin people's days. I liked to build him as a chaser, and put a bit of health on him, but a glass cannon approach makes more sense. Dying is not as bad as Karthus, because you can still make a difference. Now, the first item you want to get is a Goddess Tear. Start by getting the Meki pendant, and mid is the best place to be. Next, you want to stay in mid as long as you can, keep your distance, and last-hit the minions. Harassing the other guy is good too, especially if you can cause a retreat. You'll focus on getting Lay Waste first, and hen defile second. I generally pick up the wall early, just one rank, and then focus on Lay Waste, Defile, and Requiem. As soon as you hit level six, you want Requiem, and to tell your team that you have it. When you go to shop, you're going to want Archangel's Staff, and Lich's Bane pretty much right away. After that, it's good to work on more Glass cannon items, or, if you want to put a good fear into your opponents and give your teammates a fiendishly helpful bonus, score Rylai's Crystal Scepter. With it, you get more health, more AP, and a slow effect on spell casts. Meaning, in essence, when you hit someone with your defile AoE, your Lay Waste, and I'm not sure, but maybe your wall? They sloooooow dooooown. And if you're in a team fight and they break off, hit Requiem and make them easy prey for your pals. Other items to get early are Spell Vamp items. Because when you can deal 300 damage to each minion each second, and you get 30% of that as health... Your foes are going to be punching their keyboards and monitors. Karthus also, in my opinion, makes for an excellent ambusher. Start off by throwing a Lay Waste to surprise them, drop your wall onto them, and then walk up with swirling death circling you while your spells slow them, hurt them, heal you, and all the while you're auto-attacking for AD+AP every few seconds... I've dropped full feast Cho'Gaths from behind solo. Imagine the utility I got with my team. And Karthus can assist a team fight even if he's too far away to get there in time with Requiem. Even if you use it right before the team initiates, you can drop their Banshee Veils, or inflict initial damage, and give your team advantages. Karthus wall also drop Defense and Magic Defense, so you can hit even harder. And though Karthus isn't built for jungling, he can clean out the wraith camps pretty well. I hope this was informative.
  13. When champions reach level 6. .

    Whenever I hit six as Karthus, I tell my teammates so they can ping an enemy champ to let me know to drop the bomb. Satisfying Champion, Karthus.
  14. Why hello there.

    Hi everyone, looking forward to having some fun with you guys.
  15. A Burning Passion

    Why am I referring to myself in the third person? Why not? Why am I posing my own rhetorical questions? I don't know many of you yet. Why did the Canucks lose to Boston tonight, on their home turf at Rogers Arena? Not enough W+M1. Why don't you put the video in the post itself? I can't figure it out. Fire cleanses all spies, all Engineers, and does a pretty good job of breaking stuff. I'd like to propose a toast to that Demoman. He's sure got a fiery temper. He really burned me. *Most of my footage is shot on location on ADK servers. Looking forward to hearing your responses to Jooble News, and hearing about what YOU want me to tirelessly seek out, hunt down, and disembow-I mean, uncover the truth about. I've got the moxy, just give me something you want tracked down.

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