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  1. HELP, need 30 people to take this survey please.

    Survey completed, hope it helps.
  2. Hello Team ADK!

    Heya Boss, always glad to have you watching my back! :)
  3. I'm going to hell for this [gaming thread]

    Eve online is full of dizzying highs and devastating lows..  It's a truly brutal game.
  4. ADK creates new game mode: KNIFE TAG! [Video]

    Wow, i'm fascinated to try this out.
  5. =ADK= BF3 Server takes the top spot!

    Congratulations ADK, well deserved.
  6. ADK Vs ADK

    Yes I did, I think it may be a bit before it's approved though.  Hopefully before the event occurs it will all be resolved.
  7. Hello Everybody :)

    Haha, I wouldn't say rage let's say "friendly frustration" :)  Welcome and good luck with your application!
  8. ADK Vs ADK

    Not an official ADK member yet, but I think it sounds like a great idea. 
  9. Hello Everybody :)

    I already feel like family, you guys are making me feel very welcome.  Thanks a lot!
  10. 那麼你一定是愚蠢。如此愚蠢 - Pai Mei

  11. Then you must be stupid... so stupid. - Pai Mei

  12. 那麼你一定是愚蠢。如此愚蠢 - Pai Mei

  13. 那麼你一定是愚蠢。如此愚蠢 - Pai Mei

  14. Hello Everybody :)

    I believe you killed me in the face several times last night, so we have played together.  :)
  15. Hi All

    Hey Wacko, you were playing when I decided to sign up glad to see you here.  Love your sense of humor :)

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