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  1. Southpaw

  2. Community Shirt Sizes! Vote Now!

    My wife works for Office Depot doing print work for businesses. I had talked to her about doing t-shirts for my business, and prices and quality of shirts were pretty good overall, with orders as small as one shirt, though it was a little pricey, and obviously bulk orders were cheaper. Then there are places like Cafe Press or Zazzle for single order shirts. I've never ordered anything from either of them so I don't know about quality. Just a couple of options to throw out there.
  3. Hello from Kansas

    I've played a few rounds of Metro with you, great to actually know people I'm playing with. I've tried to get a friend of mine to play, but he's taking a "vacation" from work in order to "find himself" (sort of new age hippy/buddha style, with a less prosperous outlook) so I'm tired of playing with myself! (Bad pun, I know, but that's just how I am). Looking forward to playing a bit more!   What part of Kansas are you from? (I could check the map, but it's more fun to ask.) I moved to Missouri a year and a half ago from Colorado, but I'm 30-40 minutes from the Kansas border. Always good to see nearby people playing.   As far as TS goes, for Derek and anyone else who's seen me on there, I tend to accidentally leave myself logged in a lot, but I'm at my computer off and on throughout the day and night (whenever I'm not working or going to school). Feel free to poke me or whisper me and I'll respond the next time I'm in my office! I have a feeling my sound doesn't work on it, but I'm not quite sure how to test the sounds. The notification voice "preview" button doesn't play any sound, but I can type like the wind!
  4. Get ready for launch!!!

    I haven't followed up on Crysis, but Crysis 3 looked cool. I don't suppose they'll have any kind of a trial so you can try before you buy? Money is tight at the moment and I don't want to spend any unneccessary money if I don't have to.

    I've been waiting for this for a while, but unfortunately I didn't sign up for the beta. Hope it's good when it's finally released!
  6. SPP reporting for duty!

    Hey, Parker! I see you were a CM3, that's cool! I was a CTR, doing the crypto bit behind locked doors guarded by Jarheads. It was fun while it lasted! Sometimes I miss those days...other times I'm glad they're over!
  7. SPP reporting for duty!

    Sorry for the topic title, I never get tired of military lingo.   A little bit about me... As my username implies, I'm a lefty, and a patriot. I'm all about guns, warfare, history (everything from modern day all the way back to the Roman Empire; primarily American and European history, though I'm not opposed to the rest of the world.) Did some time in the Navy straight out of high school, been married a couple of times, have a daughter, blah, blah, blah. If you want to know more, just ask. I don't want to bore people here.   A buddy of mine got me into Battlefield a few years back with BFBC2, and I loved it enough to pre-order BF3. I found myself playing mostly on ADK servers for some reason, then realized they're some of the better servers I've come across. Always a high ping, always populated, and always fun to play on. I figured it was about time to join the community!   Yes, my profile pic is me, shooting just one of my many guns. I'll post some more pics when I get a chance. Right now I need to get back to the game! It's fun to watch the ADK admins boot people! (Good job, -Grimreaperx9-! Keep up the good work!)

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