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Posts posted by Bromance

  1. On 6/2/2017 at 9:14 PM, Blackbird4503 said:

    i have the asus strix 980 ti and i love mine. there not a game i cant play on ultra i don't see spending the money on it atm if u can run everything unless u JUST want a better card.

    Agreed.. I generally wait 0ne release cycle myself too.

  2. Security is a vicious circle. The easier you make tech usable (web based) the easier it is for a person to compromise it. yet the harder you make it the harder the average user can use it. 


    There are a lot of people I wonder how they can even use their smart phones to call someone after some of the support tickets I have seen.. 

  3. I quit overclocking years ago. Just don't want the hassle and warranty issues.. But on a side note: A lot of times the "factory Overclocked" cards, you pay a premium for minor OC. I personally just get the best reference card I can afford and go. Still run a 970 that runs BF1 great.

  4. Tried it out with the early edition ($5 Origin thing) and quite a lot of tweaks from the beta. To many to list, but the classes and gagets are now more inline with the other BF installments.

    Any case I bought it mainly for the Operations!!!! Rush but better (needs some balance updates though, attackers will almost never win two maps).

  5. Keep in mind the Procon developer got hired right after Hardline (ish time frame). I would guess he has a lot to do with the server administration. Might be decent tools.

    Unfortunately the way Game Devs are porting Console type of multiplayer (match makers, no community servers) this is better then nothing. 

    While complainers complain those who enjoy the games just play and don't leave much feedback. Once again surprised for the aspect: (Example numbers!!!!!)

    2 Million players

    200,000 complaints

    That's 10%, and a small fraction to make huge changes 

    yet most of the 200,000 still log more hours then the average player (LOLZ)

  6. I'm all about trying out new tech and giving it a go. Seems legit to me, but it's different and not quite as easy to get started as people are used to with ts. 

    That whole change when thingy isn't where it normally is can be hard for people to grasp even if it's better and cheaper. 

  7. Branding is really irrelevant and more of a opinion.  They are all the same hardware under the fans and heatsinks. 


    Obviously you want to go with a reputable company. I had one GPU go out from BFG and they went out of business and Tiger Direct told me to move along.... 

    With that said, just compare reviews, warranty and specs. Check the specs very carefully! There are some minor differences for the same price.

    I personally don't by overclocked cards UNLESS they are the same price as reference cards (default if you will). That way you save some cash and most come with software to OC them painlessly. So I don't see the point personally, and you only get a few FPS increase.

  8. Yes and no. Yes you can, but it requires you to set up symlinks (symbolic links). This also would defeat the purpose of an SSD. Currently the communication link is the bottleneck (the sata cable) on most ssd's. Using the motherboard's chipset to connect two Hard Drives together (C drive and D drive) is inefficient and causes issues.


    Windows 10 requires 20Gb of space to install, you shouldn't use anything less than a 100GB ssd, but in order to feel the performance of an SSD you really need all software (drivers, OS, games) on the ssd and now with TB drives available no reason not to. Generally the D drive is used for files and software that you don't use often.  

  9. All the BF's since 3 have been very CPU intensive. In order to get and keep a steady FPS make sure you have a good CPU first. I run a Hexi-core 6700 and with BF4 it's a steady 60% usage. Frostbite does take advantage of multi-cores well.

    For GPU I run a single 970 and in high settings lock at 120FPS. It does dip to around a 100 on large maps when I am in a firefight with lots of players. 

    Assume that BF1 will be more brutal with the added destruction.

  10. New Cooperative Battles
    Since the earliest versions of the game, Cooperative Battles existed as a lighter version of Random Battles. Despite the casual manner of these PvE battles (or perhaps because of it), a lot of you have enjoyed playing against bots, cooperating with other players rather than competing with them.

    In Update 0.5.9, we're adding a new mode called "Assault" to the Cooperative Battles rotation. In Assault, you'll stand firm against superior enemy forces, and unlike regular co-op battles, this mode has a few twists.

    Available when playing with tier IV-VIII ships.

    Assault is for tiers IV-VII,. and special scenarios on each of the following maps:

    Strait (tiers IV-VI): Players attack an enemy base
    Fault Line (tiers V-VII): Players defend two bases
    Estuary (tiers VI-VIII): Players defend two bases
    The future of Cooperative Battles considerably depends on the feedback that we will receive from you. Don't hesitate to let us know what you think about Assault!

    Voice Chat in Divisions
    To help you overcome great challenges in PvP and PvE, we have added built-in voice chat for easier communication when in a Division.


    Visibility System Improved
    The visibility system, spotting ranges, and how smoke screens conceal your movement were sometimes difficult for Players to to fully understand. For this reason, we've made a couple of major changes to the visibility system, with the overall objective of making it clearer to Players.

    We've added an option to enable the display of the edges of a smokescreen on the water's surface. This should help players see the real edge of the smokescreen and plan their actions better in the heat of battle.

    Situation Awareness is a popular Skill which displays a notification about the detection of enemy ships. It's being given to everyone by default and removed from the Commander Skills tree.

  11. 9 hours ago, LividMasochist said:

    No haven't used it? It good? If so how much is the cost of the software, also I usually play with 3d , I like doing modeling and animation, I don't usually go as far to make full games as I haven't got that inspiration yet but I like doing little projects to test out ideas

    They have a free version that can get you started. Few easy tutorials on Youtube and the site. It's basicly html5 and javascript for making browser games. You can make a tetris clone in a day if you wanted. I just created a plugin for it to communicate with our site so I learned it enough in less than a week. 




  12. On 7/9/2016 at 1:23 PM, Raziel23x said:

    which sound card I should get 


    Which Sound Card Should I get?


    Creative Sound Blaster AUDIGY RX 7.1 Channels PCI Express x1 Interface Sound Card


    ASUS XONAR DSX 7.1 Channels PCI Express x1 Interface Audio Card

    and here is a list of other sound cards i took a look at

    List of Sound Cards

    I went with this: http://us.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-zx


    I got it about a year ago on sale at Microcenter for $89.00. The headphone thing is pretty amazing


    $90.99 on Amazon right now https://www.amazon.com/Creative-Blaster-Performance-Headphone-Desktop/dp/B009XDWUCQ

  13. As was mentioned depends. Depends on software and game etc... 

    Some programs (generic term) may bottleneck on memory, CPU and/or GPU. The other side is each component needs to work well with each other to strike a good balance. Meaning (extremes) a old Pentium 4 with a 1080..... Well the 1080 isn't even going to sweat (i know it would never work anyways). So if you can't afford all top of the line parts, you have to strike a good balance where you minimize bottlenecks so each component can run at 100%.


    Once again it all depends on what you run, but honestly your setup is fine, if anything MAYBE a sound card to reduce that work off the CPU and increase your sound quality. It took YEARS since XP/Vista change for sound cards to catch up (use to be almost required for decent sound). And they are around $100 pull price and on sale closer to $50 ish.  If utilized right it can give you a slight edge as you can hear more subtle noises like footsteps from further way, less chance a player sneaking up on you.




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