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Everything posted by Bromance

  1. The American Dream is it over?

    I believe the American dream as we know it is gone. What happened to everyone owning their own home? A little slice to call your own, so you can work for something, not for someone? One of many examples today, takes a bit of resource, but you can find the truth! The Euro will fail with in the next 10 years, who stands to gain the most? And as a result Germany will once again be united with its own economy again! Who really benefited from the Bank buy out?
  2. SIr Lladz Indeed

    Hey sweet pee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Specact DLC

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/24963/ Here is Steam one, EA store should have one too.
  4. Specact DLC

    Yes but they tweeked them a bit so they are better. Not enough to really matter but enough to help boobs out a bit. Some of them do not unlock till ranked anyways (recon for sure)
  5. TF2 Crashes Constantly

    LOL, but he did not realize I was his teammate... in which case on my team DOMINATION and VICTORY is easy.....LOL (Yes and I am High on life man!)
  6. BF BC2 server

    Brought this thing over. Almost runs it's self. The stats died when I switched it to Vietnam. Since then switched it back to "normal" It is set to RUSH 24/7, all maps, 2 rounds, on Normal, with kill cam, and friendly fire off. Please enjoy. We'll make a descion later on to keep it, or what ever. Paid up for another month. THANKS!
  7. Home server

    UMM, I think my router does.... Damn, good idea. Setting static IP behind the router, and assigning filtering and time limits from the router would be an idea until..... I am in the "Vail" test with MS at the moment, but WHS is so stripped down, and SUPER slow transfer times for files larger then 500MB........ Any case, Vail connect with MS has 100's of request for what I asked above, and should be (IMO) implemented to sell a home server vs different and cheaper cfg's that do the job, if not better.
  8. Home server

    Thank you for the reply! I guess I am looking for a Active Directory style login... where you log in from any client on the network and it will set all your allowed settings on each client. VS setting up each PC as a stand alone... So the kids are not watching porn.... But I can adjust and allow one time for each computer, with out spending big bucks or stealing software.
  9. TF2 Crashes Constantly

    I have had issues with Steam before too, same as you described but with different games. I would venture to guess, when updates D/L and a few things may happen..... 1) Just a bad D/L and a file gets jacked up. 2) shut down PC and a file doesn't get updated and it thinks it did. 3) some random install error. I have found out (worked last few times with me for COD4 and Company of heroes) to delete a few main files, run the file integrity again and it will Download and replace any required file (makes it look a bit harder) and the game has worked so far, and no need to download 20GB of crap you all ready have.
  10. Heart Breaker Forever

    i think I am IN love... is that gay? I think it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. BF BC2 server

    He joined us starting the server. It had crashed. Seems a lot of different servers are laggy again. I noticed this one a little bit, and a couple others where a lot worse, couple more where playable but would spike with fps drops. Any case, server may crash a bit till a new update?
  12. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

    Ol sid was a great help starting the server after it crashed!

  13. wraith

    The other night they had about 6ish peeps playing LOL in TS........
  14. New Vietnam Map

    For those who may not have known (like me) the 5th map for Vietnam mod was released on the 30th of December. I do enjoy the Vietnam mod, I know a lot of players do not due the lack of weapons (which, for BF part they are accurate with just a few) and the maps having choke points. Nothing really WIDE open like BC2 maps. I think It is a nice change of pace....
  15. New Vietnam Map

    The tuk tuk is bad ass!!!! Sunday night for me, I'll be around to dominate...
  16. Whats up dude!

    Here is my 1st LOVE, VFA-97 deployed all over the world, mainly here is Iwakuni Japan.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttRjrCwAsVU
  17. i'm considering buying this

    I will!! My daughters in town so been spending quality time. Thanks!!
  18. i'm considering buying this

    The game takes a bit of practice. I would say look for squad deathwatch ( smaller map and players) def play with friends!!! My k/d is 1:.800 haha but getting that dog tag makes it all worth it! IMO Vietnam is a bit harder due to choke points. I have a pretty popular bf bc2 server and normal is the easiest to populate. (FYI)
  19. Buy Bad Company on Steam now!

    If you did not pick up the game just yet, now is a great time VIA Steam! $6.79 (?) can not go wrong! Keep in mind the Vietnam expansion on Steam is only usable on a Steam version of BC2.
  20. Buy Bad Company on Steam now!

    Love the invite, noticed about 6 in the channel the other night.... I will soon!!!! Dang holidays! Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  21. Just a question

    This game has beat out tf2 and cod for me. I to am addicted. I also enjoy the Vietnam a lot too
  22. Whats your BC2 Name..


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