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Everything posted by Bromance

  1. If your dropping the cash you should try to exceed recommended requirements not minimum. Just my 2 cents.
  2. This isn't bad i suppose!

    It's not bad. Lots of gaming PCs though hit the 10000+ mark.
  3. World of Warships has been officially released! Along with the release of the game the battleship Tirpiz has also been released in the premium shop. The Tirpiz is the first German ship to date. Many may know it's sister ship the Bismark. Hope to see a few more players around!
  4. Run a memory test. See what the results are.
  5. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Beta

    It's been fun. Basically titanfall with out titans and more weapons. Not sure if it's enough for me to buy as I truly dislike the console server/match making system. I don't care about mods etc, but to play the maps and game types I want. Not like the old blackops needed 6 players to start crap.
  6. pax live stream

    I got an email on the 28th about watching the live stream from pax. I hit the link and it failed to load twitch. Needless to say few hours later I got another email with a code for a free premium ship. The tier V US cruiser . Forget the name, but a upgraded Omaha. Free premium time and slot. Worth checking out!
  7. Single 980Ti or 3-Way SLI 970?

    The big problem with three wat sli is mobo support. Not many have 3 PCI that run x16. Most are 2 x16 and the third x8. Not very efficient use plus as stated you will never get full 100% use out of the other cards.
  8. Windows 10

    @[member='VinasSol']   not Happy with W10 or Driver support..... Too totally different things:) . My SoundBlaster works great on W 10, but yes Creative is horrific on driver support
  9. Alienware or XPS?

    Valid points, but most components you need to register and save the recipient. Each component has a different warranty period. OEM parts are usually 30-90 days only. Well most consumer packaged products are a year. Memory and some gpu are lifetime if you don't oc. If they figure you oc'ed the part they may deny the warranty. Here you have to ship the part after getting approval from support and more then likely get a refurbished part back, not to mention you pay all the shipping and no loaners. Where a lot of prebuilt can get one year for anything and 90 or more days they send a tech to you.
  10. Alienware or XPS?

    @charlie692015 That all depends on price point. Under a $1000 in the US you'd be hard pressed to build one for the same cost. Plus better warranty and usually free stuff too (monitor, keyboard etc). Add in sales.... Over that price point a good chance your statement is true but with I buypower and a few others, it's a maybe when you add warranty, support, os etc. I build mine because it's easy and fun but honestly with sales etc price is arguably only a small reason.
  11. whats your favorite desktop case?

    I mention this case in another thread. I don't like it because the price doesn't equal the quality. But I recently got a Corsair 600 which I absolutely love. Main reason: It's about an inch wider the most and that space is behind the motherboard tray. Super easy cable management. HD cages can go in a few places. Awesome doors. Radiator mount etc. The area around the CPU on the tray is a huge hole so CPU cooling equipment is was to install and remove with out removing the mobo. Don't like the color? Paint it.
  12. Buying a screen, but which one?

    Why? Meaning you can stream/record any resolution even if your monitor doesn't support it. Unless your using screen capture software which isn't the way to go now days.
  13. My new little monster... maybe...

    Got this case awhile back and it was AMAZING http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811139005&cm_re=corsair-_-11-139-005-_-Product   Large, but not huge. The best part IMO is it a couple of inches wider but from the motherboard tray backside to the back side of case leaving enough room (finally) for good cable management. Amazing airflow and quality, easy access to all parts including water cooling all in ones and HD bays.
  14. My new little monster... maybe...

    Lol, I run 32gb ram and blender will use it!!! The reason I don't run Linux besides games, is driver support for gpus. Blender needs a good gpu driver to fully utilize it and unfortunately Linux lacks.... No Adobe..... Unfortunately that's the way of things. Windows or over priced mac, though for web development I use a mini, totally notice the 5400 rpm hard drive though... But $400 on sale out the door worth it.
  15. My new little monster... maybe...

    Yeah if you like to oc and such the enthusiast boards where made for that. I don't oc anymore as my PC is also for work so I have to have stability over anything. Nice take on ssd, I haven't experienced that aspect as more and more applications save to the cloud. But I do use adobe, office etc that do benefit from the ssd. Just the other drives can be a pain in windows when you install something to remember to put it on the other drive and not the C drive.....
  16. My new little monster... maybe...

    Just my opinion but that case isn't worth the cash. I almost bought it and saw the display at microcenter. Seemed the quality didn't match the price point, meaning a few of the no-name cases for a lot less equaled that case. Also, best to run dual channel memory vs quad, though almost not measurable. I personally stay away from enthusiast mobos as the performance is negligible and money can be spent else where. I get asked, do to fast loading times, if I run an ssd. I do, but don't have games installed on it. Only the os and work related software. I firmly believe they are still over rated and the money can be used else where (h-100 cooler, better gpu etc) and still have amazing performance. My wife doesn't have an ssd and she loads into games about the same time as me. Sometimes faster.
  17. Single 980Ti or 3-Way SLI 970?

    Don't get me wrong... A year down the road and your PC can handle it, getting the same card that new cost $500 (round numbers) is on eBay for $100 grab it and drop it in to help for another year. IMO that is what makes SLI worth while, not two budget cards versus one top of the line card.
  18. Fan Controller\Heat Monitoring LCD's

    They all do the same basic thing. I prefer ones that don't use any type of software (run through the os). I suggest ones that are plug in play via bios or other way to get the temp.
  19. Mic Issues

    Software can't flip your audio as it's have to do with physically connecting to your audio inputs. Switch your splitter connections backwards.
  20. Single 980Ti or 3-Way SLI 970?

    You will always get better performance from one card period. Sli will never (as of yet) give you 100% from each card not to mention communication delays. Even dual gpu cards don't double the performance. Then you keep adding other cons such as power requirements, heat cause the cards are so close, no other PCI slots cause the gpu cards are so big..... Add that most mobos don't support PCI x16 for 3 slots.......
  21. ~Difficulty Hard~ $220 Budget Upgrades

    Wait and save.
  22. Which mouse?

    Mouse and keyboards are hard to really give advice on. Each person's hand is different plus what you currently are using as far as memory is concerned. Just gotta go with what works. I personally stay away from wireless as it can cause input lag issues. Though if, like to many players, don't plug it in the back will probably have issues anyways.
  23. Computer - Small Upgrading - Need Help

    Depends on price at the time. The quality of the Benq imo is better but for $100 plus more. The Asus is great but the three I bought all needed a few hours to adjust the settings as out of the box the colors are washed out (background is to bright). But for the money I saved on two I bought the third one where if it would have been BenQ I would have only been able to get two. Sales etc though you may get a great deal on a Benq.
  24. Windows 10

    @[member='AOBLXIX'] the new IE is actually pretty good. Very clean and better then before. Still a pain in the ass from web dev point and wish they quit versioning it an go like Chrome. It's even tested better for streaming performance and stream quality over all other browsers.
  25. Computer - Small Upgrading - Need Help

    That's a nice case, unless your have temp issues what are you looking to accomplish with new fans? Benzq and Asus have great gaming monitors. Though, depending on when you buy Asus generally has better bang for your buck.

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