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  1. "Tinny" sound when recording with Nvidia Shadowplay?

    What is "tinny" All sounds or ingame sounds? The audio (and video)  get recorded from your Video Card not your sound card directly. I use http://www.soundblaster.com/products/sound-blaster-zx.aspx and the audio is still underwhelming but okay. Mess with your audio settings, even on board usually has some equalizer etc.
  2. Joystick

    You can use a 360 controller
  3. What makes you smile?

    @[member='DestinedToFlail']   All good brother! Always here to help! 
  4. What makes you smile?

    @[member='Nyx']   Happiness is all about you and learning to appreciate what you have. Hard to think, but I promise, it can always be worse. Some ways I am opposite: Deadline coming and the work isn't done, geeks running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I get asked why I am not stressing. I always remember, "If I am not being shot at, sniped at, rpged and/or IED'ed it's an amazing day." Top it off with a bit of food and a roof over my head! Can't get any better than that.   Though I do wish with all my might that a video game was really the thing to put me in a rage, because it's serious business, Stats get you paid and laid you know!!!
  5. Why am I using all my Processing power?

    Lol, threads almost a year old
  6. Windows 10

    @[member='Mnshdw']   Windows 10 at it's core is the same code (as Vista... OMG), so to answer your question yes it's easy. Just start the install and answer few questions about your current install if your upgrading. Grab a beverage and wait about 15 - 20 minutes and DONE,   YOU NEVER WANT WINDOWS UPDATE to update your drivers. By the time they are processed and approved most of the time they are already a version behind,
  7. I got a new GPU and Ram.. Now...

    920 is to old.
  8. Need help picking a GPU

    I don't think you can do better for $200. Though I understand the desire.
  9. Need help picking a GPU

    Why not just change the fan or cooler on your current gpu? That will be far less expensive and buy you some time to save up for a better gpu
  10. Build me a PC

    I do because I don't build budget systems anymore. Time and time again it proved that in the end I spent more money and a whole lot more headaches. I plan my builds for not overclocking with a prayer for more power (plus you never get the power a stock higher cpu even if the specs are the same after). Most importantly for me personally is stability. My pc's make me money to pay my bills. Lastly minimal upgrades in the future. On my current pc I upgraded the gpu and cpu and overall the build is now 5 years old and still faster then average. Original cost was $1700 but after upgrades now about $2700 invested.
  11. Build me a PC

    [attachment=6932:gaming.jpg]   Ready to upgrade with a nice GPU of your choice!!!
  12. Windows 10

    @xxCryptKeepeRxxx Ever heard of Snipping Tool? Built into Windows and takes 1.2 seconds to take a screen shot.... Just saying!!!!!!!!   [attachment=6931:w10.PNG]
  13. Graphics card

    LOL Most mobos run tri in x8, some x16 for two and x8 for the third... unless your running programs (besides games) that utilize the GPU... extreme overkill. But if the chicks dig it you go with your bad self.
  14. Yesterday war gaming released the Russian destroyers and German cruisers tech tree. Also today a new Halloween themed Japanese tier 5 premium destroyer is on sale for a limited time. Patch 5.1 with new maps including a night map, tweaks and fixes soon.
  15. Titanfall Anyone?

    Yes sometimes. Imo it failed on pc as stated by content and no dedicated community run servers. Now that all expansions are free though it helps but as usual some maps people don't like etc and it can be hard to get into matches. So generally there is less then a couple hundred players at a time which makes it difficult to play.
  16. Sounds like a possible bad connection some where. Try making sure everything is seated and plugged in properly.
  17. For the players who have a tier 6 and/or 7 unlocked ranked battles are available. This mode pits 6 v 6 where winning matters even more. Also comes with some limitations: No more then one cv per team, must be same tier. Suppose to be no more then two battleships per side, but seems broken. I've seen four and five per team many times. Indefinite wait time for a match. Though I haven't waited more then two minutes yet. I can be lots of fun. Only draw back is a team will all go one direction and be to close as a group leaving minimal maneuvering and/or battleships going to far away from points taking themselves out of the fight.
  18. As the title states the Russian tech tree is coming. I believe cruisers first, then at a later date destroyers. No word on battleships yet.

    A few aspects of the game disappoints me already. The beta will definitely make or break a purchase from me. So far I don't think they allow players to have servers and instead went with a basic console way of playing m/p which pisses me off. Many AAA titles on PC have gone that route and failed. Titanfall, cod, new rainbow, Evolve etc and failed in player base and sales yet still do it....
  20. NAS System

    @[member='Bliss IRL'] Comparing enterprise level and home use? Why would enterprise level usage still be relevant? Because the point of a NAS box originally was to allow network storage with out the issues associated with client OS's to connect to each other. Plus the huge cost of server hardware and software. Business always has slow turn over, so many still have windows NT and XP for the love of Pete. More and more companies are dumping that old network systems and running a couple of large servers with vm's and cloud based server os's like Ubuntu Cloud and modern os's can connect with no issues. If you paid a million plus a few years ago would you dump it to upgrade? I know places that still use token networks because they can't afford to dump it and do it over. So yes, Network Attached Storage devices are out dated, doesn't mean irrelevant.
  21. Hyper threading

    Actually hyper-threading is a way Intel tricks the CPU into thinking it has more cores to push more data through the CPU. Obviously the actual physical cores is half. Unlike dual gpu which uses drivers to split the usage, hyper-threading is done on the machine code level thus any application will utilize the extra fake cores. Now all modern games utilizing dx 11 and above will utilize quad and more cores.
  22. Top 5

    Medal of honor series Cs Source TF2 Cod 2, 4 and 5 Original Sim City Techno Bowl
  23. X99 vs Z170X

    The wife has that mobo Evga Classified x99. Not a fan of it, but I'm bias to Asus anyways. Just doesn't seem as stable. She gets huge slow downs from time to time. Anywhere from slow boots to slow program starts to program lock up. I have the exactly same set up except mobo and a better CPU running the same software with zero issues.
  24. NAS System

    NAS box is a bit old tech these days. For example my phone saves pics to the cloud, syncs to by PC when close (Bluetooth), and even iTunes now allows unlimited downloads via their cloud etc etc. 360, ps3 and my tv (even x1 and ps4 automatically find my shared folders on my PC's for streaming music and video. Though I do know some that, including myself, that run a server via old PC with a media streaming software on Linux distro, windows home server or mac server. I have an apple tv that even allows a apple device to use the tv as a monitor that we watch online shows with, photos and music.
  25. Out with the old, in with the new

    I don't even remember cards that small..... :)

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