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Everything posted by Bromance

  1. Lo Yang Destroyer - VIII Premium

    Basically and upgraded benson with bit better torps. Good ship but kinda expensive for a re-skinned ship but hey, gotta pay for the servers!
  2. @[member='War_Adm1ral']   LOL, I was trying to tease you: http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/138293-any-other-players/
  3. Any one exited for the new Chinese destroyer?

    I bought the ship. A good ship and fits in well at tier 6. Just like any Russian dd though the power is speed and guns at distance. With the sneak attack on bbs with the torps. I always get (95%) get the rudder shift upgrade, definitely helps on all DDs.
  4. Nice. Decent rounds :)
  5. Getting our team together!!!

    I understand, I'm horrible for hoping on ts when I only play a few rounds as my main machine is a Mac now. So I have to fire up the old Windows machine etc.
  6. Any other players?

    Also hang out in ts, I pop in but no ones playing in ts.
  7. Any other players?

    My in game name is "whatsupdude". Ain't spending 2500 gold to match it up to the forums :)
  8. Favorite nation and class lines

    The Pepsi isn't bad but the learning curve is huge from the Cleveland to the Pepsi. From a real cruiser to a battle cruiser. Big 203s, lot slower fire and turret speed but once you get use to it it can wreck along with switching ammo type. Cleveland you can do great and never fire ap. Though you generally get higher tier games which doesn't help.
  9. Getting our team together!!!

    I'll look you guys up. Usually play for an hr a day (2-3 rds). Would love to try the team thing with communication. You guys hang out in t's when playing or curse?
  10. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    @[member='Kagzaz']   Truly depends, Intel will dominate in Battlefield 4 period as it is extremely CPU heavy over AMD. So from that standpoint as always it really truly depends on the software/application. Generally speaking you're right in theory but tests after tests after even more tests prove your theory wrong.. Paper lies, data doesn't so why does the paper say they should be close to even but real world and synthetic tests tell different story?  The implementation and in PC talk that's chipsets and bus speeds. Look it up but the chipsets truly control your data, CPU crunches numbers (barney style)....... 
  11. ARP Kongo

    @[member='Fluffy_Puppies'] @[member='War_Adm1ral']   I have my port set to New York, so probably why I never seen them.
  12. ARP Kongo

    I got a question: If you can only see it in your port with that dump port wallpaper, do other players see it in game? I have yet to see one and I run the mid tiers quite a bit (Higher the tiers higher the whining amount and I guess Tier 10 means if your stats are good you can get laid and paid....).   @[member='War_Adm1ral']
  13. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    WHAT??? they make those all in one water coolers that are great, inexpensive and maintenance free. I have three machines using the Corsair series  cpu water coolers for two years (knock on wood) no issues whatsoever. Lot of cases even support them now too. Comparing AMD and Intel for gaming strictly depends on the game. Just like GPU's games support certain processors better than others. As I think I mentioned, chipset is huge too. Obviously the chipsets allow everything to connect and communicate. That is why you can not compare apples to apples. AMD still requires drivers for there cpu's and the newer ones barely run linux now.     AMD was king, and maybe again but they have stated many times they are not trying to be kings they don't have the financial means to do that compared to intel. They are targeting mid-range only.
  14. Which one of these Gaming PCs should i get

    The problem with building your own is warrenty. Most parts are 90 days and almost always you have to send to the manufacture and more than likely get a refurbished one back unless DOA. So sometimes the savings are not all that great and yes I build my own but anything under $1000 I buy off the shelf.   I have gotten Alienware before. Nice PC (owned by Dell now, FYI) and decent price if on sale. Upgradability almost none as most of their desktops are micro mobos.   IBuyPower usually is amazing price-performance and I would argue on sale you may not save any money on building your own. They have a good rep, just be careful that the basic builds are are adequate at best with PSU and GPU.    Last company never heard of.
  15. Graphics card

    @[member='n3h']   10x can be like saying 50% but the numbers are 50FPS to 75FPS so not as huge of an increase persay. But I can also hope!!!!! 
  16. Graphics card

    @[member='JamesPonni']   I ran tests with that, due to communication lag it was slower than just running it all on one card. Meaning I lost FPS. 
  17. The Great Debate - Intel vs AMD

    Not really a controversy or great debate.     Intel is king for now, but AMD can be better at the midlevel where they are currently focused. AMD generally in GPU and CPU offer the best bang for your buck but can't always meet the higher end specs that Intel and Nvidia can. A lot of the CPU performance also comes from the chipsets on the mobo. Once again Intel leads with better chipsets and a lot better stability than AMD's and through in longer socket type support from intel.   Now AMD has the GPU's embedded in some of their CPU's for a far less price than buying separately. Matter of fact: Check this out . 4 cores with 6 GPU's. Might not run BF on high, but for a budget build and under $110? Amazing deal. I would rather go AMD instead of i3 for sure and probably i5 too (i5 start at $200 ish).
  18. Workstation/Gaming Build

    Hate pc part picker. It does okay but it can recommend/allow in compatible parts. I pick a mobo then use those recommend specs to continue with zero issues in a hundred or more builds.
  19. Any one exited for the new Chinese destroyer?

    Back then, just like aircraft today, ships where pretty much built for everyone friendly to the country of manufacture. Not to mention just coping other countries anyways. Already the Omaha is in the game three times. Omaha, Marblhead and Murmansk. I'm surprised they dug up as much variety that they have.
  20. Favorite nation and class lines

    This is a long winded answer:   Destroyers: Japanese with US close second (More of a mood, torp or guns)   Cruisers: German  with US second   Battleships: US   CV: Japanese even though the fighters always get wrecked by the US and US torp bombers are far more accurate and more of them.   As each nation and ship has it's own pros and cons it depends on my mood. Love playing the Tier 2 russian DD in pvp. Generally wreck face (4-5 kills) cause the noobs all go one way and I get the slow ass battleships by flanking them.    Germans are fun to crit the hell out of other cruisers but angeling and planing turns is huge with the glass hull.    Russian dd line is fun once in awhile. Load AP and crit some cruisers and watch chat light up calling you a cheater. They actually have large guns for a dd and very good ones. They just suffer everywhere else except speed. My biggest frustration though is it seems every wave knocks out your engine.
  21. Any other players?

    York is the grinder. Turret speed is incredibly slow making it a steep learning curve. The Admiral is worth it though. Basically a York with normal turret speed. Compare to Cleveland to Pensacola in changing the core dynamics of the cruiser line. On that note the Pepsi is crazy underrated, them 203's pack a huge punch but you can't spam he like the Cleveland.
  22. Any other players?

    @[member='War_Adm1ral']   Love it!!!!!!   The premium camo gave me 100% more xp and I think I had the 50% xp flag going too.   Not my fault cruisers like to broadside a BB. Them German glass hulls are the best, but there guns are crazy accurate and easy to get citadels with. 
  23. Any other players?

    Decent round before Christmas   https://youtu.be/dmPObT_EimQ   [attachment=7421:coloradovictory.PNG]
  24. Any other players?

    Project r. Best get on it.
  25. Windows 10

    @[member='Secrets']   Actually you would be surprised what google tracks from analysis added to sites, chrome, android  and chrome os. The data collection is astounding. Couple sites I run use google analytics and I know not only very device and device info and location but everything about you as a user except your birthday and name.    Married, kids, location, ip's, devices owned, sex (Male or Female), age, preferences, search results (yes I know my user's who like porn), OS and version, PC set up,  etc etc. Newrelic even steals more info from you.   Wait till IPv6 releases, I will then know your name and birthday plus exact location...... Thinking some track more than others is ridiculous, they all track your every online move and with cars being more automated, phones, ipads etc, even when you move you can/will be tracked...   just like people uploading photos taken from phones, they can be tracked to gps coordinates, date time and camera data pin pointing YOU. All free on facebook, picasa etc....   [attachment=7407:demo_data.PNG]

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