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Everything posted by Bromance

  1. Linux on Windows.

    @[member='Moonkai2k']   Powershell is epic fail EXCEPT for Windows stuff.
  2. Simply WOW.

  3. Simply WOW.

    Yeah, supposedly a second generation is already being developed with 4K resolution or higher.
  4. Simply WOW.

    Ran across an issue:   SLI and Crossfire fanboys won't like this, but sli and corssfire is not and may not for awhile be supported with VR. Sources with vr companies state it causes to much delay in refresh rates due to data lag between the physical cards (Which is why you can't get 100% out of each card).   I was reading a self proclaimed game dev state, "Running SLI should be used right of the bat. At least allow the customer to plug in each eye to a separate GPU". This noob obviously knows nothing and is speaking out of his butt. Hopefully you know that you can hook up any old gpu to a monitor, so you could run AMD to monitor one and nvidia to monitor 2 and work fine. It's pushing the maximum performance to one monitor is what sli is about.....
  5. For those on the team

    Need to set up an event. Now I never see anyone else on line. Plus one of the players on the team hasn't logged on in 30 days.
  6. Russian Cruisers Released

    Tier 5 has slow reloads too, like a bb you have to hesitate some what to be sure. Also warning: tier 5 hull upgrade you lose the spotter. I loaded the stock hull as 2000 hp and better AA isn't worth the loss of the spotter plane. Keeping range is more important with the dollar store armor.
  7. Simply WOW.

    Here he has some CSGO game play. http://youtu.be/OcMCe4LESKE
  8. Banning bipods!

    @[member='FarMonkey']   Your one of the FEW that use other routes then constantly doing the same thing over and over.   When BF4 first came out it was one of the things the manager's checked to see if it was fixed, it was not (obviously). While we decided and debated to even have a no-ex (do to these issues and constant complaining) we decided at that time due to the map design there was multiple ways around a point and spectating the complaintants saw them spawn run down route A to point B and die, Re-spawn run down route A to point B and die by the same player in the same position. Rinse and repeat about 10 times while complaining in chat. Hence my post on the first page.   This was before Metro came out on BF4 by the way. 
  9. Russian Cruisers Released

    @[member='Blaze'] I went straight to 5!!!! but tier 4 looks interesting I might add it.
  10. Russian Cruisers Released

    @[member='War_Adm1ral'] Fun, but frustrating!!!!!
  11. Banning bipods!

    @[member='FarMonkey']   That makes to much sense... It can not be my fault, I am the pro player. It is the other players fault for taking advantage of unlocks and abusing my play style of run and gun into the same place many many times....   But in all honesty: @Darknae glitching with an ipod isn't the players fault. It is the game design that has been around since BF3 release. Dice knows and doesn't care, a non-explosive server truly is the only one to have this bipod issue do to not utilizing all your weapons available. Playing in a "normal" server bi-podding is a death sentence from the explosive spam and hence not an issue along with destructive environment that technically isn't so destructible without explosives.   Bottom line changing the intended use of the game results in other issues that are really not. Look at shotguns, they are always a heated topic, but spectate a complainer once. It's the player's play style that leaves the player vulnerable (generally not looking around, but run and gun or focused on a certain direction) yet it's the game's fault or a player is a noob/cheater etc for using a shotgun. It's all relative and perception. Change one aspect and deal with the consequences I say, if good or bad.    Player base is shrinking, though slowly it is. Once you start making rules stricter you will ban more players and no one to replace those players. Our #1 in the world BF3 no-ex was #1 for a long, long time. It failed due to release of BF4 and eventually banning the player base that was left.  The other 2 BF3 servers run/had run themselves on defaults since the beginning with almost no issue.  
  12. Favorite nation and class lines

    @[member='DJKrobwell']   LOL  My thoughts exactly on the NC. Better matches (far less tier 9 and 10s). I for sure play it the most as far as bb's go. 
  13. Favorite nation and class lines

    @[member='DJKrobwell']   Loved the Iowa in the CBT, my issue is not with the ship but the players at the high tiers(9 and 10) generally are horrible people...... I feel my blood pressure rise so I don't play past tier 8 much.
  14. For those on the team

    Played last night with Mercenaries on the ADK team. Sorry didn't so so hot, BUT was tons of fun compared to ranked (Minimal complaining, no bitching) and made some new friends. Might be an easy way to grow our little WOWs area.
  15. Sausage Party Trailer

    @[member='War_Adm1ral']   Yeah your mind goes kid friendly with a cartoon, unless you like cartoon porn, then you just a sick AOB.   Edit: SOB I mean...
  16. Pls tell me this is fake

    Be amazed, ask people where are nations capital is. When I was living in CA more times then not the answer was, "Two states up".
  17. Sausage Party Trailer

    Lol, it is just wierd to watch a carton with that kind/amount of swearing. Looks funny though.
  18. Graphics Card Question

    I dislike sli/crossfire my self. Always issues and two cards doesn't equal twice the performance. If I was you i'ld look into a sound card instead.
  19. For those on the team

    Wierd as the ADK team chat pops up every time I log in. Usually I only see Lord Kraken.
  20. Graphics Card Question

    Your specs are great for an upgrade. Possible cpu bottleneck on bf4 maybe, but otherwise prime for the upgrade.
  21. missing ping

    @[member='ColColonCleaner'] are you able to help?
  22. Graphics Card Question

    @[member='Melodius']   A GPU needs to compliment your system. meaning a gtx 2000 isn't going to do much good on a pentium 4 system or a system with 2gb of memory. More importantly (arguably) is your mobo too, is it PCI-E 2.0 and/or x16? If not you could be wasting money as you will not get the full 100% out of the card. Are you running w7? then once again you may not get the full potential of the card (Lower DX version).   What are your system specs currently? (FYI: in your profile you can list your specs then you don't have to post them)
  23. If your having any lag issues it is important to take a quick minute and do a trace route. Save it and post it here with which server, date and time.    Thank you!!!!   How to do a trace route?   Start a command line (search cmd)   Type tracert (and IP here) at the prompt (see picture).   Open Snipping Tool (comes with Windows)   Click drop down arrow next to "New" and select Window Snip   Click on your trace route when it is done.   Reply to this post, but use "More Reply Options".    At the bottom of the reply window click "Choose Files" and find where you saved your snipping (default Photo file).   When it is done uploading click add to post.    And Post it!!!    
  24. You Gotta See This!

    When TS 2 (I believe) introduced a overlay it triggered MASSIVE bans from PunkBuster, hundreds of thousands of them. PunkBuster refused to unban anyone UNTIL the creators of TS finally got involved. Not one sorry was given. In your other fix thread @[member='Homeshadow'] Nvidia beta drivers when Vista first released caused another massive ban but less people as the driver was beta but not signed/certified driver (which caused the false positive).   Unfortunately all security and hack checking is always reactive and people have to pay the price before it can be dealt with. Though anti-virus tends to be a million times better at acting quickly versus punkbuster (do they really even update!?!?!?).    
  25. World of Warship 2016 Plans

    Submarines I think would ruin the game. Technically when submerged they did like 4 knots and carried very limited torpedoes . A free game on Steam, I think Steel Ocean A WOWS competitor has subs and it's horrible with them.... Twice the torps spam and also death charges every where......   I am glad no subs my self until they at least balance the CV's properly. I don't know how but they still need work.

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