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  1. Okay. It's official. This week I am getting back into Planetside 2.

  2. Working on a Pulp Fiction dubstep track. Fun stuff, lol

  3. Our debut album for GA1A will be releasing later this month, finally a break!

  4. Just released a new single we've been working on for a month. Whew!

  5. TuxthePenguin checking in

    Is your username related to the software "TuxGuitar" by any chance? I only ask because the icon is a penguin :p Anyways, welcome to ADK!
  6. Finally got Steam, add me! My username is Blastbeats

  7. Hey ADK! I'm Rex.

    Warband, CoH, and Civ5? Excellent taste, welcome to the ADK site :)
  8. Happy new year ADK! :)

  9. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, hope everyone has a wonderful day!
  10. Presidential Race 2016

    I think I have a pretty good shot this time around. #Blastbeats 2016 But seriously, I just don't think it matters anymore. I don't think our votes actually matter, our president is probably decided on long beforehand. The roots of corruption and greed are in so deep in our country the only way we're going to see any change is a full blown collapse. Protesting and petitions don't even work.
  11. Superbowl

    http://www.adkgamers.com/topic/42404-please-make-constructive-threads/ :(
  12. Hello! This time on Blastbeats' Music And Stuff Blog For Music And Stuff, I will be discussing the importance of keeping an open mind to various styles of music and why it can directly benefit you to do so. As an avid musician and passionate music listener, it has always baffled me when I come across a person who strictly listens to one particular genre of music. I see this often in the metal community- "If there isn't screaming, power chords and leather, no thanks." I ask, "Well, why not?" I subscribe to the belief that one can enjoy at least one song or one artist within just about every genre of music from 90's rap to today's avante garde rock and underground techno. I know because I have seen this first hand: I'll show a strict metalhead an electronic song I think they'd like and they'd become an enormous fan, or I'll show one of my electronic music friends an oldschool jazz song and they love it. I suppose the first point I am trying to make is "Maybe you just haven't tried enough other stuff". You're probably asking "Well that's all fine and dandy Blastbeats, but why should I bother if I am already enjoying what I currently listen to? Also, you are so awesome. I love you Blastbeats." Excellent question, imaginary voice in my head! I love you too. The reason for that is simple: Your favorite song in the entire world might be out there somewhere and you don't even know it. An artist in a genre you are completely unfamiliar with might be making music, right now, that you may potentially connect with on a level you have never experienced. A lifetime classic rock listener might discover that he is an extremely passionate RnB fan. Since the only thing to lose by exploring other kinds of music is time, I think it is unwise not to spend some time seeing what else is out there, especially considering what is to gain - that is, the sense of fulfillment that comes with strong emotional connection with music. With that, I urge you, go and try something you've never heard before. Swallow whatever pride you might have and try listening to that music all of your friends make fun of. Check out Rascal Flatts, Dash Berlin, Biggie Smalls, Frank Sinatra, Radiohead, or Thy Art Is Murder. Exploring music is an exciting and fulfilling adventure with no risks and countless rewards.
  13. Even though I have hardly been gaming lately, I still love talking to my friends here in ADK. Love you guys and hope to see you in game soon <3

  14. Battlefield/Frostbite 2 & 3 and Hyperthreading on Win 8.1

    I wanted Windows 8 when it came out so.. 0? Windows 8 is awesome and the only people who say otherwise tend to be people who have never used it and think that Windows 8 is the Metro UI. Hint: Metro is just a fucking full screen start menu. O NOES
  15. When you drink so much coffee that your thoughts are in caps lock


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