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  1. loook what iiiii founnddddd

    I dont get it...
  2. Ok so I only have two people and I know there are more...
  3. I think it is just [subscribe]"Youtube Name"[/subscribe]
  4. Ok. And I dont care what platform it is. Also, use Largarith Loseless Codec and Check the little yellow box at the bottom of dxtory and make sure the resolution and quality is fine.
  5. War Z preview from PC Gamer ...

    Pathetic. I cant believe this company didnt have serious lawsuit prblems.
  6. Leave your name and youtube channel if you have a serious youtube channel so I can feature ADK members in my next sunday's shoutout sunday. Thanks!
  7. War Z preview from PC Gamer ...

    Wait this game is still around? I thought this non-sense was crushed, exposed for the lie it was, sued, the game was removed from retailers, and the website shut down? Hmm guess I missed it.
  8. Youtube Network Partnerships

    lol, or just be insanely random.,
  9. Anyone know anything about the various networks? i.e. Machinima, TGS, TGN, Fullscreen, etc.   I know Machinima has a poor contract for length of time and payout. Just wondering if we have anyone who is on a network or knows anything about them.
  10. ADK Canals ownage [video]

    thanks mate
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zAUXEpVedk   Go upvote my reddit post to further promote ADK and our game mode: http://www.reddit.com/r/battlefield3/comments/18bnxm/new_game_mode_knife_tag/
  12. Newest BFFs Video

    I like how they tied in the 1000 claymores.
  13. ADK Server(s) Promotion [Video]

    Nah man you add good quality communication.
  14. Promoting the ADK servers with some nice gamelay footage/commentary:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59RhiOolfyQ
  15. For whoever asked earlier:   [subscribe]SihteGaming[/subscribe]  

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