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Everything posted by Wacko920

  1. I got invited to the Alpha

    Mostly it's because of the mess with the majority of my friends leaving, but also it's the lack of games that I play. I just haven't really felt like hanging around I guess.
  2. I got invited to the Alpha

    As the title says I got an invite to the Alpha that starts on June 28 at 1AM. If all goes well I will stream it at twitch.tv/wacko920 so if your awake come watch. If your not awake I will try recording it and uploading it to my youtube channel. If I can record it I will upload it to my youtube channel. Just search youtube for wacko920 to find it.
  3. I got invited to the Alpha

    Ok, I did get in and was able to lag through some game play without a single kill because lag was pretty bad. It looks like server icons on top right of screen, so maybe it was a server issue. Anyways, here is a link to what I got : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/278621738
  4. I got invited to the Alpha

    Maybe not lucky me. The game pegged my cpu at 100% and was so laggy I couldn't play it. I restarted my pc and am going to try again. If it still doesn't work I will uninstall and reinstall it and see if that works.
  5. I got invited to the Alpha

    Welp, that didn't work. I was so lagged out that I couldn't really move. I can play battlefield 4 just fine, so maybe it's the game. I will wait and try again today sometime.
  6. @VinasSol I remember going to my cousins and playing Pong on the original Atari game system. Darn now I feel old too
  7. More then good, a great wireless headset...

    I still use my Sennhieser headphones (Gamer 1) and have dropped them multiple times from about 3 feet onto a concrete floor. No breakage yet (crosses fingers). Had my cat rip them off my head once when she ran through and the cord held up. They are about 3 years old. Good luck on finding a set you like.
  8. New computer case

    Sorry haven't been around for a bit. I have windows on a usb drive, and haven't used a dvd/cd drive in a few years, so I didn't see a need for one.
  9. New computer case

    I found a new computer case that would be a really good gamer case. It's the NZXT H700i and I don't have one, but really, really wasn't one. Maybe on my next computer build. NZXT H700i computer case This case has the following: A clear with a black board on the tempered glass window A really cool cable management system (check out the back of the case) Three hard drive bays on the front of the case for SSD's, two SSD bays in the back, and two HDD bays in the back. It has a Cam software powered device for RGB lighting and Case fans which is pretty cool. It will take both 3 pin fans and PWM 4 pin fans. Welp if your interest you can read the rest on the site above and as always look at the reviews on youtube. Just wanted to let the system builders know about this awesome new case.
  10. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    I purchased a new computer case for my computer because I wanted better airflow. I bought the Phanteks P400S which has a three speed fan controller, and an rgb light controller built in. Here is what I have: Phanteks P400S AMD FX6300 Gigabyte GA990FXA UD3 Corsair PC1600 @ 16GB Gigabyte GTX960 overclocked video card Intel Nic card (onboard nic not so good) Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD Seagate Barracuda 1TB drive EVGA G2 Platinum 850watt PSU Swiftech H220 Prestige watercooler w/ Noisblocker 120mm fans A Noctua 120mm, a Noctua 140mm, and a generic blue lighted fan I sit two feet from my computer and can't hear it unless I put the fans on high and then it's barely audible with a light air sound. Picture was taking with tablet, so not so good.
  11. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    I actually bought extension cables for mine. The only problem is they aren't long enough to reach the psu area so they have to take up allot of area behind the door. We do what we have to do to make it look good, lol.
  12. New computer case

    I ended up with the Phanteks P400S to swap my older parts in for now. I will probably get the Phanteks Pro M for my Ryzen build when I can afford it. I'm really liking Phanteks cases and have built three computers in them so far.
  13. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Like the PC @VeeVee. Specially the cabling with the multi color. I just went all black extensions on mine, and wish I had gone full length. Maybe in my next build.
  14. New computer case

    It's looking like I won't any time soon. Just had to loan my mom money, so I'm broke again, lol. Oh, well easy come, easy go
  15. Back to it

    With poison arrows, lol
  16. Back to it

    I have been playing more BF4 on a metro explosives server. I'm trying to remember to stream as well while I'm gaming, so if you guys want to game join me. You can watch my stream at twitch.tv/wacko920 or look up and friend me on facebook at: wacko gaming Happy gaming
  17. Back to it

    yup, lots of getting used to. I actually started playing on the explosive servers because I can annoy the other team with poison arrows, lol. They actually whine sometimes . Fun stuff
  18. 16g RAM a necessity?

    This might help you decide. Running my computer normal I use 3.0GB ram. (this will change depending on what you have running in the background) adding Battlefield 4 I go up to 5.8GB of ram adding my program to stream to the internet and streaming I'm at 6.9GB ram (program used is called !action) adding a browser and watching my stream while I game uses about 8.5 GB of ram. (browser used was google chrome) The above is all averages and the highest I saw with all this running was 10.1GB of ram used. I have 16GB of ram so I had plenty. I used windows task manager to monitor my Memory usage while testing. Hope this helps.
  19. As the title says does anyone play it? This is a FPS game that is shutting down on Dec 6th, but thats a few months down the road, so for some casual fun check it out if you don't already play it. I need friends, lol. Oh, here is a video of me playing it:
  20. 16g RAM a necessity?

    This might help ya
  21. I was tired when I posted this. Here is a link to the website: http://firstassault.nexon.net/en
  22. Welcome back ADK Metro (video)

    He killed me so much that I'm afraid to join the server now ;). Great vid
  23. GTX 980 TI vs GTX 1080 TI vs Volta

    I normally wait a couple, but then I'm cheap, lol
  24. New Budget CPU

    I have the AMD Vishera FX6300 6 core processor and it works well with my GTX 960 video card. I game on it all the time and I haven't had issues in any of todays games. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Wacko920/saved/#view=YwDBmG I have three computer with one having the AMD Vishera FX4300 which is ok, but I only have a GTX 650Ti video card in it, so it's really not a good gamer. My other two computers both have the AMD FX6300 6 core processors in them and they both game really well. I don't have allot of money for building computers, so the AMD's seem to be just right for me. Food for thought and the price is right

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