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    Messing around with computers and programms and going out in bars with my friends.

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    EUNE - PowerOfDeath7 NA - AngelOfDeath777

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    Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
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    Gigabyte P67A B3 D3
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    Intel Core i7 2600 @3,40Ghz
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    Gigabyte GTX 760 2GB OC Edition WindForce 3X
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    Corsair GS 800W 80+
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    Corsair Vengeance 8GB @ 1600Mhz
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    HDD 500GB
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    Logitech X-530 5.1
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    LG E2342T 23'' LED FULL HD BLACK
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    CoolerMaster HAF 932 RC Advanced Black
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    Mouse: Logitech G400 Keyboard: Standard

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  1. Introduction...not

    So,after receiving many e-mails from ADK from many members leaving,i thought what was going on to that wonderfull community i left behind(due to family/buisness reasons),and to be honest it's not what i remember as already being an ex-Adviser/Admin(BF3/BF4/LoL) and having said that that got me a bit sad because this community offered me a nice time with the guys around here having a good time,laughing,saying jokes and having nice teamwork when coming to games. After some thinking i thought to log in again and see what was really going on. You'll see me to teamspeak very soon. Thank you for reading this. AngelOfDeath7
  2. Hello my name is KiLLeRKiLL

    Welcome to ADK. I have never played PlanetSide 2,but i was a good DotA/DotA 2 player,but stopped playing because League Of Legends attracted my attention and i liked it better. That being said,i hope to see you in BF3/BF4 =)
  3. Hello All. BF4 Player looking for a great group

    Welcome to ADK. It seems our BF4 community is getting larger by the day. I'm glad you like our BF4 servers and thanks for playing on them. If you ever have a question feel free to poke an adviser =)
  4. Welcome to ADK,Boris. Though i don't play DayZ,i hope to see you on BF3/BF4 sometime =)
  5. My name is Bryce, wanting to play some DayZ

    Welcome to ADK. I don't play DayZ nor do i know anything about it,but i see a lot of people play it so it must something good. I used to play CoD 4,but i gave up on it since BF3 came out. The rest of the CoD seiries were a complete failure. Anyway,welcome to the site and i hope you enjoy your time with us =)
  6. What's Up Guys

    Welcome to the ADK forums and thank you for playing to our BF4 servers. Feel free to join us in our teamspeak anytime =)
  7. I'm back.

    Welcome back to ADK. Glad to see you made a comeback,i'm looking forward to see you in BF3 since i don't play PlanetSide 2 at all. 
  8. Hey Guys - Hammer

    Welcome to ADK. I'm not a fan of MC or PlanetSide 2 nor i have ever played them,but i hope to see you on Battlefield 3/4 =)
  9. Saying hi.

    Welcome to ADK. Thanks for playing on our BF4 #6 server,hope to see you on teamspeak =)
  10. Vildhjarta reporting for duty!

    Welcome to ADK. I used to play WoW The Burning Crusade,but those were old times. You should come and hang with us in teamspeak,we got relaxed members that look to have fun and have a good time. If you ever have a problem with BF3/BF4 be sure to let me know or any of the admins/advisers =)
  11. New to ADK

    Welcome to ADK. As Greg said,if you ever need help or have a problem when it comes to BF3/BF4 don't be shy to poke an Adviser or an Admin. If you need help with League Of Legends though,i'm one of the LoL Admins so you can reffer to me for that as well. I hope you enjoy your time with us =)
  12. ThatConfused1... -Blam!- or just call me Nanner.

    Welcome to ADK. I don't play PlanetSide 2 and i don't really know anything about it but i've seen some gameplays on youtube. I hope to see you playing battlefield or League Of Legends,though =)
  13. Hello =ADK= DayZ player here

    Welcome to ADK. I don't really know anything about DayZ,but our members are always relaxed and looking to have fun with other people. Feel free to bring your friends with you in teamspeak and play together whenever you want =)
  14. Hello... I'm new here!

    Welcome to ADK,Mr3Dunk. Thank you for playing in our BF3 servers,we also have stable BF4 servers so if you play BF4 you can check out our servers over there as well. Hope to see you on teamspeak =)
  15. Heyyas from IA_Knightsky

    Welcome to ADK and thanks for your donation and bringing your friends along to play on our servers. To be honest,i like chatting with older people than people with the same age as me. I hope i can catch you on teamspeak sometime =)

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