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  1. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    What are bitcoins and how do they work? If you don't know what bitcoins are I'd recommend watching this video. How does this benefit ADK? Bitcoins are a great currency! When you read the "How can we get bitcoins" section you will realize how useful it is. Also the exchange rate as of now for bitcoins is 1 bitcoin == $110. You can find an update exchange rate here. How can we get bitcoins? At this time there are two decent methods. The first is the in-browser system and the second is the client system. The in-browser system can be found here and I have taken the liberty of setting up the account already (proof that I'm not scamming you found below). All you have to do is click the "Start generating" button. If you want to learn more about this system you can read this article they have posted explaining the process quite well. Pros - Easy to configure (just click a button!) Uses only spare resources Cons - Large fees No as efficient The client system is the other way. This involves downloading a client (I highly recommend using this one but a list can be found here) and then (in 99% of cases) joining a group. I highly recommend slush's pool as they are usually the best. From there you configure your client (adding your user name and password that you got from the pool) and start mining! When using the client I don't recommend selecting any of the CPU cores. CPUs are very slow (compared to GPUs) and it's really not worth it. Pros - FAR smaller fees (14% compared to 2%) More efficient Uses maximum resources If you choose to make your own wallet your name will be featured when you donate. Cons- Harder to configure (Technically but concidering it auto detects most GPUs it's not that hard). Like a honey badger it don't care if you need that power for gaming. Because of this I recommend using it while you are away or just browsing the internet. In order to cash out you need a bitcoin wallet. This wallet can be downloaded here. You can also send it to: 1GEGj7jnsv429gJVYSb2rTCLAv5aeAmJCv (Proof that I'm not scamming you found below) How do we know that you aren't scamming us? If you are using your own bitcoin wallet then well there is no possible way for me to prove this simply because I can't do it in the first place. If you use the in-browser or sending the bitcoins to my wallet then I can prove it. The address for the bitcoin wallet is 1GEGj7jnsv429gJVYSb2rTCLAv5aeAmJCv now you can track all in coming / out going transactions made by this wallet using this website. It's kind of hard to cheat when you can stalk my every transaction. Can I mine for my own profit? Yes! If you don't feel like donating to ADK or if you just want to make a little cash on the side you can set up your own wallet and have the funds transferred there! It's totally up to you. What's the best hardware to generate bitcoins? In terms of CPU vs GPU the GPU spanks CPU. The reason for this is CPUs are made for those big hardcore numbers where as GPUs are made for small, fast calculations (you need fast math for good framerates). Because of this I don't recommend checking any of the boxes for CPU mining (available in the clients only). When looking at AMD vs Nvidia you find AMD is the winner. AMD uses a completely separate architecture than Nvidia. AMD focuses on having a massive number of less powerful cores. This makes it great for pumping out a huge number of hashes. If you don't have a Nvidia card don't give up just now. Nvidia is still a viable option. While you most likley won't be beating the AMD guys you're still going to pump out a considerable amount of power (i should know I run Nvidia). If you would like some facts on your hardware you can find the stats here. Things to look out for (mostly client but in-browser can read anyway)* First off if you're using a client make sure you don't forget to stop mining before you attempt to play a game. If you do it's not a big deal mostly due to the fact that you'll notice quite quickly. If you have a computer that is known to overheat I'd recommend not using the client, the browser should be fine but make sure you judge it. If you are using a laptop and are using the client be sure to run a "test" before leaving the computer alone to mine for long periods of time. The test is pretty much starting the application and running it for a decent amount of time checking to make sure it's not overheating. Also for laptop users make sure your laptop has good ventilation (flat hard surface don't leave it on your carpet). A quick recommendation I have is to download a monitoring application. Because I have an EVGA card I downloaded Precision X. MSI has a similar one I believe is called MSI afterburner. This allows you to do quick checks making sure nothing crazy is happening. *Please note this section is really for the people with laptops or really hot computers. Mining clients for the most part are good at not stressing the computer due to the fact that the hardcore miners who purchase lots of expensive, powerful cards dislike having them pushed too far and die quickly. If you don't have a hot computer or laptop only recommend reading the last few sentences. Conclusion Bitcoins are a great, easy way to get some more income for ADK. This is especially useful for those who can't donate cash (such as me). There isn't really a downside to the bitcoin mining. While the bitcoin value is know to either jump or fall at random (not too common falls are usually after a jump yet there is an overall gain in price) occasions it doesn't really effect us. We don't care about raising or falling prices due to the fact that we don't really care how much money we're making just that we're making making some. It's also a great way to get people more involved in the community. The biggest reason I thought of this is the fact that in order for people to play a good majority of the games ADK is into they good computers with high profile graphics cards. We can utilize this power for something that really helps ADK. Feel free to post and questions you may have.
  2. Someone cooked a grenade and I got blamed when they were killed not sure why script didn't catch. Please remove. Battlefield 4. Username: Guneddown.
  3. Mid and Top would be Vlad - Ult adds extra % damage for everyone effected by anyone attacking. On top of this his E allows him to melt a team. Hard. His W combined with the flash can take you from their turret to yours. And the Q requires nothing and heal for a lot. On top of all this he has a ton of health and damage. The fact that he's AP means there isn't much defense (Nobody builds lost of MR because it's more effective just to build health in most cases). He's lots of fun.  Hint: Crystal Scepter with his passive.... rape.
  4. I found Nova

    I did it like 2 days after I think. BTW that gif scares me..
  5. I found Nova

    This should be a quote.
  6. We are all going to die!

    Well, not really.... actually I guess we all will eventually but that's not what this post is for.    Anyways, with the coming of Battlefield 4 (we have a page for it) I was wondering what the plan is for the "Battlefield 4" button under the Forums category in the nav bar.  Split it into a Battlefield 3 and a Battlefield 4? Merge them both somehow.    Just thinkings ahead and noticed it when I tried to get to the Battlefield forums.  I love all of you. Have fun. 
  7. We are all going to die!

    You guys went all out. Big rework :o
  8. Thank you from Team Origin

      What now? GIF war! :P <3 you Brett
  9. Thank you from Team Origin

    Only logical conclusion I could come to  :lol:
  10. Thank you from Team Origin

    I think I would of rather gotta a non-hand written letter, maybe if someone signed it personally that'd be better. (I can't talk about hand writing mine's really bad). Also to fully decode your letter I made out : "Thanks for pre-ordering Battle Field 4 on Origin. We look forward to seeing you tear up level online with the Frostbite 3 engine. Happy going. Sincerely (Okay that's a fucking scribble same with the next word that looks like theory) Team Origin." I'm pretty sure they went around to a bunch of elementary schools this year  and bribed someone into having the kids copy down this message on the board. 
  11. Bitcoin mining for ADK

     The scaling seems horrible. The more cards the less performance increase. Going from 2 to 3 cards is only a 6% boost on 1920 x 1200. Also no.  It was not designed for AMD. The architecture that AMD uses utilizes more cores which can test more answers faster.
  12. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    Talk to Brennet he'll help you two.
  13. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    The titan isn't the best of the best >.< The 690 beats it. It's the best single core GPU. But there are dual gpu cards.
  14. I have good news! My grandparents seem to be getting me a laptop! However there are some major restrictions that are just killing me right now.   Restriction: Must be found in stores (they want me to actually see and use it they don't like online purchases)   Personal restriction- Under $400 I don't like taking their money   Things I want: Intel processor ( I have an AMD and love it but I want to have an Intel so I can truly decide which I like better) i5 preferably. 4gb of RAM Decent harddrive (no Chrome books with their 16GB harddrives) Decent sized screen and keyboard ( > 13" I dislike having to use a magnifying glass to see my screen) Decently "sleek" look. There are some really ugly dells and some really nice dells. I don't want a ugly dell.   Things I could care less about  Videocard- This isn't for gaming thats what I have a desktop for. Battery life ... to an extent - Will be plugged in most of time. Must last at least 3-4 hours. OS - I have access to Windows and Linux but if you give me a Mac a) your a god for finding one for under a grand and b) I will delete the OS and burn that computer.   So yea. $400, found in stores, and an i5 are my biggest hurdles.   Closest I've found is this. The only thing it doesn't have is the i5 that I strive for. http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/983671/Toshiba-Satellite-C855-S5194-Laptop-Computer/
  15. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    Why you bought a Titan baffles me but that's beside the point right now. What I did want to say is butterfly labs and pretty much all ASIC are "pre-order" to my best knowledge only one ASIC model has ever shipped and I forget which company it was that did it.
  16. Geforce Titan

    Fastest single GPU video card. It's specs are insanity.  Intro info here: http://www.hardwareheaven.com/reviews/1685/pg1/zotac-nvidia-gtx-titan-graphics-card-review-introduction.html   Mmmmm $1000 of awesomeness 
  17. =ADK= YummyPepsi | TDM Knifing Montage |

    Warning: This is not how you make friends.
  18. Bitcoin mining for ADK

        Considering you managed to get your dick stuck in the ceiling I am amazed by how much you've done. Have you tried the in browser thing? It might find it. I would stop mining until you find out the problem. Mostly because even 0.00003757 isn't even worth the 1% of your network it's taking up.
  19. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    Hoole. You failed to specify which so I assumed the classic.
  20. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    I don't understand. Also Hoole don't rent a server..... you want GPU not CPU power.
  21. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    ummm...... try selecting turks then starting the miner. If you get a hash rate around 100 then that's your Graphics card. Otherwise, I honestly have no clue.
  22. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    1) Yes 2) Leave it as is.... I didn't even know you could change it. Actually now that I think about it, it doesn't really matter. 3) Yes 4) No this is simply a label. It's mostly meant so you can give it to certain people so then you know who's sending stuff to you. ( If you have multiple accounts for multiple pools you can see how much you're receiving from each pool). 5) Not sure what you mean? 6) Well I wouldn't be able to theoretically stalk you. Other than that no. 7) Which ever one give you the most. I haven't looked into them all to much.   I found if you start pissing on the floor of the Walmart they usually will send someone to get you. He's a really nice guy. He doesn't know how to give piggy back rides correctly however. The shoulder is not your back.      Also asking questions isn't bad plus if you have these questions chances are someone else does also. Even if they're too shy to ask.
  23. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    Don't servers have CPUs you want GPUs.

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