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  1. Someone cooked a grenade and I got blamed when they were killed not sure why script didn't catch. Please remove. Battlefield 4. Username: Guneddown.
  2. Mid and Top would be Vlad - Ult adds extra % damage for everyone effected by anyone attacking. On top of this his E allows him to melt a team. Hard. His W combined with the flash can take you from their turret to yours. And the Q requires nothing and heal for a lot. On top of all this he has a ton of health and damage. The fact that he's AP means there isn't much defense (Nobody builds lost of MR because it's more effective just to build health in most cases). He's lots of fun.  Hint: Crystal Scepter with his passive.... rape.
  3. I found Nova

    I did it like 2 days after I think. BTW that gif scares me..
  4. I found Nova

    This should be a quote.
  5. We are all going to die!

    You guys went all out. Big rework :o
  6. Thank you from Team Origin

      What now? GIF war! :P <3 you Brett
  7. We are all going to die!

    Well, not really.... actually I guess we all will eventually but that's not what this post is for.    Anyways, with the coming of Battlefield 4 (we have a page for it) I was wondering what the plan is for the "Battlefield 4" button under the Forums category in the nav bar.  Split it into a Battlefield 3 and a Battlefield 4? Merge them both somehow.    Just thinkings ahead and noticed it when I tried to get to the Battlefield forums.  I love all of you. Have fun. 
  8. Thank you from Team Origin

    Only logical conclusion I could come to  :lol:
  9. Thank you from Team Origin

    I think I would of rather gotta a non-hand written letter, maybe if someone signed it personally that'd be better. (I can't talk about hand writing mine's really bad). Also to fully decode your letter I made out : "Thanks for pre-ordering Battle Field 4 on Origin. We look forward to seeing you tear up level online with the Frostbite 3 engine. Happy going. Sincerely (Okay that's a fucking scribble same with the next word that looks like theory) Team Origin." I'm pretty sure they went around to a bunch of elementary schools this year  and bribed someone into having the kids copy down this message on the board. 
  10. Bitcoin mining for ADK

     The scaling seems horrible. The more cards the less performance increase. Going from 2 to 3 cards is only a 6% boost on 1920 x 1200. Also no.  It was not designed for AMD. The architecture that AMD uses utilizes more cores which can test more answers faster.
  11. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    Talk to Brennet he'll help you two.
  12. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    The titan isn't the best of the best >.< The 690 beats it. It's the best single core GPU. But there are dual gpu cards.
  13. Bitcoin mining for ADK

    Why you bought a Titan baffles me but that's beside the point right now. What I did want to say is butterfly labs and pretty much all ASIC are "pre-order" to my best knowledge only one ASIC model has ever shipped and I forget which company it was that did it.

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