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    Art and Gaming, which often are one and the same.

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    Windows 7 (Cause Windows 8 is terrible)
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    AMD A10 5800K Blk Edt 3800Mhz 4Mb 100w
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    XFX DD AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB
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    Ultra LSP750 750-Watt Power Supply
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    Patriot Viper 3 DDR3 16GB 1866MHz
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    Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 Hard Drive - 3TB, SATA III,
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    2 x 22" Gateway 1680x1050 HD Monitors
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    Thermaltake Commander MS-I Snow Edition
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    All old crappy Dell peripherals...

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  1. Hey man I know I was quiet for a while but I'm doing better now since the surgery, we should talk soon if you still need art done.
  2. I'm coming back for DayZ and H1Z1 soon.

    1. Fuz
    2. InternetGroper


      Record got a boner reading this status

  3. Wants to play DayZ so bad... Can't for a bit still sadly.

  4. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    Also, welcome @[member='smashley'], I'm sure I'll see you around when next I am able to game!
  5. Another girl gamer. (Tex's Replacement)

    @[member='Dallas'] How could you get replaced?  There are more gamer girls than people realize, and there's only one you, so to replace you would be impossible.  Even though you're now known as Dallas as well I will continue to call you Tex.  Besides, who would want to replace you?  Yarr they be penis's!
  6. I am back and set up again. Will be playing again soon.

  7. Going to be Out much of the day / night.

    1. Fuz


      Party hard.

    2. Friendly Jon

      Friendly Jon

      I wish I was paid in gum.

  8. Lets get this server rolling in blood again!

  9. House/apartment viewing today.

    1. Fuz


      Good Luck!

    2. Mattcubus


      Fuz you don't say that... you say break a leg!

  10. Managed to get my programs going. Working on the new DayZ Spash Screen

  11. Will do my best to be more a part of the community again as soon as I can.

    1. thatirishguy


      Then join us in Star Citizen.

    2. Tenbear


      Gonna be busy getting DayZ back up and going whenever possible.

    3. Fuz


      H1Z1 Will always be there for you as well as I will!

  12. Saints Row 4 was effin epic!

  13. It's the Canada Day long weekend. So yeah... I'm kinda boozing it up this weekend.

  14. My headset is beyond repair... Will be quiet until I get a new one sorry guys.

  15. Will try and be on tonight. Life got hella busy all at once.


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