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  1. Ahoy ADK,   I've recently created a character on Genudine.  I had the pleasure on my first day of joining a platoon run by ADK.  I had a great time and then joined another ADK platoon yesterday (1/16/2012).  Great members and tactics, the outfit on Planetside 2 is exactly what I've wanting.     I've been playing vidja games since before the NES (started on an Apple IIc at about four).  I've been into competitive multiplayer since Quake 1 and dial-up.  In addition to FPS, I've also put in some time on the MMO circuit.  As far as my recent experience is concerned, I put in 145 hours of COD MW2 mp and 108 hours for COD BLOPS 1 mp.  I logged 245 hours of Bad Company 2 mp, 131 hours of BF3 mp, countless hours of BF2 mp, and veteran rank 6 (previous BF games).   I'm all about teamwork in multiplayer.  I rarely participate in FFA game modes, several always trumps one.  I'd really like to join up as I've never really been a part of a gaming community aside from real life friends.   Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.   Zapsuk

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