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  1. Arizona, NorCal, Washington, Oregon people!

    have to let me know where in washington @[member='Blastbeats']
  2. No more voting on BF4 Clans

    just they dont like the fact that more people like us then them
  3. BF3 Gameplay - Dynasty on TDM

    I see the aimbot
  4. Spoodermen's 5 minute notice

    later dude
  5. Restrict Macros?

    try it out nice
  6. Hello

  7. Valiidate here!

    welcome hit me up on ts ill run with you on alot
  8. The great gun thread

    L've got a gun older then most of us here. i have a savage 243 lever action rifle.
  9. Battlefield 3 End Game Expansion Server Use?

    have to go with ctf
  10. ATVs

    thinking about putting one on the back as well
  11. ATVs

    its been raining here on an off the past week. i buried it last saturday testing the tires. it was a BIG mud hole about 2ft deep. going to get the front end winch friday so i dont get stuck again.

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