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  • Birthday 04/19/1989

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    phenix city, AL

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    windows 7 pro
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    EVGA z97 FTW
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    Intel I-7 4790k
  • Graphics
    EVGA GTX 980Ti
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    Corsair 850w gold rated
  • RAM
    16gb 8x2 Corsair Vengence DDR-2400
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 evo 750gb sdd 1x 1TB WD green 64mb cache
  • Audio
    corsair vengence 1500 7.1 surround headset
  • Monitor
    2x Benq XL2410t 120hz led
  • Case
    Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced
  • Peripherals
    Razer BlackWidow ultimate and Razer Death Adder
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  1. Hello World

    Great guy real level headed, have had some fun fire fights (kami'd me a safe zone) and some other stuff.     Wanting him to get in so i can have an all day adviser on!
  2. Introseduction: EssenMeineSchiebe

    Chill as hell, plays other games and is easy to get long with.         Has plenty of time in teamspeak and game has my +1.  
  3. Intro: xvISAVAGEIvx

    I need this man!  He is active as all get out on Dayz, cool guy level headed need some ADK on him!
  4. Ho Ho Ho

    +1 crazy bastard, fun to play with and goofy as hell!
  5. [OFFICIAL] Battlefield 4 Platoons

    @[member='caveman70']   Guess you are the man i need to ask about getting an invite to the platoon/platoons.  Need to knock some of this rust off and rock some faces again!
  6. Trent212 caving in finally!

    Work week is almost over, i can feel it!  Game time is right around the conrer!
  7. Trent212 caving in finally!

    work all weekend and i've got to do a fresh install with these new samsung ssd i got!
  8. Trent212 caving in finally!

    I'll have to patch up Bf4 been neglecting it since i fired up dayz again!
  9. I've been playing on ADK servers for the better part of 2 years.  As of late it is hard to find people who want to play the games i do and here there are plenty to play with!  Although i do get my kicks playing Dayz with zsadist and the crew it is nice to see so many people active in so many games here.   Hoping to further my ties with ADK and have an enjoyable gaming future here!
  10. [BUY NOW] Battlefield 4 Reserved Slots

    time to change that bf3 server slot i haven't used but been paying for to a bf4 one :D
  11. Pepsi Is Going To Be Upset

    oh ive been around adk for a while many months of DayZ.
  12. Pepsi Is Going To Be Upset

    I'd throw up an app for BF4 or dayz if it was still around, but between work and raiding on WoW every now and then and DOTA.  Not much time to dedicate to one single group of people i play with :S  Granted i still help keep your guys servers up and play in them when ever i can get a chance.  I will have to think it through about the app though!
  13. Anyone use a tethering app to play BF4?

    Yeah it sucks hard i have a data cap on the lan line and it isn't very much.  So i tether to my phone which has unlimited data and 4g so like 6mb up and down connection.  Plays everything else fine, but when i go to connect it just loads up then disconnects instantly.
  14. I've been using Pdanet for years on bf3 and other games.  When Bf4 went live and i went to join a server it just loads then closes and doesn't load the game.  If anyone has a working tether app for droid, i would be forever grateful!

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