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  1. FCC Net Neutrality

    It won't let me edit my above post so here is an aside:   Any Netops here? Inquiring minds want to know if someone were to force all their egress traffic to COS 7 / DiffServ 46 would the providers network be obliged to preserve and forward at those priority levels under the new ruling? I know in general they remark all traffic to 0 when it hits their network but under the ruling wouldn't that be illegal traffic manipulation?
  2. FCC Net Neutrality

    I'll be interested to see how the proposed rules are going to be enforced. Its not like some joe blow from the FCC is going to Level 3's NOC every tuesday and pull up every fucking router on the network and check on every single interface that touches a BGP peer. Its going to be reliant on one transit provider ratting another out for perceived traffic manipulation, by the time the FCC arrives the culprit can just blow away the config and play dumb. I guess they could just make use of the NSA's taps at peering points to monitor, 2 birds with one stone.   The whole Net Neutrality rules/law/whatever they passed basically is just saying "Be Good or we will step in", there's really no substance to it.
  3. Super Tech Babble: Am I being trolled?

    Its a joke...It's just a bunch of hardware/software related verbs and nouns strung together.   Once you’ve got that set up, you can upgrade to DDR3 with a hex-edited string available from the darknet   Download moar RAM off of Darknet, 4chan can help!
  4. Outdoor Sound System

    Bose 151's are pretty much the standard of outdoor speakers. They can handle being left outside for years and function fine. We had them on a boat for years, another pair on a deck for nearly a decade through harsh winters and wet summers. Pair them up with this http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dta-1-class-t-digital-ac-dc-mini-amplifier-15-wpc--300-380 and your good to go.
  5. Is it bad to shut down your computer every time your done

    Leave it running, powering on and off excessively just wears components that would otherwise sit idle. Components are far more likely to fail on startup than to fail while running. Hard disks are the prime example.
  6. Asus Router's Vulnerability

    If your using an Asus router read the links below. The first link is general overview and the second is the researchers description.   http://windowsitpro.com/security/another-day-new-router-vulnerability-discovered   http://seclists.org/bugtraq/2013/Jul/87     Pretty epic fuck up, pass words in plain text, root share open, etc.    Anyone have a Asus router that wants to test it out? =)
  7. Anyone a Linux fan? Any Flavor...post here

    Used a bunch of distros for fun just to learn. For work I've used suse, ubuntu, freebsd variant, and RHEL. I'm hardly proficient but its fun to learn. Favorite is probably the RHEL variants [RHEL, CentOS, Fedora] 
  8. Cyber Security and Gaming

        Your link doesn't make any sense in this debates context. Subnetting has nothing to do with NAT.   With IPv6 the RFC calls for the minimum ISP issued subnet to be a /64, that's 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IP addresses.  This completely negates the need for NAT, every device can receive a publicly routed address and you block the ports as need, as was intended from the inception of the internet. NAT's still going to exist but its not necessary anymore.       And your bit about pfsense....I have to believe you've never used it before. PF stands for Packet Filter, its primary intent is a Firewall, although its routing, HA, and other features are stellar.
  9. Cyber Security and Gaming

    NAT has absolutely nothing to do with security, it exists only to mitigate the lack of ipv4 ip's, IPv6 negates the need for NAT entirely.   Buy a sonicwall tz 100 or install PFSense on a old system, wan>lan - deny all, lan<wan - allow the ports you need or if you don't care allow all , check your logs once a night for crazy traffic or setup a email for reports. Plenty of security for a home user.
  10. What's your occupation?

    Disappointed there aren't more high level IT topics in the forum with the amount IT folks here! Wheres the DataCenter pron and "Bitlocker just locked 16TB's on my SAN" posts!?!?   I'm an inch deep and a mile wide. PTP Microwave, LMR, 911 dispatch, networking, sysadmin, virtualization, site construction, bitchy printer expert.  Pretty much always worked in environments that require 5 9's of reliability. At any given time there's between 3 and 7 ways a user can contact me which can be hell but makes for a fast day.
  11. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

    Running some quick numbers, assuming Oregon Trail version 5 requirements, 45,000 instances at once. B)
  12. Post Pictures of Your Gaming PC

      My memory size is measured in Terabytes.
  13. Be Aware of Your Internet Profile

    Being aware of social engineering and follow this http://xkcd.com/936/
  14. my babe

    Let me guess, you bought that on the internet through the "Seven Layer" firewall you have because your dad is the Ambassador for South Korea.
  15. Winter is soon approaching... Ice fishing!

    Yea its pretty big on the lake we used to live on. Lots of icehouses, trucks parked all over, pop ups. Some of the guys run generators to power tvs and satelite tv in their icehouses watching hockey/football. Great hideout to fish and get out of the house and away from nagging wives haha

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