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  1. Zeggs dropping by

      That's how most people spell my name :)  
  2. Zeggs dropping by

    Hello ADK!   I'm Zeggs and I have been running with you guys in Planetside2 for a few days now and have been in on the Teamspeak channels for the last day or two. My name is Cory and I'm in Omaha, Nebraska.   I've been playing games for a long time. Intellivision was the first console and the first computer I was playing games on was the Apple ][e. Fast forward a couple years and I was playing door games on local BBS's - anyone remember Trade Wars? think a primitive version of Eve. So yeah, I'm dating myself just a bit.    I'm currently playing WoW (debating on whether to keep the sub active), Guild Wars 2, Eve and Planetside 2. I haven't been playing FPSs for quite a while so my apologies for the poorly aimed frags and occasional shots to the chest. If it helps, I'm sure you've ran me over a time or two in a tank or sunderer while I'm trying to do running repairs as an engineer. I also need to get a headset but i'm listening in on TS in the interim (and open to suggestions for a moderately priced, decent quality headset).

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