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  1. Please to Delete

    I'm trying to erase my internet footprint as best as possible. Can I request the administrators of this community delete this account and all my posts? Thank you.
  2. Uhm hi :D

    Hi~ I'm 4sostrander. My real name's Silus, and I'm from Bozeman, Montana. I currently reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico, though. I'm a high school student, 16, and in my Junior (Grade 11) year.  I play tons of single-player games, mostly 4X Strategy and RPGs (oh and tons of roguelikes), but as for Multiplayer, I'm an ex-WoW addict, ex-TF2 buffoon, Minecrafter (On MutinyCraft and my private modded server), Planetside 2 - New Conglomerate-er, as well as a Tribes: Ascend Blood Eagle-er, and...uhm, I think that's it. Probably. I watch more anime than is healthily recommended by my doctor, slice-of-life is my weakspot, and I play lots of video games when I'm not being a weeaboo. I'm not annoying or elitist about anything excluding music, mostly since I'm a pretentious hipster piece of shit.  I hate every single person my age. Every. Single. One.   I'm pretty quiet in real life, but on the computer, I should be fine. I...uh, yeah.   That's it. Hi. <3

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