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  1. BF1 Closed Alpha

    The first rule of Closed Alpha club is that you don't talk about Closed Alpha club.
  2. Do I want to come back?

    So, a little while back I kinda sorta had a ragequit moment... I play almost exclusively on Metro. Originally I became an advisor because of all the time I spent spectating. The loadout enforcer has since made that kind of moot though. Don't need to do it nearly as much anymore, which is both good and bad. So now I can play instead. Except thanks to my hours, I miss out on prime time action. I wind up playing during European hours. When I'm online, the server is often empty. When it's not, it's people with high ping. And let me tell you, in CQB with shotguns, ping can become a huge deciding factor. So now I'm trying to decide... Do I want to try to come back right now, or should I just wait for BF1 and get in on things when that's released?
  3. Banning bipods!

    Some of these replies show exactly why we can't trust feedback from players. Too many want to ban bipods not because of the potential hack, but because they don't want to counter bipods with a different loadout.
  4. Banning bipods!

    The problem with banning them because of a glitch is how many legit uses they actually do have, particularly when shooting at any kind of range.   I've been trying to level up a Type88, for example. No grips unlocked, just the default bipod. Trying to hit anything with that is near impossible.
  5. Banning bipods!

    I have a prediction.   Let's assume for a moment we ban bipods on Metro due to votes. I suspect the amount of people playing support will plummet, since an LMG on a bipod is a big part of the appeal for many people.   My prediction is this- the same players that voted to ban bipods will be among the first to complain that there's not enough ammo packs being dropped.

    I wish we'd had more warning, I'd have taken the night off so I could have actually played.
  7. ADK on Neebs Gaming

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMZ0hZZdLrk   If you're not already aware, these are the same people that made the Battlefield Friends series.   If you jump to about 5:30, that may be our server, Lockers. It's definitely our ADK members!   @[member='Surdawi'] @[member='CorruptedMind'] @[member='Zaizz']
  8. Hey

    I keep TS muted a lot, especially when I'm at work.   Depending on who's online, sometimes that actually works better...
  9. Best attachments for assault/carbine weapons?

    Loadout design varies from map to map, playstyle to playstyle. Gotta read the descriptions and choose what works best for you in a given situation.
  10. Finally Promoted! Easter Egg Finished!

    Somebody reported that as hacking the other day. Made me giggle.
  11. Battlefield 4 has stopped working

    I had thought that 12 would have been enough, yeah. But I guess the sticks I had in there were bad.
  12. Battlefield 4 has stopped working

    I fixed it.   I went from 12 to 32 gigs of RAM, and now it's running great.   Guess my ram sticks were failing.
  13. Battlefield 4 has stopped working

    After doing some troubleshooting, it looks like I had 16 gigs of RAM in two sticks go bad. Upgrading to the 970 apparently allowed games to use it and that was causing the problem.   I think.
  14. So, apparently my old GTX 660 can handle this game, but it's just too much for my new GTX 970.   How messed up is that?
  15. #7 Metro Ping

    Those times I'm spectating are because I can't play. Got no mouselook while I'm at work. When I'm home and CAN play, that's when the ping is back up. And why I'm sad.

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