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  1. I Was Here Today!!

    AHA!, i strike again today i slept 13 hours still feel tired, WTF? probation officer visit went good yesterday. replace on oxygen sensor in my car today but it still barely runs, got one more to change out tomorrow and if that doesnt fix it im fucked cause its the catalytic converter which is too much for me to fix myself. read the ex-cop on a killing spree's manifesto, and what the mainstream media is saying is really not all that true. seems like an honest man who got fucked for reporting another officer's misconduct and now he is going to bring attention to the corruptness of the lapd. i dont agree with his methods but i can see how someone can get to that point.
  2. I Was Here Today!!

    i feel really tired yet i slept for 9 hours/ gotta see my probation officer today, WOOHOO! possibly get a hair cut too? i spend alot of my time on 4chan.org/b/    (image board ) or http://otp22.referata.com   (an ARG i play)
  3. No Internet No Mouse!

    i use a g600, its actually really nice for any game not just mmo's. its got 3 main buttons which takes a little getting used to but its really handy because on planetside 2 i use the far right main button for a dpi shift so when i am scoped in i can make small adjustments much easier. also all of the other buttons on the side are really easy to use and hella handy for different voice options like proximity, squad, platoon, outfit, teamspeak, etc. i have also had a razer mamba and i have to say the g600 is a much better mouse, considering the fact i dropped my g600 multiple times and it still works great, and i dropped my mamba ONCE and it broke.the g600 is also much cheaper. for my keyboard i have a razer lycosa and i have to say its the best keyboard ive ever owned, and i also own a logitech g510. so overall id say, IMO... logitech makes better mice razer makes better keyboards. just my opinion and personal experiences
  4. It's the Final Countdown

    did you find this on 4chan/b/? because someone posts something very similar to this on there.are you that guy?either way, i like your style. what color seems to be the overall winner for you?
  5. Member Picture Thread

    few years old ill post a new ones later, maybe. [attachment=889:profilepic.jpg]
  6. blyind here

    figured i'd introduce myself im m/26/AZ love games i play.. sc 2, diablo 3, ps 2, bf3, various steam games. currently no job so im on way too much

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