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  1. Need a but of advice

    Okay so i need help over the past few months I have been working my ass off for some money, I feel that I am ready to start off by building a brand new gaming PC   So here's my problem I don't know shit about computer specs all this the most I can do is build it and get all the stuff set up   So i need a list of specs that you can give me and links to like newegg, amazon, etc. My limit for price is around 700$ ±75$
  2. Anyone in Cali feel that

    Felt another one, hope all y'all are okay
  3. Anyone in Cali feel that

    Felt it, spooky
  4. Member Picture Thread

    Best i could do with my phone gone
  5. PC in repair

    He dropped it   [spoiler] Off the top of his 2 story house [/spoiler]
  6. PC in repair

    So my PC that i play games on is in repair because it got damaged from my friend being an asshole. I am posting this from my old laptop the CANNOT play games at all. If i even try to run Planetside 2 (or any other game) it would just be too much for it. I won't be AFK on the forums  but i will be on any games for a while
  7. Hello!

    Well, It had to happen someday :P   Why thank you, I tried beating it with the power glove got to rat race and then i got a game over. It was extremely awkward to do
  8. Hello!

    O.O hi...  jkjk real intro is below [spoiler] Hello everyone, My name is Poisonedzero or Alex if you perfer. I found out about ADK by playing Planetside 2 (NC4LIFE). I am an avid video-game player who will be turning 15 in a few months. I own both a PS3 and an Xbox 360 (Xbox is broken xD).  Random Facts Favorite game: Chrono trigger/Spyro 2: Riptos Rage Current Pets: Jack Russel, Chihuahua, and BUNNEH Perfers PS3 (Flamewar might happen BEWARE) Also random thing to piss people off, I find Battletoads to be quite easy. [/spoiler]    

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