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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Phire in Final Goodbye.   
    So here we go.
    Many if not most of you will not know who I am, (I've been on leave for almost a year) but to those who do I want them to know that as of this post I am handing in my tags as an ADK member. 
    Here are my reasons, they are not meant to throw shade or sound aggressive, but ADK has generated enough respect from me that I need to give them an explanation as to why I'm leaving. 
     This community is not the ADK I joined three and a half years ago. There was once a time where we were a mature adult gaming community, a time when you had to prove that you were a competent person who wasn't going to get hurt the first time someone teased them. That time is long gone. Values were shadowed in the mad rush from recruitment and leaders were pressured to accept new members not because of how they meshed with the community but how many posts they had. If you didn't recruit enough members to your section, obviously you weren't a good leader. We became so focused on growing our numbers and trying to please everyone that we forgot what attracted ADK's veteran members in the first place. 
    Make no mistake, I've had a fantastic time with ADK over the past few years, I would never deny that and I don't wish for this post to take away from those years. Being able to lead Planetside 2, Minecraft, and News was a great experience. It's been a pleasure to call ADK my hope for this long. At this point I'm not leaving for anywhere, maybe just back to focusing on my life. 
    Not going to mention anyone because one thing has never changed in ADK, news travels faster than an auto-admin ban. If you want to comment on this at all, please PM me instead of making a big deal about it in the comments.  
    PS2 Outfit shit
    Public Relations Nonsense
    Writing and Stuff
    Minecraft omfg so excited
    Omg did I just hear a girl talk?
    Official Sarcasm HQ
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to AOBLXIX in =ADK= Promotions - 10/3/2014   
    So many of you will be expecting more promotions within this topic, but I will just burst your bubble now and let you know that this is a small list of promotions as the other list is still being decided. 
    This post is for promotions to Lead Veteran Admins. These two individuals who are being promoted have done a tremendous amount of work for this community, most of the time without even being asked to do what they've done.  They go out of their way to make sure that things get done as well as take on tasks in other sections that they don't normally deal with.  I'm certain you probably know who these two people are by now already but I will still be listing them anyways. 
    Caveman - Cave has been with ADK for almost 2 years, and it's hard to believe it's been that long. It's definitely an honor to have someone like himself, who lives halfway across the world from the main "hub" of this community. Like all of the leaders, as well as the next individual who will be announced; he spends countless hours working to better this community. He was thrown into a DayZ role to help structure DayZ and he has done one heck of a job with that.  I think everyone can agree on that, especially DayZ Admins and Advisers. It wasn't an easy game to take on the role of structuring everything that was in there, but he's probably one of the best members that we've had who can put a leadership structure together all while putting together wiki's and other documents for the Admins/Advisers below him to make their jobs easier.
    Cagregorio - Greg is another individual who has done a tremendous amount of work within the community and stepping up to take games under his wing.  And Greg is also a perfect example of someone who has taken on roles of leadership and has always strived to push himself further as well as trying to get others to do the same to themselves.  He's taken on multiple games known that they aren't always seen in a positive light and has worked to change that for the community. Archeage is a recent game that he's taken the VA role for and has done a great job with all of the leaders within that section of our community. 
    I think that everyone can agree that both of these guys are great leaders and are a great example of what motivation can do not only for themselves but the community as well. They have gone out of their way multiple times to do things for the community as well as thinking about the community and what ways they could better it, even if it's something that most people might not see or know about. 
    Thank you Cave and Greg for all the time and dedication that you have put into our wonderful gaming community. 
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    darkstarzx2 got a reaction from Homeboy in Member Picture Thread   
    I tell ya what, @[member='Homeboy55'], that girl below you looks like she could woop everyone's ass there! XD
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Degenatron in Intro Thread - Degenatron   
    Hi, my name is Degenatron - just call me D-Gen. I've just signed up and put in my app. I'm looking to join up with ADK so I can run with a big organized crew. I play as an HA most of the time, I also run as medic and engineer (for driving). I'm currently BR93. I've been playing since beta. If there is anything you'd like to know, just ask.
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to AOBLXIX in [IMPORTANT] Lacking Donations - 2 Months In A Row!!   
    So there comes a time where I need to make a post about this and so far 2 months in a row we've been short at least $400 for donations.    There was some left over from previous months a while back, but that is slowly running dry.  
    Something for all of you to think about:
    44oz Soda - $1.25
    Candy $2
    Starbucks - $5
    Fast Food - $5 to $15
    Movies - $12 to $30
    Those are some of the things that people buy each month, sometimes more than once.    Now we have on average 300 people who login to the website each and every day.   So let's just use that number for our stats.  
    If each of those 300 people just donated $5 ONCE a month that would be $1500 that comes towards ADK to help keep this community running.    For those of you that don't know, none of this stuff is free.   It costs money to run all of our servers and costs money to run the web server as well.    The only way for a community to continue to grow and stay on it's feet is to bring in donations to keep the servers paid for and get them populated.  
    But AOB I don't have a paypal account!
    You don't need one!   You can submit a payment as a guest and you don't have to register an account on paypal.
    But I don't have a credit card I only have cash!
    Perfect, go to your local store and pick up something like a visa gift card and you can donate that way through paypal.  It's easy. 
    In this day and age there's honestly not much of an excuse to "not be able to donate".    Yes I understand finances are tough for some people. . I get it.   But to say "I have money but can't donate because I don't have a paypal account or a credit card" is by far the worst excuse out there.  
    How many friends have you created within ADK, and how many hours have you spent within this community gaming, and using services provided for you that are technically FREE to use.     Next time you go somewhere like the movies, starbucks, gamestop, etc. . . when they tell you the total just let them know you aren't going to pay for it, but you're going to go watch the movie anyways and expect a drink and popcorn with it.   Or tell starbucks to make your overpriced coffee and give it to you anyways.      Let us know how well that works out for you.  
    Seriously though folks, if you want ADK to continue to be here for you and everyone else as well as see it go places. . well we're going to need some donations.   So any amount helps as we've always said but we can't go 3 months now without making our goals.   We haven't even made the "smaller" goals that we used to have before we had BF4 in the past 2 months.  
    As always everyone support is greatly appreciated, but unfortunately this stuff needs to be brought up sometimes.  
    Another reminder of what a one time donation from 300 people would bring in each month:
    $5 - $1500
    $7 - $2100
    $10 - $3000
    $12 - $3600
    $15 - $4500
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Bromance in Why the end of the $60 video game is near.   
    There's a war going on in the video game world, but it's over dollar signs, not virtual land.
    A boxed copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the world's top-selling console game, costs $60.Angry Birds, the world's biggest mobile game franchise, costs $1 for software that you can download in under a minute. The pricing gap between what's traditionally considered the highest-tier premium games and the fast-evolving mobile, tablet, and social gaming market is widening, and it's spelling disaster for countless game makers caught in the middle.
    According to The NPD Group, physical content sales were down 8% in 2011. This year hasn't been a cakewalk either, with sales continuing to slide. Though some of the blame can rightfully be foisted upon the decline of the once-mighty Wii, it's apparent that people aren't buying games like they used to, and the industry is scrambling to figure out why. But most agree that it begins — and likely ends — with the high cost of new games.
    The sentiment that games cost too much is certainly not new. Wired's Chris Kohler recently outlined a list of reasons games cost too much and combated the argument that the used game market can be blamed. Nexon America's CEO Daniel Kim told GamesIndustry International that "Free-to-Play" games (often called "Freemium" because users are incentivized to pay small premiums for more content) are not going away and the traditional model will have to change.
    He's right. $60 has always been an embarrassing, crippling barrier of entry compared to gaming's entertainment peers. A brand new book, DVD, or CD rarely breaks the $20 mark, and even the highest tier Blu-rays cap out at around $30. Why are new games so pricey?
    Publishers have long blamed console games' high price on a plethora of issues. Skyrocketing development costs is a biggie, as is piracy. Most recently, publishers are taking aim at the used game market, charging that the buying and selling of used merchandise is taking cash out of their pockets.But whatever impact on profitability these concerns have, it doesn't change two monumental problems:
    - Psychologically, $60 just sounds expensive. This isn't anecdotal, this is common sense.  Unless you're financially independent, $60 outright repels a vast slice of the entertainment consumer populace that the games industry desperately needs to convert to grow and survive.
    - People are having fun playing more affordable games. The choice and product quality at the bottom end of the pricing scale -- anything under $15 or so -- has grown tremendously in a relatively short period of time. Games like Draw Something, Angry Birds, and Infinity Blade aren't only played by 'casual' gamers.
    That being said, the top perennial franchises like Halo, Elder Scrolls, Battlefield, and Madden aren't going anywhere, at least for a while longer. Games that critics and consumers universally laud as "must-haves" can continue to support this massive premium.  But it's the mid-tier titles, the unestablished IPs, the riskier endeavors, the worthwhile games that don't quite master the magic formula, that will never get off the ground. Even highly-praised franchise entries like Rayman Origins struggle, and publishers like THQ have been threatened with NASDAQ delisting despite enjoying sales that "exceed expectations." Black Rock, creators of critical darlings Pure and Split/Second, were denied sequels by publisher Disney to focus on freemium content and eventually shuttered entirely.
    The most egregious example of old-school thinking is the release of Plants vs. Zombies on PlayStation Vita.  One of the rarer "crossover" successes, the game costs $3 on the iPhone but a whopping  $15 on the Vita for an identical product. Why? Because it's a dedicated gaming device and core gamers are accustomed to paying higher premiums. How long can this madness last?
    It's not just Facebook and smartphones that threaten to steal that audience. The consoles themselves have thriving online stores in Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, offering gaming alternatives with high production value and more relaxed pricing. Just look to successes like Battlefield 1943 (over 1MM units sold), Xbox's Castle Crashers (sold 2.6 million), and recent PS3 hit Journey, which quickly became the PSN's fastest-selling title ever.
    If the Old Guard would just drop the charade that $60 is the only feasible price point, they might find an unexpectedly higher volume of purchasers to mitigate the reduced revenue per gamer. I realize that the $60 Call of Duty costs some tens of millions more to develop, market, and distribute than the $1 Angry Birds, but is there really a $59 differential there? Someone wiser than me in economics can surely model up a theory that finds a middle ground.

    [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/index.html/_/gaming-news/why-the-end-of-the-60-video-game-is-near-r252]Click here to view the article[/url]
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    darkstarzx2 got a reaction from DestinedToFlail in Member Picture Thread   

    My girlfriend and I, going on 6 years of dating! :)
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to AOBLXIX in Admin Promotions - 1/31/2014   
    So I'm certain many of you have been wondering when the next set of promotions will be taking place.     That time is now!    I'm always looking for people to have move up the ranks within ADK for one reason or another, and this next set of individuals have given what it takes especially in times of need.  
    Game Manager -
    Protoss - DayZ Manager - This promotion comes as protoss has been doing quite a lot for the DayZ section currently as well as in the past.   While we might not always see eye to eye on certain things(which isn't a bad thing), he does understand what ADK is about and what I look for and has done a great job within getting DayZ SA going for ADK, and bringing people in to help with that.  This is a promotion that will allow him more room to get things done and to promote individuals when the time comes as DayZ continues to grow for ADK.    
    Veteran Admin Promotions - 
    Metal - PS2 Veteran Admin - Many of you have known Metal to be Homeboys right hand man recent as Homeboy has been busy with the high school life which is something that we are glad to see.   The bad part is, he's always exhausted when he gets home and normally just passes out.   But it's great to see that he's having a great time during his life that many of us had at his age.    During this time Metal has done a lot of things for the outfit and has put a lot of time and effort into creating a structure that will help the outfit out in a variety of ways.    Along with that, Metal has a level head and has always handled situations in ways that those above him appreciate.   It was only right that he be moved up to Veteran Admin for PS2 and I think a lot of people can agree with that. 
    Caveman - Veteran Admin - While you might be wondering well why isn't there a game that he's being promoted too, and that's because he won't just be helping out ADK with one particular game.    While he will be helping out with Battlefield still much like Nova, Vinas and Myself still do in making sure that everything is still running smoothly and helping out where is needed.  He will also be helping out with other things like making sure people get their in game perks, team speak perks as well as some of the forum perks.   Most of you might not know the story behind Cave and how he came about here at ADK, but I can say I'm definitely glad he decided to join us.   And it's great being able to have someone like himself; who has helped ADK expand even further to the world, in this community.  
    Lead Veteran Admin Promotions - 
    Bromance - So many of you might not know, but Bromance is one of the few ADK Members who has been around the longest.  This guy has pretty much seen it all with the growth of ADK.    And you can also thank him for bringing Warspite and WarspiteJr over because that is a great father son duo that I'm glad to say is a part of ADK.    This promotion comes as it's time to put the Veteran in Lead Veteran admin to use with Bromance.  While he has to smack me into shape sometimes, he knows what I like and don't like within the community and he has always stuck by that.   It's definitely been a long time coming for this promotion for him, and if you have any questions or issues he'll always have something to help you out with. 
    Community Managers - 
    Novaura/VinasSol - These two are getting the same paragraph and they'll live with it.  :)   Both of these individuals came into ADK and were always eager to help and do whatever they could to promote ADK and literally did anything I asked pretty much.   Nova first came to ADK when I would see him on the BF3 server at about 3 or 4 in the morning and then I'd wake up a few hours later to find Nova still on the same server.  So after him seeing the nuke used a few times and me telling him to stop by the website he did.   And that's where it all started.    Now Vinas on the other hand. . that's a different story and man he sure knows how to push buttons but he's done a lot for myself and ADK.  He's always helped with stuff that most people don't notice on a day to day basis but has always been there to help when it's needed most.      These 2 individuals have put up with by far the most crap from me than anyone else.   They are and probably will always be the 2 individuals that I tell things that they could probably care less about, but they listen and respond and help fix the problems.    If you think I've gotten upset at any of you for something, you probably haven't experienced what these 2 guys have.   They're my right hand men and I greatly appreciate that from them.   The time and effort that they have put into ADK is a huge reason of why we are where we are today.  And words can't express how much they mean to myself and ADK.  
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    darkstarzx2 got a reaction from Homeboy in Member Picture Thread   
    @[member='Homeboy55'] is half black?!? O____O
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Fink in Member Picture Thread   
    @[member='darkstarzx2'] No *hit* He's half cow, duh.
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Phire in Member Picture Thread   
    I didn't know Homeboy was so cute ^_^
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Fink in Member Picture Thread   
    Guys, I finally found a picture of @[member='Homeboy55']!

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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Fink in Member Picture Thread   
    I kept forgetting to post this, but here is a picture of @[member='Homeboy55']
    Nice daisy dukes  :P
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Zsadist in Member Picture Thread   
    How are you so ugly and her so cute?
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Dynasty in Member Picture Thread   
    Well here you all go its me joke away <3

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    darkstarzx2 reacted to NoTwitch in Member Picture Thread   
    This is a few years old, but I'm old too.  Close enough...I look the same.  :-)
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to FlammingCliff in Member Picture Thread   

    Hi :)
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Cruz_5326 in New Donation from darkstarzx2   
    Thank you sir!
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    darkstarzx2 got a reaction from Area51Brett in New Donation from darkstarzx2   
    Thanks, @[member='area51Brett']. I'm gonna be able to start working again, so I should be able to squeeze out some more dollars next time. Since I won't be playing much when school starts back up in January, might even apply for a gold membership. :)
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    darkstarzx2 got a reaction from Area51Brett in New Donation from darkstarzx2   
    Thanks, @[member='area51Brett']. I'm gonna be able to start working again, so I should be able to squeeze out some more dollars next time. Since I won't be playing much when school starts back up in January, might even apply for a gold membership. :)
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Pepsi in New Donation from darkstarzx2   
    @[member='darkstarzx2'] thx for the help man!
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    darkstarzx2 got a reaction from Area51Brett in New Donation from darkstarzx2   
    Thanks, @[member='area51Brett']. I'm gonna be able to start working again, so I should be able to squeeze out some more dollars next time. Since I won't be playing much when school starts back up in January, might even apply for a gold membership. :)
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Area51Brett in New Donation from darkstarzx2   
    Every donation means a lot, thanks @[member='darkstarzx2']
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Godofdrakes in Shorah friends   
    Living in Alaska you can imagine there isn't much of a local gaming community. ADK sounds like an exelent chance to join a quality community, and the facrt it isn't bound to one game is a great bonus.

    My preferred games are Planetside 2 and Dungeons and Dragons Online though I play quite a few more than that.
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to ialoneloveyou in Member Picture Thread   

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