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    darkstarzx2 reacted to AOBLXIX for a article, A Letter To The Battlefield Community   
    Hello Battlefield Community, I'm glad you're taking the time to read this.    As someone who runs successful Battlefield 3 servers and has multiple Battlefield 4 servers I'd like you to take a second to read what is going on. 
    If you don't remember way back when, about 2 years ago when Battlefield 3 was released there were the SAME issues that people are experiencing now which are pissing a lot of people off.   You would have thought that certain issues like crashing because of explosives, high ticket counts, large server population (64 players) would have been first on the list for things to NOT do in Battlefield 4.   That's clearly not the case as seen by the multitude of crashes that have been happening.   
    Currently server owners have no control over a lot of things like the server crashes which people say "Noob admin" or "fu**ing admin" because the people get ZERO XP.      Server admins, especially the ones here at =ADK= want to provide the best servers, the most enjoyable as well as servers that give the most variety.   When we get limited because of Battlelog issues, server crashes on particular maps, there's only so much we can do.  
    Personally I believe =ADK= is one of the first to do what we are doing on our 24/7 Operation Lockers servers to make sure that the Battlefield Community get's the XP that they deserve.    To those of you who are pissed off that the round might end in 4 minutes sometimes, you need to understand that EVERY ROUND otherwise the server would be crashing.    Does the server still crash?  Yes it does unfortunately, but we are doing what we can to help prevent that issue because EA/DICE still have not put out a patch to fix the issue.    Currently as I'm writing this article one of our OL servers has been up for an 1 hour 40 minutes.    Where normally the uptime would only be at say 15 minutes now.    So while some might say "I'M ONLY GETTING 400 XP IN 4 5 MINUTES!!!!"     Ok well take that and multiply that by let's say 10 rounds. . . and you get 4,000 XP, plus multiple conquest ribbons.  Where as if we don't do what we are doing then you will get ZERO XP and then ZERO Ribbons. . 
    "Well why not lower the player count"  -  Why be like everyone else when we can do something different?   I've looked many other servers who have lowered the player count and 98% of them aren't full constantly and have large downtimes, where as ours on the other hand have only had small downtimes and are full every other time.     If you can't see here, =ADK= is trying to provide the best experience (XP) possible. . no pun intended. .   Does it suck that rounds are super short sometimes?   Of course it does, but would you rather have a server that crashes and you get ZERO XP, or a server where you have 2 short rounds, 1 longer round and you get all of your XP every round?    I'm certain I'm not the only one who hates having to level up 5 times before you actually get to that level.  
    So why not take a step back for a second, and see that we're not being "madmins" we're not being "noob admins" and we're trying to do what's best for the entire battlefield community with the cards that we have been dealt.    We've already had to remove maps from our other servers that cause crashes to make sure that people don't have to go through any crashes. 
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to AOBLXIX for a article, 9/11 - Never Forgotten   
    12 years ago I remember walking into my high school band room and seeing 1 of the twin towers on fire and then moments later watched a plane crash into the second tower.     This is something that I'll never forget and I think that about 2/3 of the members here will agree with.  
    If you haven't done so while you're out and about, thank someone who's serving or who has served before.   Let them know that you appreciate what they are doing or what they have done, buy them a drink, fill up their gas tank, shake their hand, whatever it might be.   
    To all of you in ADK who have served or currently serving. . . Thank You!  It's an honor to have all of you in this community.   
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to AOBLXIX for a article, Re: 3rdDegreeBryns Community   
    So I don't normally bring these type of issues to the public until immature adults decide to do things like what's mentioned in the image below. 

    First, it's not just the =ADK= Servers that are being attacked rather the host of machines in our Chicago network that are being attacked.  Sure we could have a say in it as we do have successful servers.   And it's been shown that these types of things do happen to people who have something good going on.     And th guys at 3DB would know that the attacks are hitting everyone if they actually had people in their servers but it appears they care more about what is going on with other servers than they do populating their own.     Don't forget how they like to trash our server rankings yet even through these past few days we've still managed to stay at considerably higher than any of their servers.
    And clearly the individuals over at 3DB have no idea how companies are run and the fact that there are times where meetings need to be moved forward with a sense of urgency, and getting the point across with very little discussion.   But again, don't let the fact that ADK has been running for 5 years now have any impact on how things should be done.       HellKnight is taking things that a young teen said and is just re-stating it in his own words.   Every meeting I give people the opportunity to bring up any issues.   HellKnight won't tell you that he always had to have the last word in every meeting and 99% of the people in the meetings didn't like that and felt like they couldn't say anything as he would just go and say something over top of that.    And when that happened I would indeed make sure the meeting moved along because the topics that HellKnight brought up or beat to a pulp didn't even need to be discussed.     We asked him to change his ways of doing things and he got offended.  I myself gave him multiple chances as others in the community wanted him gone.   But obviously giving him chances came back to bite me in the butt.   I should have just removed him from the community when others told me he was becoming a problem and that they were thinking about leaving if something wasn't done.  
    These individuals at 3DB won't tell you that we did try working with them and we did indeed give them multiple opportunities to correct their actions.  Bryns himself apologized to multiple leaders for his previous actions and then 3 days later created an exact replica of ADK.     So if ADK is as bad as they say it is, then why would you want to re-create it?      And why would you want to go and recruit people from ADK if it's that bad?     I just see some people who are upset because they didn't get promotions like they wanted to because I didn't feel they were an appropriate fit for this community.     But don't take my word for it, just check out how they are doing things over there. 
    Spend money on affiliates?   What affiliates have I spent money on?   If you're talking about server hosting then 3DB is doing the exact same thing, so what's the next excuse you have to try to trash ADK?     Also please realize that the ADK Community is still thriving better than ever.     Yes there are ways to save money and I have no doubt at that.   But when there isn't the man power to provide a good product I'm not going to "save money"  Rather I'm going to put a good product out there for everyone to use.  Again a smart business practice.   Don't forget the majority of our server costs have been for our BF3 Servers.    If HellKnight knew anything about how they work he would understand that only select individuals can host those game servers.   So you do indeed have to buy them from an "affiliate".      The DayZ server was purchased from a reliable server host because of the fact that our last server went down.  And again, 3DB should already know these things because of how awesome they are right? 
    Don't forget everything on the internet must be super serious, so putting a joke up and allowing people to purchase it for use if they'd like is a bad thing clearly.    People know our stances on Nukes, people always ask "Can I nuke" and I now gave them the option to do that to all of our servers.   There's plenty of other companies out there who do silly little things like that and some people actually purchase them.   It's not as though I'm telling people that you HAVE to purchase this.   But if they want to nuke then the option is available for them.      Hmmm So I'm a "dumbfuck" for others saying that they would pay $2.50 a month for a team speak channel.   You might want to personally say that to everyone else who has purchase a team speak channel.   And while you're at it, don't forget to look to see that 3DB hasn't had over 10 people in their team speak. . . ever. . .   And that happens maybe once a week if they are lucky.    Also they are asking for donations, but for what?   They have no servers that are populated, so getting a reserved slot means what exactly?  Just a title?    You get "donor status" in team speak.   Oooo that's about as awesome as the reserved slot.   Also, I could be wrong on this, but I don't think that HellKnight ever donated a single penny to ADK, but he's now asking for your money to donate to his own community.  What's wrong with that picture?    Oh and somethign else you get to keep the 1995 website up and running too!   Check it out below

    Clearly an awesome site and the lead programmer is doing AWESOME!    Don't let that look fool you, or the fact that out of the 400 members on their website only 15 are actual members, the rest are just spammers.    And then they respond to the spammers telling them that posting other links aren't allowed on the website.     Is that a joke, or do they seriously not know the difference between spammers and actual people?    Oh and I was just browsing their awesome website to see that they recently added a console section to their forums.    They are truly reaching out beyond the boundaries on this and I am shocked at the direction they are taking to reach out to others. 
    Let me give you a word of advice 3DB, worry about your own community that is clearly in the dump before you try talking trash about another community.   (Successful community I might add)  
    On a final note, thank you for the free promotion.   People will look at your website after searching for ADK, wonder why you have more news about ADK on your website than 3DB.   Then come and look at the ADK website to see that your set up is exactly like ours and chuckle at that.   Then they'll be joining us for a fun time.    I think your promotion is actually helping us already because we've had more registrations in the past week or so then the few weeks prior.   Thanks again!  
    So Tiger is crying about being banned from the =ADK= Team Speak (after multiple weeks of being allowed in), yet when I tried to go talk with Bryns about everything as he apologized then pulled the crap that you see going on now I got banned.    As well as the others that were trying to find out what the deal was.       Just something to laugh about, but now our banning Tiger was worthy of a whole new post on their website.     Again, thanks for the free promotion.   You guys honestly aren't helping yourselves and should worry more about your own community over another one.    Trust me what you're doing now will not work out for you in the long run.   
    After posting the previous update, they removed the post of Tiger complaining about being banned from our Team Speak.    Pretty interesting, and I wonder when they'll finally remove everything else and start worrying about their own gig. 
    Clearly they are a little upset about being proven wrong, and it just goes to show how naive they are by this comment.
    "I left because I wasted all my time helping out a community that was only lead by someone who cares about just making money from his community"
    I MAKE ZERO DOLLARS FROM ADK.    That would come out to $00.00 if you need to see it in number form.  And actually I'm losing money from it as I have to pay taxes for the money that has come in and hasn't gone in my pocket.   
    I had ZERO control over the DayZ server.
    Comments like these negate anything and everything you have to say.   Seriously stop making yourself look bad and just go hide in your little part of the internet.   Put 5 BF3 servers online if you'd like, and they'll all be empty too.   If ADK was as bad as you say it is there would be nobody here right now.   Because since you've left any issues that have gone on have been brought up and taken care of.   Sure I'm getting more PMs then ever, but at least problems are being taken care of.   
    Again, seriously. . . stop worrying about us and worry about yourself.   I promise you, there was a point in my life about 6 1/2 - 7 years ago where I thought doing the same thing that you're doing right now was the best thing ever.   It's not, so stop checking out the fact that we're selling nukes as a joke, and work on making what you have better than it is.    I'm trying to help you out as I've been down that road before.   And the group I was in was going nowhere when we were doing exactly what you're doing now until we decided to just forget it.   

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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Homeboy for a article, Homeboy Explains Planetside 2 Platoon Leading   
    Let's start out talking about initially beginning the platoon.  When you log on and look at the outfit and see that there is a good amount of people (Around 20+) then it is probably an urgent time to put a platoon up if there isn't one already.  Start by broadcasting in Outfit Voice Chat saying something along the lines of "Hey ADK!  I am going to be starting up a platoon this evening, if anyone would like an invite please let me know."  Then after that type something in the actual Outfit Text chat.  That way everyone even people with their communications muted will get the information.  
    Once you get your first person in the platoon you can then edit it.  If you click 'P' it will bring up the screen where you are able to edit everything about the platoon.  The first thing you are going to want to do is uncheck the box that says private.  This opens up your squad so anyone can join. If you cannot find the private option here is a picture of where it is located.

    The next step is to type in "ADK Platoon 1 | Your Name | ts.adkgamers.com:3796 | Alert if one |' into the description box and then click show outfit.  This will show ADK when people search for your platoon.  After that is complete click 'Enable Recruitment.' 

    Now that you have your platoon setup its time to get people into it!  When you are at your objective if you see someone not in the platoon hold 'Q' on them and you will have the option to invite them to the platoon.  This way new people who don't have an outfit may end up joining ADK if they accept the invitation to the squad and like our style of playing.  Back to recruiting...  Once your initial Alpha Squad has 12 people have one of them squad lead for Bravo.  If there isn't anyone in the squad that can squad lead for it ask in TeamSpeak if anyone is available.   
    So now you have an Alpha Squad with 11 players and a Bravo Squad with just a Squad Leader.  You now can recruit out of Alpha Squad.  How you do that is whenever someone joins Alpha you drag them out of Alpha and into Bravo.  This way people will see a 11/12 full squad and will be more likely to join.  Once bravo has 12 people find a charlie lead and recruit out of Alpha and Bravo doing the same process.  One thing that I found very useful is to say welcome to the squad then their name after they join.  It will make them feel like you care about them and hopefully encourage them to stay.  Another thing that you should do to keep them in the platoon is to ask them some questions like "Where are you all from?" or "How do you guys feel about the GU."  Keep on recruiting this way until the platoon is full.
    Once you have that full platoon you can pat yourself on the back.  It is hard to get a full platoon of 48 players especially with all the other outfit platoons out there.  But your work is far from over...  You still have to encourage your players to keep their morale up, direct them into the correct places, be respectful, and keep up to date on where everyone is.  
    Let's start out with keeping everyone's morale up.  This is very crucial part of leading because if your troops feel like they are not accomplishing anything then they will all leave.  We don't want that.  So to prevent that, praise them for doing good!  Point out the positives and not so much the negatives.  If there are no positives make some!  Go to a place where you can really kick some ass.  That will for sure boost up their morale.  Remember, just because you feel accomplished doesn't mean your troops do.
    Directing your platoon is more of a personal decision.  If there is an alert we encourage you to go to that but as always it is up to the platoon leader.  Just try to make decisions that will make your platoons happy.  A happy platoon makes a happy ldeaer.  
    Make sure your platoon is following orders.  If people are not give them an amount of time to get to the objective and then if they are not there in that amount of time kick them.  Simple as that.  But always keep in mind to be very respectful.  That is the golden rule in platoon leading that you must never forget.  If you disrespect one player the whole platoon will disrespect you.  No matter how annoying, whinny, or disrespectful they are to you always be respectful.  You are representing ADK and that is one of our main standards.  Respect. 
    If you have managed to do all of these things properly then I tip my hat to you.  Once you are done leading either find a new platoon leader or have each squad leader do /squad disband.  This will disband each squad manually.  Stay until they are all gone then disband your squad.  At that point your work is done.
    Platoon leading does take skill but it can be done.  If you have not lead a platoon I suggest trying.  It is a hell of an experience and totally worth the time.  You get the best feeling when you see all those colorful dots moving towards the set objective.  Just remember, respect.  
    Hope this helped everyone who was wanting to know how to lead!  Please comment letting me know what helped or what you think about it!
    Have a wonderful day everyone! 
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to AOBLXIX for a article, GTX780 - Raffle - Unlimited Entries!   
    So we know everyone is interested in the new GTX780s that were recently released and you're all dying to get your hands on one.    But what's the one thing you don't have?   About $700 to buy yourself one, or $1400 to buy yourself two.   
    Don't worry, we've got you covered with this awesome Raffle that ends July 31st!     Entries are only $15 a piece and you can enter an UNLIMITED amount of times.   So the more times you enter, the better your chance at winning.   Also if we get 85 entries we'll be throwing in a second card for the winner as well!     Don't miss out on this awesome raffle, and tell your friends as well because you never know maybe they'll be nice enough if they win 2 to give you 1 of them.  
    You can enter at THIS LINK and don't forget, you can have an unlimited amount of entries!     There will also be banners and links through out the website for you to give you easier access to the entry page.  

    (Click the image to be taken to the raffle page)
    This will be for 1 GTX780. If we get MORE THAN 85 entries there will be a second card added for the winner!
    Tell your friends because this is a great chance to win a GTX780!
    UNLIMITED ENTRIES! The more entries you have the better chance you have at winning!
    There must be at least 40 entries for the raffle to take place.
    The winner will be chosen on July 31st, if there is no response by Saturday August 3rd, there will be another winner selected. 
    By entering the raffle you agree to not dispute paypal payment if you do not win the prize

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