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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Fink for a blog entry, The Road to BR100 - Day 2   
    Today was the first day of WDS, so tactics for everyone changed.
    Spent the morning with Shawn and a few other guys, and pushed to hidden ridge mining. At one point we were screwing around at the bastion. I had my Sunderer deployed on the wall.
    Later that night Dark was leading a squad to attack Dahaka. Dahaka was worth 100 world dom points so everyone was there. The server couldn't handle it and decided to call a timeout. No one could do damage on either side, but we could all run around.
    So we had peace… until the servers started acting normal.
    Luckily we had the point, so that distraction actually helped us take the base. (TR was not happy)
    Anyway, ending day stats:
    Score: 141,006
    Kills: 41
    Deaths: 15
    KD: 2.7
    Certs: 623
    Overall Score: 17,933,716
    Score into 99: 286,591
    Equivalent BR: 21 (out of 37)
    Still Needed: 935,234
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Fink for a blog entry, The Road to BR100 - Intro   
    So I'm starting a daily log to see how long it takes me to get from BR 99 to BR 100.
    This will cover each day I play, and how it went/how far I progressed.
    I'm a little late starting this blog. I leveled up on 1/28/14 and I'm 7 bars in.

    To stress how much a pain in the ass this is. Going from BR 99 to BR 100 is 1,221,825 xp. It's about the same as going from BR 1 to BR 37
    I'm at 17,758,130 overall xp (2/5/14 4:00pm MST) and need 18,868,950 for BR 100.
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Fink for a blog entry, The Call is Coming From Inside the Computer!   
    Oh man, I love you guys.
    I was too young for it, but if you ever heard of a game called Majestic (Wiki) . That just happened to me tonight.
    I disappeared form ADK and PS2 for a week, and my friends were concerned.
    So they got in touch with me... by finding my phone number
    Basically, Cpt Nips and Healpear IP traced me, and knew enough about me to find my phone number
    I don't know if I should be freaked out, or honored.
    Anyway, I was busy with a new job... that I quit tonight in fact (couldn't handle it)
    I was really depressed and I'm actually glad to hear a friendly voice tonight of all nights.
    The funny bit is that number is now my dads cellphone. So yeah... he's not the nicest guy on the phone when it comes to people he doesn't know. (I think he told nips to take me off his calling list)
    All in all, I'm glad you guys sought me out... don't do it again :P
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    darkstarzx2 reacted to Fink for a blog entry, Late Night Texts with Batman   
    Fink: Why are you awake :P
    Wingus:-.- idk. I just asked myself that question and closed my laptop. No one is on to play planetside with... A girl I gave my number to called me though, so I have a date set up... A rather cheap date mind you since I dont really have money. I'll fix that later temporarily.
    Fink: Now your rambling :P
    Wingus: When I every ramble? Rambling is for delirious people and I'm not delirious, just saying things as the come to my head for no good reason, like I blame planetside for my sudden spike in road rage. On a different note, black galaxies look awesome. Everything's better black, just dont tell any of my potential girlfriends that. What were we talking about? Too lazy to scroll up.
    Fink: Lol, never change Wingus Anyway, I'm awake cus I'm sunburned to all hell. It turns into a nice tan, but it sunburns first... It's odd
    Wingus: I dont sunburn, because i'm batman. My suit just keeps in the flavor. Of course I do burn which is probably why I only work at night which is why I'm not asleep... Because I'm Batman. Because I silently stalk people before dropping in to scream unintelligibly and punch their faces. Then i'll throw a batarang, cuz batarangs are cool. I hate llamas, they spit. I read that last sentence and do not know where it came from. I should delete it but it would take to much effort pressing one button. Too late its not on the screen anymore.
    Fink: LOL!
    Wingus: I went to a water park once, but Mr. Freeze came, so I had a slushie instead. It tasted terrible.
    Wingus: Now that I think about it... I might be a little delirious.

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