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    Guns, games, my girl, swords, and PS2 Light Assault.

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  1. sure glad to see ya the other day bro..hope to see ya more



    @Th3eRaz3r @LtNoobslayer My god, it's been forever since I've seen you guys. Been hopping on to PS2 lately with Stickynote for some good ol' times. My times are weird now, being married and having a job and all, but I'd love to have the Ninja Medic covering my ass again.
  3. My brothers and I have been playing Smite for quite awhile now, and we are looking at getting into the semi-competitive scene. However, the 5th member of our group plays from Australia, so she always has to play with high ping. She is invaluable to the team, but we cannot risk using her in ranked play. Thus, I was wondering if any North American players here have experience in Smite, as my team is looking for a NA team member to play with us in free tournaments and when our Australian friend isn't online. There is money to be won at these tournaments, and they are completely online.   In terms of requirements, we're looking for someone with experience in Smite (In-game Level of 20 or above), who is willing to work in a team.    Reply here or send me a PM if you're interested! Thanks! :)
  4. Hmm... thought I was a little rusty at PS2... then I get to 1st place in the outfit for the day in under 1:30... Welp, I need to play Heavy more. Pads my stats like nothing else! XD

  5. Been mostly paying PayDay 2 and Super Meat Boy... since I'm BR100, might slow down on PS2 a bit... :3

    1. pinkdood


      haha must be nice to still be able to play ps2 lol

  6. Fortuna acquired with 600,000 xp left, and she's gonna carry me all the way to 100! XD

  7. 900,000 XP left... time to start filming my BR 100 Video.

  8. Well, finally have LA Armor and Tempest, so maybe now I can settle down from the grind and actually play in a squad or platoon for once. Should be able to lend my skillset to ADK once more. :)

  9. Member Picture Thread

    I tell ya what, @[member='Homeboy55'], that girl below you looks like she could woop everyone's ass there! XD
  10. Well, I don't know how long this will last, and I doubt I'll ever lead again, but I'll be playing PS2 again. The TR and VS have had it too easy for some time. They've forgotten what fear feels like! >:D

    1. Phire



    2. darkstarzx2


      Sadly... might have to wait till tomorrow, since I got 9 GB to download... oh well... :3

    3. MYSTIC
  11. I may be gone, but that doesn't mean the like's have stopped flowing! XD

  12. GG, ADK. See you guys this summer! :3

    1. MYSTIC


      Go dark one... seek wisdom and knowledge :P The Long-Winded shall await your return

    2. CultOfTheCactus


      We will miss you, don't forget to come back.

  13. Damn... 6 Auraxiums and BR 80... can't believe I've made it this far. Thanks to everyone who helped me do it! ^_^

  14. I'm thinking this for RISE's theme songs. The last part is a little disturbing, but I could probably cut it if I needed to:

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. darkstarzx2


      True...... Haven't actually ran a RISE training yet... haven't really needed to. Looking at what we've been doing, you don't really need training for RISE, as it's just "Follow my orders and get there quick." :3

    3. Fink


      General adk. Keyword.

    4. darkstarzx2


      I know! Just saying! >.<


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