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    I enjoy building and tweaking high performance computers, and playing video games.

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    Windows 8 Pro x64
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    Alienware M17x r3
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    Intel Core i-7 2630QM
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    AMD 2gb 6990m
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    250 Watt PSU
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    8gb Corsair Vengeance
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    Crucial 128gig SSD + 320gb Harddrive
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    Corsair Vengeance 1500's
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    17" 1920x1080p Screen
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    Corsair 1500 Headset, Razer Orochi Mouse
  1. AMD r9 290x Released

    High temps may not kill the card, but its certainly not good for it either. 
  2. AMD r9 290x Released

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, but I haven't seen it. Well the 290x has finally been released. It has some pretty damn good performance for a $549 card. It can also be used to heat your house as well because it runs at a toasty 95C under load. :P     I personally plan on buying one of the reference cards and eventually slapping a waterblock on it so I don't have to deal with the terrible stock cooler. If the 780's come down in price though, it will be really hard to not snag one of those instead. The EVGA 780 Classified is one sexy card. :P   AMD Radeon R9 290X 4GB Review
  3. Best FPS Gaming Mouse?

    I'm happy with my Logitech g700s. It works well for me and also has plenty of buttons for keybinding if you need them as well as custom dpi switching and the option for different keybinds for each game. ;)
  4. Computer Wiz? i need your input, My Specs

    I'm personally torn between the new corsair obsidian 750D and the NZXT Phantom 630. Both have all the stuff I need/want and also have great cable management, plus liquid cooling support. ;)
  5. Introducing my New setup

    If you wanna overclock that cpu I recommend buying an all in one cooler to get the best temps while also not turning your fan into a hairdryer. the corsair h100i is the one I personally like, but there are others out there as well.    Other than that, nice build. If you are unhappy with your fps, you can always add another 280x for more performance as well. :)
  6. Time to Upgrade my GTX 480? lol

    Wait a few weeks on the graphics card front. Nvidia just announced a new 780 ti to compete with the yet to be released AMD 290x.  Hopefully it will force prices down across the board. ;)
  7. Computer Wiz? i need your input, My Specs

    I think it was purely due to optimization. My 2630qm mobile sandy bridge proccessor was doing better that some people running haswell/ivy-e. That shouldn't have been happening. :p   But good point. The beta wasn't a good representation of how the final game will run. If you wanna know exacly what to buy to run the game smoothly, wait a couple days after release and see how the benchmarks for everything turns out. ;)
  8. Computer Wiz? i need your input, My Specs

    Personally, I would drop the PSU down to a 750 watt as you don't need that much power. Also if you are just gaming you might be better off going with a  Haswell 4770k and a cheaper mobo so you have more money to use on some better graphics cards so you can turn up the eye candy and still have good performance. Just my 10 cents. :)
  9. Not really impressed..... Yet...

    Yea battlefield and PS2 seem to have some common attributes. The ttk in battlefield made it hard to switch back to PS2 though after the beta. Everything seemed so slow to me and it take a lot more ammo to kill people, but I will adapt and overcome. ;)
  10. New to ADK!

    Welcome to ADK!!! Hope you enjoy your stay :)
  11. Finally made the change

    I use both platforms (ipod touch 5g for ios and Nexus 7 2013/RootedGalaxy s2 for android) quite a bit and enjoy using each of them for different things. I like to use itunes to keep all my media in order and up to date. I like android for as my daily driver as I can fine tune it down to what I like.  Each to their own though. :)
  12. Not really impressed..... Yet...

    Played the BF4 beta and had a good time for the most part. Didn't have to deal with the performance issues and had smooth framerates from the hour the beta started. I Find both BF4 and Planetside fun  as long as I don't play to much and burn myself out.   Also keep in mind apparently this was a pre-E3 beta build they used so in theory the final product should be a lot more smooth and have a ton more goodies. Only time will tell though. :)
  13. After 9 years in development...

    Welcome!! :D
  14. Looks like a lot of decent games coming out at the end of the year. Can't wait!!!! thanks for sharing. :)
  15. Battlefield 4 MP Reveal.

    Looks like fun!! :)

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