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  1. Crysis 2 - WINNER!

  2. What's on your mind?

    1. Leroy the Squirrel
    2. Amba


      Holocaust conspiracy theorists.

    3. gotMAD?


      u8ican typ0pe withuj my back of muy bhand

  3. Nothing like. . .

    thats something...LOL...we had none...not allowed they had signs all over the village and i really didnt wanna mess with the MP's haha.
  4. Member Picture Thread

    [quote name='A Jockey's Ballsack' timestamp='1306760236' post='7646'] I sound like a douchebag, and I totally look like one too. You don't look very pleased. Last I checked, angering a German person is not a good idea. [/quote]. Lol which is true a friend of mine made it in the middle of a convo talking about my ex husband so yes I was kinda upset lol
  5. Crysis 2 - PC Game/T-Shirt Giveaway (UPDATED!)

    nice, count me in
  6. Hello everyone

    well, here i am....finally i made it to your new site. I am not really a Bad Girl for real lol, but i have that name for about 12 years now, thats how long i have been playing TFC/TF2. I am not much of a talker so i will make this short, i do like your Server alot mostly for the fact that you play my 2 fav maps LOL. Most of the people are nice...the few jerks i have met well i can ignore those, as i have 4 children i can pretend i didnt hear that really good..LOL. My 1st language is German, thats where i was born and i lived in Germany until 5 years ago . I might wont be around as much for the next 6 Weeks as my Parents and my Sister are here to visit right now to get to see my Husband before he deployes next month and my Sister keeps taking over my PC..... ( no she does not play shooters...farmville or whatever..errg!) now if there is anything you would like to know, just ask . cya on the Server [DAD]BadGirl

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