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  1. TittyTwistMcFist AKA TheFist

    dont run my quad down no more, beotch...lol
  2. Video Card Sickness

    Thank you guys, great info I appreciate it.
  3. ok you guys now we'll know when that bf admin Hoole comes and goes so we can cut the smack talk.hheh........oh this is .....  Hoole's post...ummm, sry dude .....(jk);]
  4. Video Card Sickness

    620 Inspirion, Intel I5--2310,quad 2.9, 8 Gb ram 2 TB mem. Card is AMD 5550 , w/catalyst  control 64 bit
  5. Props to you members

    Good job to all who have donated funds. Thank you much. Thanks to admin for making this option possible so we can be a part of growing ADK, And to regular donors,Thx[attachment=954:ps2nclogo.pngzero.png]
  6. Video Card Sickness

    Hey guys, a new thread for you techies, technical genius's, and pc pro's. Had a nice nvidia card fry on me, well on one pc. So i put my card into that machine and bought a lower end card for my game pc......bbaaaaddd. It was AMD and ,wait...i know ... i know. but hear me out. It did a good job on most games I was playing but performs moderatly on ps2. The pc isn't high end but runs most stuff well except ps2. I know ps2 is a little tougher on avg. pc's but can a higher end card give a performance boost if my mother boards bandwidth is average? Also level for level (low end, mid range, high end) is the general concensensus Nvidia over AMD? [attachment=953:ps2nclogo.pngzero.png]
  7. [VIDEO] NCmonster

    [b]Name:[/b] NCmonster [b]Category:[/b] Game Related [b]Date Added:[/b] 23 January 2013 - 02:27 AM [b]Submitter:[/b] [url=http://www.adkgamers.com/user/3038-zerodark30/]ZeroDark30[/url] [b]Short Description:[/b] A monstrous sample of the fun I've had with you all. Check for your mugs! [b][url=http://www.adkgamers.com/videos/view-38-ncmonster/]View Video[/url][/b]
  8. wakey, wakey

  9. wakey, wakey

    wakey, wakey and hop to recruit!!!! good job to all recruits for ps2. Thanks for choosing ADK and good job admin for bringing on this fine lot of fighters!! Now, it's up & at em' boys and girls, the enemy awaits your best! Get in the game, get on Teamspeak and get ready for the mud & blood. :ph34r2:
  10. Member Picture Thread

    Reaver Madness! My favorite place when flying, right on the enemy scums a**,hheh[attachment=887:Snapshot - 5.jpg]
  11. Nice to meet you, I'm Darkstar :)

    Hey Darkfellow, I like red and blk too just please don't wear them on the Planet,lol cya
  12. [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#FFFF00]Zero Dark Thirty, A military term for 12:30 am. A time when you are least visible, least expected. The best time to strike. Now I don't know about the movie. It's about crushin Bin Ladin so it's prob good, lol. I use that tag in some other games but with PS2 it fits best. The game is amazingly Big, Beautiful and Bold. I played in Beta and tried all factions to find where I would be suited for and after a reinstall that killed my profiles, reluctantly started again choosing NC only. Knocked weapons, underdog set up....yeah my place.Hheh. I can't say it enough I'm sooo glad ADK is with NC!! heh, I wouldn't change factions I'd just get killed even more. My forte is support and causing enemy confusion/discombobulation. I love to take one for the team while freeing up comrades and cut a trail for them. S'what I do best, so you won't see amazing stats on me but I know where I can be effective and when I see you on the Planet that's where I'll be, covering your back and wreckin VS or TR scum positions and thwarting the enemies of freedom to return them to the fiery casm from whence they came.[/color][/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#FFFF00] A bit about Zero: I'm a ol' schooler from the Unreal Tournament age of wonders and still can't get enough of in yo face shooter mayhem it provides. Have been working with that engine series for many moon and UDK editing levels, mods and the like. Getting used to different engines is always something of a challenge after so many UT3 engine games I get in to; Gears,Bio,Mass,Bulletstorm, and now Tribes/GA it's quite a learning curve for gaming relics like me. Last month GA agency celebrated our first championship in AvA then PS2 came out...ummm sry guys be back..sometime ,lol[/color][/font]
  13. Lazeare Here

    See you on the Planet!
  14. All about Arious

    Cats are always the spy! sly devils
  15. Happy Holidays from ADK

    Nice...to you all too

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