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  1. Wild Terra 2 is now available on Steam Early Access! Many thanks to everyone who helps the development of the game and supports us! We are delighted that Wild Terra 2 has such a great community! Thanks to you, the game has been translated into 12 languages already at the launch of Early Access. Currently running servers: - NA-West NEW! - NA-East - Europe #1 - Europe #2 - South America - Asia Pacific - Australia Nuestro sitio: Wild Terra 2: New Lands - Official site of the popular MMO sandbox RPG with survival, craft. 2020 Why Early Access? In our game, you, together with other players, create your own medieval world: from the first tools to a full-fledged life, economy, and guilds. In a game with such mechanics, you are given a key role, and for the full development of the project, we need a dialogue with you. By providing early access, we hope to receive feedback and suggestions to adjust the development of the game early on. We consider all ideas and select from them the most suitable and liked ones. How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?While Wild Terra 2 will be in Early Access, we will be expanding the possibilities of the game with every update. It isn't easy to list everything that we have planned for the release, but the most important thing is worth noting: - A new continent every season! With its own biomes, rules, inhabitants, dungeons, resources and rewards. - Improvement and content for Farming. Many new cultures, weather and seasons influences. - Livestock breeding and selection. - Even more elements for building houses, creating furniture and decor. - Special activities for solo players. - Skills Cartography, Witchcraft, Bard. - Improved combat system with even more variety of equipment, skills and roles. - New types of weapons and skills for using them: Crossbows, Two-handed, Polearms, Weapons in both hands, Throwing bombs, Staffs and Musical instruments. - Castle sieges and PvP tournaments. - Development of guilds. Special dungeons with activities, bosses and rewards. Guild Wars. In addition to everything planned, the game will be expanded with a considerable number of aspects proposed by the community. This is the goal of Early Access! What is the current state of the Early Access version?Many of our plans and player suggestions have already been implemented in Wild Terra 2. Together with you, we will refine the game, make it better and more diverse with each update. Despite the team's small size, we plan to delight you with new updates 2-3 times a month. The game is continuously being filled with something new, improve, and the found shortcomings are eliminated. A large number of essential features have already been added to Wild Terra 2, which will only increase over time:Survival in a huge world. - Hunting, resource mining and finding godsends. - Crafts: Blacksmithing, Mining, Leatherworking and Pottery, Carpentry, Farming, Cooking and many others. - Lots of realistic production processes. - Trade with other players and non-player characters. - Taming animals and pumping pets.Free construction of multi-level buildings. - Improvement of home and personal property. - Completing various quests. - Dungeon exploration for groups or lone players. - Boss battles for valuable rewards. How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process? Our Discord channel contains the largest part of the active community of the game.Any of the players can suggest adding something new or, on the contrary, removing and reworking the existing one. You can discuss your ideas with other players on Discord and us. Join the Wild Terra 2 Discord Server! Also, the community actively contributes to finding and fixing bugs in the game.Public board with a list of found and fixed bugs: Trello The community of players fills the wiki with knowledge about Wild Terra 2, helping newcomers navigate the game more quickly, organizing all the information available, and making it easier to work with it.Wild Terra 2 official wiki Wild Terra 2 Wiki
  2. Update 2.0.250. Guilds, cloaks, German and Spanish translations Update 2.0.250 - Spanish and German translations added. - You can now create and manage a Guild. You can create a guild at the Librarian in the central city. In the guild window, an invitation and exclusion from the guild, assignment of ranks with different levels of permissions (Veterans can invite other members, and Officers can demote, upgrade, and kick members) and displaying online members. Also, you can quickly invite a member of the guild to the group and write a private message. - Added Guild chat channel. - Added reward cloaks for Conqueror and Hero pack owners. - Added the One ring for Hero pack owners. To receive new rewards, you must re-enter your key in the game. - Fixed a bug due to which a pet could not be renamed. If you want to help with the translation of the game, please write to support@wildterra2.com
  3. December 16 - Wild Terra 2 will be released on Steam Early Access! Until release, developers plan to add Guilds, update chat, add a new dungeon, durability and repair of items, a map, as well as the rest of the promised rewards for all those who bought a pack and supported the development of the game. Also pay a lot of attention to finalizing the balance and everything that has already been added to the game. https://www.wildterra2.com/
  4. New Stage of Testing on Wild Terra 2. New Content Added to the game, new zones, new mineral, weapons, special armor, the Central City, traders and more. Hello friends! Big news for Wild Terra 2 Online. We are entering our final stages and preparing for a new beginning. This wonderful game grows more and more thanks to the support of our players and little by little we are gaining place among the Gamer community. - more balanced leveling and mining of resources; - increase in the value of the currency, new goods from merchants; - improved game performance (up to +20 FPS on some PCs); - fixed “jerks” when a large number of buildings and other objects appeared; - you can no longer build on roads; - increased the number of online players; - the next wipe is only in December, 48 hours before the release of the game on Steam Early Access; - within a week after the wipe, we plan to add item durability, food expiration date, and settings menu; - other improvements and fixes; - immediately after the wipe, a server will be opened in Australia! All owners of the Settler, Conqueror, Hero, “Stay Home” (this pack no longer available for purchase) packs have access to the game. Major updates. Many wonderful features have been added to the game. NEW ZONES: Forbidden mountains and Imprisonment Peaks. - Tame a Huge Boar, fight the NEW BOSS and other mountain dwellers! - A large mountainous area in the north of the continent has been discovered. New resources to be found and dangers to discover in this new territory. - New resources are available for mining: marble, zuperite ore and mountain sage. - A new metal Zuperium is available for smelting, things from which have excellent characteristics for fighting animals and monsters. - Added Riveted Leather Light Armor, Zuperium Heavy Armor, and a very rare helmet and a shield to the loot. - Added Zuperium weapons: dagger, sword, ax and war hammer (weapon appearance will be improved). - Added steel tools: pickaxe, axe, hammer and saw. - Added new enemies: mountain dwellers, huge boar (can be tamed). - Added boss Prisoned Master of the Mountain (NEW BOSS). Major Update 2.0.241. Central city, traders, game currency. The central city is available! Trade and earn money from a blacksmith, tanner, carpenter, mason, cook, jeweler, fisherman, librarian, and hoarder. Buy useful goods from them! Central city added! One of the districts is available, other districts will open in the next updates. Added NPCs from which you can sell and buy various goods. There are 9 merchants in the game: a blacksmith, tanner, carpenter, mason, cook, jeweler, fisherman, librarian, and hoarder. Added game currency. Money can be found in godsends and various loot, as well as obtained from the sale of goods to players and merchants. Thanks to everyone for support the game. Dont forget to join us on discord. Join the Wild Terra 2 Discord Server! Wild Terra 2: New Lands - Official site of the popular MMO sandbox RPG with survival, craft. 2020
  5. Free week for everyone as part of the Autumn Steam Festival from October 7th, 10AM PST to October 13th, 10AM PST. Add Wild Terra 2 to your wishlist so you don't miss: Wild Terra 2 Online on Steam. The new testing phase has already begun! Steam Early Access launch in December 2020!
  6. https://i.imgur.com/fyRCY5X.gifv Hey guys! I want to share this funny and innovative feature of our game Wild Terra 2 Online Added some funny stuff to our medieval MMO sandbox Wild Terra 2: - Shield-door (excellent characteristics, as well as the ability to disguise). - Multi-tool combining pickaxe, ax, saw and torch in one tool (it's very convenient!), - Chamber Pot helmet - emitting the appropriate stench. Learn more about our development we plan to add more fun stuff like this to Wild Terra https://steamcommunity.com/app/1134700#scrollTop=400
  7. Agriculture has been added to the game in this update! Create beds, plant seeds, use fertilizers, water, harvest crops, seeds and breed new crops! What's new: Agriculture has been added to the game. Currently available a few crops and basic features. Over time, we will be adding new plants and mechanics to make farming even more fun! - Available for planting Wild cereals, Barley, Rye, Wild root crop, Carrots. - Added 5 types of fertilizers with different effects. - Added Sickle tools. - Added Iron Bucket. - Added multifunctional tool. - Added a new unique helmet. - Added healing bandages. It takes time to use, but after using, you’ll gradually restore the lost health.
  8. Our last video, that shows pets and taming habilities. Make traps for different animals, mounts and battle pets. Pet action bars will be added, pets can respond to attack orders or follow and use abilities and they has passive abilities that influence the character. All pets in one Gif! (fox, the wild boar and the cactus were missing) https://i.imgur.com/aFC8pIj.gifv https://i.imgur.com/YagoyWd.gifv Full Metal Helmet description: "The helmet created using the unique technologies of legendary craftsmen dwarfs. For the most reliable protection, the master decided not to make holes for the eyes. This new helmet has the effect that covers the screen, can't see with the helmet on. But it gives u strong defense. For use it while tank strong creatures or using for protect your team on pvp.
  9. More news about the roadmap. What is planned in the next future on Wild Terra. Important features to develop in the game are coming. New weapons. Crossbows, Weapons in the left hand (1 in right, and 1 in left), Two-handed weapons, Polearms (halberds and lances), Throwing bombs and more. New Biomes, creatures and resources. More about the city, new locations, agriculture, bags. Central City Part of the territories and basic models of buildings and decorations were made. In the city, you will meet merchants and artisans from whom you can get various quests, sell special items, as well as purchase recipes and some consumables. Later, a bank with a warehouse will be added, and it will also be possible to purchase a home for furnishing, as well as fast travel. We planned to release an update with the central city this summer, but due to the large volume of accompanying mechanics (NPC, currency, trade, quests, methods of obtaining currency, recipes unlocked for currency, etc.), the launch of the city is postponed to autumn. Bags Developed and added bags that increase the number of slots in the inventory (depending on quality), but give a small penalty to movement speed. Bags are equipped in a slot and are displayed on the character's back, and only one bag can be equipped at a time. In addition to the usual bags, one exotic will be added, to which a lamp will be attached. The bags will appear in the game in the next update! Snow mountain territory and a new dungeon The story and monsters for the new location have been worked out. It will be a snow-covered mountainous area where guards live, holding back the onslaught of monsters from the dungeon. New quests, a new type of metal, new equipment, new monsters, and bosses are waiting for you! Agriculture In the near future, will also take on Agriculture, and plan to launch it this month. A system of growing crops in several stages, plant breeding, use of fertilizers, tools, fight against pests, diseases, weeds, and soil depletion awaits you. The weather and seasons will also affect the harvest. Initially, only basic features will be available, and all of the above will be introduced into the game gradually. The development enters is in one of the most important phases, if you like the game and want to support the development, either by buying an access package or sharing your opinion of what you like or do not like about the game, we invite you to our Discord. Thanks so much for reading guys. ❤
  10. The most recent video showcase about the big last update. Cookery and Pottery. The video shows the making process of pottery articles and its use in cooking. Make clay items clay and then place them in the pottery kiln to finish, and then be able to use them in recipes for kitchen dishes. Remind to join our Discord, we do events, voting, share info, news and updates. Players help each others, upload arts, guides and more.
  11. ey friends. Showing up our most recent big update! I'm happy to say that the development is going great, we are listening the recomendations of our players, making improvements for the combat system and we are polishing the game mechanics. Major Update. Cooking, pottery, improvements of the combat system. Cooking and pottery: - New buildings for cooking has been added to the game: Campfire with a cauldron, Cook's workplace, Stone and Brick ovens, Juice press. - Added over 30 recipes and ingredients for Cooking and 5 drink recipes. - Added various food and drink effects. - New buildings for the crafting Potter's wheel and Pottery kiln. - New item recipes for clay things: bowl, pot, jug, and bricks. Combat system and weapons: - Health indicators are now automatically displayed above wounded enemies and has been added display of positive and negative effects applying to the enemy. - The names of special attacks are displayed before the attack starts, to make the fight more interesting and manageable. Now you can react in a timely manner and take countermeasures. *Some skills and perks will be able to partially or completely ignore absorption and defense.* This will be noted on skills description. - Reflected damage changed and weakened. The defense stat now correctly reduces reflected damage. - The parry skill has been reworked to only work with a suitable weapon and the parry chance depends on the type of weapon. - Now the flight speed of ranged ammo is different and depends on its type. - Added recipes for arrowheads and iron and steel arrows. - Added recipes for two new bows: Hunter bow and Composite bow. Bow stats have been rebalanced and has been added 2 abilities for the skill Bows - slow, but strong shots, causing critical damage or injury. - Added ability for the Throwing weapons skill - a throw that stuns a target. - The passive ability "Weak Point" is now an ability of the Throwing weapon skill, not Bows. - For bows, the passive ability “Bleeding Wound” has been added, causing bleeding. Various protective effects have been added to the most powerful monsters: - Resistant to any kind of injury, stun, slowdown, or all negative effects in general. - Added partial reflection of incoming damage to the swamp boss "Devourer". What's new on the game: - In the game world, you can now find and collect berries: Blueberries, Lingonberries, and Wild Strawberries. - Hazel and Wild Greens are also available for gather. - Added Hives, from which you can get honey, as well as Nests of wild birds, for obtaining eggs and feathers. - Increased player absence time before automatic packing of dominium. - Added timers for using items, summoning pets and mounts. - For pets, damage per second is now also displayed, which takes into account all bonuses received by the pet. Thanks for reading and follow our news guys, don't forget to join us on Discord to see what is being talked about in the chat, share information, request support and help from our community.
  12. Hello friends! Open Testing is over. But you can continue to play. About 10,000 players took part in open testing, helped to find bugs, and enough new information to improve optimization and fix a number of problems. Thank you for your contribution to the testing! What you saw is only the beginning of a large-scale future game. During the summer, we will improve Wild Terra 2 according to your feedback, as well as add a central city with inhabitants and quests, agriculture, cooking, new territories for discovering, and much more! What does devs plan to add to Wild Terra 2 before the release on Steam Early Access Special attention to the improvement of what is already added to the game (for example, updated combat system, sorting inventory, settings, and much more). Summer: - The central city of the Mainland with NPCs and quests. - New locations on the Mainland. - Bags and belts. - Agriculture. - Cooking. Autumn: - Cartography. - Even more new territories on the main Continent, including Port City. - Livestock and breeding. - Trade (currency and auction). - Guilds. Winter: - Witchcraft skill. - One new Continent. - Castles and sieges. During all period until the release of the game: - New types of weapons (crossbows, poles, two-handed, throwing bombs, and more). - New buildings, skills, pets, animals, monsters, bosses, equipment, resources, recipes, production buildings, quests. Support the proyect if you like the game. Join ous on Discord to be part in the game creation, talk to developers, participate in events and more. https://discord.gg/dkafSZe
  13. The first phase of the Closed Beta has begun! Play for free from June 16th, 5pm UTC to June 22th, 5pm UTC. A free period is planned as part of the “Steam Game Festival” and was scheduled to begin on June 9th. Unfortunately, due to protests in the USA, Valve decided to postpone the Festival to June 16th. We cannot influence this decision in any way. But there is good news. Now we have more time to prepare, which will have a positive effect on fixing bugs, optimizing the server, and adding new content! We remind you that you can start playing now. Access to Closed Beta is available to owners of the Settler, Conqueror, Hero, and StayHome packs.
  14. Hello friends. I hope everyone is having a good time! If you are looking what to play this quarantine give a try to Wild Terra 2, free trial period from June 9th to 14. I'm pleased to announce that Closed Beta is coming soon to Wild Terra! Will launch a free trial period, it will start on June 9th at 5:00 pm UTC. Test Wild Terra 2 for FREE. June 9 - 14. Add the game to your wish list and subscribe, to not miss: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1134700/Wild_Terra_2_New_Lands/ During the free period, we want to test the load on the servers. Remember hat the game is under development, and you may find some errors or problems. You can inform about it on discord: https://discord.gg/NZhbfMR Support the project and get special bonuses! Settler, Conqueror, and Hero pack owners will have access: - Access to the closed Beta from June 5th, four days before the rest. - Play after the free period ALL SUMMER!After the end of the free period, your progress will continue. - Access to all next stages of testing.The full version of the game after its release on Steam. - Access to a private chat on Discord, where we discuss ideas, plans, and arrange polls that influence further development. - Unique pets. - Special mounts. - Unique helmets. - Many other rewards, depending on the pack. Get an access pack and support Wild Terra 2 if you like the game. https://www.wildterra2.com/ Don't miss the chance to try Wild Terra 2 Online for free.

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